Lineman defends Dwayne Haskins after sideline exchange

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It’s a reasonable question to ask, even if it lacks context.

But after a video emerged of Washington rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins pleading with his linemen, one of the linemen came to his quarterback’s defense.

NBC 4 had a clip of Haskins going to his blockers on the sideline, and asking: “What do I have to do to help you? What do I have to do?”

Right tackle Morgan Moses was the only one to respond to him on the clip, and said afterward to Kareem Copeland of the Washington Post that Haskins wasn’t trying to finger-point or single anyone out, it was more of a genuine request for information that a rookie might not have.

“He’s a young quarterback and he wants to be great. It’s a sucky situation,” Moses said. “I knew when he came over there his intentions. And everybody else might not have known, but I knew what he was asking. It wasn’t, ‘You guys have got to do better.’ It was, ‘Hey, help me feel this out because I need some direction.’ That’s what we’re here for, as veterans and guys that have been here and been in the league and seen all these exotic looks — to help him figure this out and figure it out together.”

Regardless the video, there are clearly plenty of questions to be answered. Haskins has been thrown in because why not, as Washington has fallen to 1-9. A fourth-quarter touchdown in a blowout loss to the Jets (roll that around in your head for a minute) snapped a streak of 16 straight quarters without reaching the end zone, so frustrations are understandable.

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  1. As he should and his veteran line should be helping him see what he can’t grasp quite yet. Baptism by fire and if he comes along and better for it in the offseason then all the better.

  2. The fact that the other O-line guys had no response means they were either:
    A) completely checked out and could care less or
    B) have no clue whatsoever about what is going on out there

    There’s no way on earth you should be throwing out your rookie QB behind that kind of apathy/incomptence. Welcome to Washington…………….

  3. We’re getting Haskins game time and headed for the first or second pick in the draft … it’s about all we can hope for the rest of the season.

  4. Tony Bergstrom completely missed a blocking assignment that led to haskins getting blasted immediately. Ironically, Bergstrom had the most attitude while Haskins was talking with them. Rolling his eyes, making faces etc. What a clown.

  5. The thing that frustrates me as a Redskins fan is the lack of ownership. He’s looking outward for a solution but he’s holding on to the ball too long. The line sure looked a lot better when Keenum was in there.

  6. Funny this is coming from Haskins and media making a big deal out of this. It’s very similar to the weeks of video where the QBs and coaches are looking at the tablets meanwhile Haskins isn’t anywhere to be seen trying to learn what’s going on.

    Also Haskins can learn the playbook and learn the protection calls that he should have learned months ago. Which he didn’t want to bc he was pouting on the sidelines bc he thought he should be starting.

    Also to help your oline don’t hold the ball for 10 secs, again if he knew the play book better he could make faster reads.


  7. So Haskins was earnestly asking his OL for anything he could do to make their job easier and they just sat there and did nothing. That says quite a bit about the culture of that team–they are a bunch of losers. If Haskins were smart he would get out of Washington as fast as he can and go play for a team that cares about winning (which takes Cincinnati out of the mix).

  8. That was not a good time for Haskins to be asking that question–especially not to a group like that. He might have asked one of the linemen that question in a one-on-one. The way Haskins approached them made it seem like he was attacking the group, even though that wasn’t his intent.

    Moses understood where Haskins was coming from, the rest of the group did not.

  9. Haskins is a complete and total bust. Haskins walks up to them with an attitude after he’s been making them looking bad all day long by holding on to the ball FOREVER giving up sack after sack because he cannot understand what he is looking at or process fast enough. Maybe if Haskins had put the time earlier over the entire off-season & full training camp he would have a far better grasp of the playbook. Instead he didn’t study at all with hi study habits becoming such a problem his lack of preparation & studying was leaked to the media, and instead of trying to get better at that point he just sat on the sidelines pouting nowhere to be found when all the other QB’s were huddled together look at their ipads and staying involved in the game.
    I don’t think the “League done messed up” at all when passing on Haskins I think the Redskins “Done messed up” by drafting this kid with the 15th pick in the draft. Haskins has a similar attitude to notorious draft bust Jamarcus Russell who also thought he was to good to be bothered to study and his career is on the same trajectory as Russells at this point. If the Redskins are smart they will admit their mistake and draft another QB in this years draft and trade Haskins out of Washington for whatever they can get for him as this point.

  10. Lets face it, Haskins was not ready for the NFL. He only played a dozen games which were for the most part, obscene mismatches where he had forever to throw and could chose from multiple wide open targets. We have no idea if he has the ability to play in this league. It was a huge risk taking him in the first round.

  11. Dwayne Haskins was a bad college QB. I’ve seen a lot of good college QB’s who couldn’t make it in the NFL, but I haven’t seen a single bad college QB make it. The Redskins will never win until the owner sells the team. You can blame the O-Line, the QB, the coach, or the GM, but the story always ends the same way with Dan Snyder’s teams, and that’s been happening for decades. The names have changed, but the story is the same.

  12. I feel sorry for the kid, as much as I can feel sorry for any multi-millionaire NFL player who is set for life for multiple generations even if he never plays another snap.

    He got picked by a team with rotten leadership for a role he probably isn’t ready for, at least not yet. And now he’s being thrown to the wolves without enough preparation or context.

    It’s strange to see cases like this and Rosen – guys who are picked by teams with such completely incompetent leadership that they don’t even know what to do with these players when they get them. Makes you realize how little real competence there is in this league.

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