Marcus Peters on playing the Rams: “That’s done for me”

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Marcus Peters has been the part of trades twice the past 20 months. He finally may have found a home.

The cornerback has returned two interceptions for touchdowns in four games with the Ravens. He has scored seven defensive touchdowns in his NFL career, the league’s most since 2015.

“He’s really accommodated himself to playing the style of defense that we want to play in the back end,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said, via Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times. “The way we play our techniques and our coverages, the way we relate to routes in both man and zone coverages, he’s really smart. He picks it up just like that.”

Peters, scheduled to become a free agent in March, will have the chance to decide for himself where he plays next season.

But he and the Ravens appear to be getting along famously.

Peters joined the Ravens in an Oct. 15 trade with the Rams, who needed the cap space for the acquisition for Jalen Ramsey. The Chiefs traded him to the Rams in the 2018 offseason.

He insists being traded doesn’t fuel him.

“I don’t need no motivation from nobody else,” Peters said. “I’m motivated enough for me to take care of my family.”

Peters gets a chance to play the Rams on Monday night at the Coliseum. He wants everyone to believe it’s just another opponent.

“That’s done for me,” Peters said. “I’ve been here for four [now five] weeks. Just trying to play football.”

7 responses to “Marcus Peters on playing the Rams: “That’s done for me”

  1. He was probably still learning people’s names on the Rams. And, given how L.A. is a sprawling urban hellscape, I am sure he was happy to get out of there.

    And it all goes to remind that everything is context in the NFL. Nobody is an automatic star, everyone needs the right situation and people around them to succeed. Nice to see a guy find that situation and start realizing his true potential

  2. He was HORRIBLE for the Rams but is playing as good if not better than he ever has. Goes to show how much of a difference which SYSTEM a player plays in can make.

  3. >.“He’s really accommodated himself to playing the style of defense that we want to play in the back end,”

    Translation, he listened to the coaches and played according to their schemes and orders.
    Wow, what a concept, a player doing as they are told.
    Seriously, don’t 98% of players do this?
    Isn’t it expected of 100% of players that you play as you are told?

    If you freelance you get benched unless you are great.

  4. Peters been outplaying Ramsey this year 3 pick 6’s 2 with the Ravens he also have lower passer rating allow and less yards and he went for a 5th pick Ravens got forbthey backup kicker Ramey went for 2 1st’s and a 4th yikes

  5. Don’t know how Eric DeCosta can sign him in the off-season, with Marlon Humphrey coming up on a big deal. Peters has been nothing short of amazing thus far. Hope it continues!

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