Interceptions still confound Philip Rivers

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Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is aware of the problem. Fixing it, is another matter.

After he threw four more interceptions last night, including a game-clincher for the Chiefs on their final play, he was frustrated with himself.

“It’s a football game,” Rivers said, via Eric Williams of “If you could just pick and choose and never throw them ever, I’d choose to throw zero. So I certainly don’t want to throw them, but I know it’s hurting us right now. So obviously I need to cut them out.”

That gives him 14 on the season, which is second in the league behind Jameis Winston (18). That’s not a neighborhood you want to be in, and he’s now amassed half that total in the last two weeks. He threw three interceptions last week against the Raiders.

“Philip just has to execute better, as far as turnovers,” Chargers coach Anthony Lynn said. “Now, when you look at his turnovers, it’s not always on the quarterback. I mean, sometimes the quarterback is getting hit late, or sometimes a receiver may slip down, so you can’t put all of those turnovers on Philip.

“But his turnovers are a little higher than I would like. He knows that. And we have to get better in that area — period.”

Those picks have also carved into the small margin of error the Chargers have this year, as all seven of their losses have been by seven points or fewer.

15 responses to “Interceptions still confound Philip Rivers

  1. “But his turnovers are a little higher than I would like.”

    Seriously, a little higher than you would like?

    It’s time to blow this team up, starting with the HC.

  2. Winston would have a few more interceptions except the defenders didn’t catch the ball. A week or two back ESPN reported between fumbles, interceptions and missed interceptions Winston racked up 31. Also Winston has problems hitting all his receivers one of which was Deshaun Jackson who was lucky enough to be traded.

  3. Time for the Chargers to get serious about a Rivers succession plan as he’s looking more and more like a qb nearing the end of his effectiveness. No, Easton Stick is not the long-term answer in that spot.

  4. The same interception issue hurt Peyton Manning at the end of his career. The arm strength just wasn’t there anymore for Peyton, but Rivers looks like he’s getting fooled by coverage to me.

  5. Guy has always been overrated. He’s a late in the game, down by multiple scores, stat compiler. You want lots of fantasy passing yards….he’s your guy. You want a guy to put the team on his back and win….not so much. Lots of red zone trips….where are the TDS? He’s never been elite.

  6. Rivers is talked about as a Hall of Famer but he never should be. He always comes up short in big games. He has been on some really good teams too. He’s good but not great.

  7. “So obviously I need to cut them out.”

    Well, good luck with that next time you play against the Raiders Phil, because Mad Maxx is going to be taking up residence in your lap all freakin’ game long… And you won’t be able to avoid him because Clelin will be pushing you towards him from the other side.


  8. Rivers’ bizarre throwing motion is finally becoming a liability as he gets older. He’s getting weaker, and all the zip is gone from that pushing motion of his.

    So unless he has his feet firmly planted – which he rarely does because his OL is awful – his throws are weak and fluttering a lot. Ripe for the picking, so to speak.

  9. Rivers is a poor man’s Tony Romo. He throws for a tonne of useless yards and never wins the “big” games.

    For the past 20 years the AFC has gone through Tom Brady and the Pats. Rivers has NEVER beaten Brady and only beat the Pats once when Matt Cassell was the QB.

    Let that sink in, Rivers has NEVER beaten the Pats with Brady under centre. He needs to go…

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