Josh McDaniels never views Tom Brady’s frustration as a negative

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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady made it clear he wasn’t happy with how the offense played in last Sunday’s 17-10 win over the Eagles after the game and again in a Monday morning radio interview.

Brady couched all of his comments by noting that the most important thing is that the team won the game, but said Monday that the final result doesn’t paper over “frustration with the offense.” On Tuesday, Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was asked about the quarterback’s frustration.

McDaniels said that he couldn’t speak to Brady’s “frame of mind,” but that he knows Brady is competitive and shares the quarterback’s view that winning trumps whether “you’re frustrated with your output” He also said that any opinions Brady shares about the unit aren’t going to be viewed as a bad thing.

“I’ve been with Tom a long time and I appreciate his competitive spirit, his desire to be perfect in everything he does and with everything that our unit does,” McDaniels said in his Tuesday conference call. “I don’t ever take that as a negative. I understand he wants to go out there and do what we all do which is to put a lot of points on the board every week.”

The Patriots will try to accomplish that task in Sunday’s home game against the Cowboys. Failing that, they’ll try to get enough to win the game before getting back to work on upgrading their offensive output.

12 responses to “Josh McDaniels never views Tom Brady’s frustration as a negative

  1. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are rarely truly satisfied with the Patriots team for more than 48-72 hours each year; and those would be the 48-72 hours after the Patriots win a Super Bowl, and until the duck boat celebration concludes. The rest of the year BB is working on how to keep the team Super Bowl competitive, and Brady is enjoying a little family time, or looking to keep his game sharp.

    Fortunately for both they love the preparation, so even though they are only truly satisfied for a relatively short period, preparing to be satisfied does not even seem like work to them – it is not work, it is a hobby.

  2. Brady’s just nervous because he’s facing a team with a winning record this week. And you know how that’s going to turn out.

  3. I almost think his desire to be perfect is sometimes the thing that is backfiring, along with McDaniels and Brady not really having very good gameplans/gamecalling this year.

    I don’t get how Brady loves Edelman and Sanu and then continues to struggle, or maybe that is the problem with defenses knowing this, as he ignores Dorsett, Meyers and now Harry.

    It’s just preposterous to have such good, balanced talent at WR and RB and pretend a middling LT named Newhouse somehow is to blame.

    Who is to blame with high, awful throws, bad decisions and underthrown balls?

    This same thing happened last year, and I get Brady is way better with playaction, as are all QBs, but if you’re that predictable with playcalling, you’re not going to look very good.

    What is with the screens to larger WRs, too, instead of the quicker ones? How about, stop the obvious screens and subbing the backs in and out. Use more 2 bask sets and 3 WRs, and use motion and the RB to chip from the Tackle spot.

  4. TimTebowGodOfFootballKarma says:
    November 19, 2019 at 3:22 pm
    Brady’s just nervous because he’s facing a team with a winning record this week. And you know how that’s going to turn out.

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    No offense, but this is the week when we likely finally see the breakout. It’s all right there. If Wynn is truly ready to go, the offense will improve a bit and Harry had a decent debut.

    They just need to show Dorsett, Meyers and Harry more, not less.

  5. TimTebowGodOfFootballKarma says:

    Brady’s just nervous because he’s facing a team with a winning record this week. And you know how that’s going to turn out.

    Yes, I’m pretty sure I do know how it’s going to turn out. I have 2 decades of historic success to base my guess on. You?

  6. tylawspick6 = idiot

    McDaniels is frustrated too. And Bill knows he messed up the offensive roster this year. You can see him talking to Brady at the end of games trying to ease his frustration.

    He’s been under constant duress the last few games, they can’t run any plays to the left side at all, and there first round running back is getting 3 yards a carry and can’t catch a ball.

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