Matt Nagy: I’d give up calling offensive plays if I thought it would help

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The Bears offense had another bad outing in Los Angeles on Sunday night, which led to skepticism about whether quarterback Mitchell Trubisky‘s fourth quarter exit was really due to a hip injury.

Head coach Matt Nagy insisted on Monday that performance had “zero to do” with the decision and that Trubisky will be the starter as long as he’s healthy. Nagy also said that he doesn’t plan on making a change regarding who calls the plays that Trubisky and company are running on offense.

Nagy said the team is “turning over every stone to get this thing right” and that he’d be willing to give the offensive playcalling duties to someone else if he thought it was the right move for the team, but he hasn’t reached that point after reviewing the loss to the Rams.

“I have zero ego and I have zero care of giving play-call duties to somebody else,” Nagy said, via “I really do not care about that, and if that’s what we feel like from going through it that that’s what we need to do, then I would do that, I really would.”

Nagy’s bona fides as an offensive assistant coach got him the top job in Chicago and the length of his stay is likely going to be tied to his ability to fix an underwhelming unit.

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  1. “I have zero ego. Even though the offense sucks, the playcalling has been fantastic. The problems must be elsewhere. We’re not sure where, but we will turn over every stone to find them. But not the playcalling. So I am going to keep calling the plays. But I have zero ego.” Priceless….

  2. Zero ego? The guy who refuses to admit he made the wrong call in the wrong situation, over and over again? Gimme a break, Nagy. Maybe someone else wouldn’t improve the situation, but they literally could not do worse. And chances are good they won’t get “too cute” the way you do too often with plays.

  3. Coach just needs to shut up. A blind person can he’s in over his head. Example? Third and short against the Rams. A RPO play to the short side (left) into a stacked box with a gimpy QB pitching the ball with his bum shoulder.

    Who, in their right mind, would ever call that play? That’s right….Mr. “Zero Ego”. Got it.

  4. Blame JNagy all you want but it was Ryan Pace (the GM) who paid extra to trade up for Mitch Trubisky. The team is going to pay for that and the Khalil Mack trade for a while.

    get rid of all 3 – Pace, Nagy, Trubisky

  5. Kind of a narcissistic statement. Or I suck. Or an indictment on the inability or inexperience of your OC. Or some combo of all four. Or all four.

    Not what I’d want to hear from my HC.

  6. Hey Matt: How could it possibly hurt? Could it maybe be worth a try?

    As a Raiders fan I say absolutely NOT!! Stick with it to the bitter end! The more losses the better, we need that first-round pick to be top-five!

    Oh, and I hope you’re enjoying all the wins Khalil Mack is getting for you! DEFINITELY worth QB money!

  7. Gee, I forgot another one and the worst case for the locker room: “My players aren’t good enough, so giving up play calling is pointless”.

    I’m not a Bears fan and Bears fans aren’t whiners on this website but man, they sure as hell don’t like this guy. Seems to be the same complaint by many. I believe them because I have no reason not to and his statement is alarming (if I’m a GM/owner/fan).

    Of course the GM is a whole other can of worms. He panicked and should have traded BACK, not up. This League is scared to death of one year wonders. I guess he didn’t get the memo.

  8. Arrogant as always. You don’t get to say if you have no ego, that’s for others who observe to decide. I’d tfire him today because I’m pretty sure it would help.

  9. For all those Raider fans that have to comment on the Mack trade whether he is mentioned in the article or not, you sound like jilted high school girls who didn’t get asked to the dance, probably crying yourselves to sleep at night wearing your #52 Raider jerseys with the MACK nameplate on the back. You need to understand that most Bears fans have no faith in the ability of Pace to do anything productive with draft picks, he will usually reach for someone who shouldn’t go where he picks them. I’d rather have a Pro Bowl caliber player in Mack. Houston gave up just as much if not more for Tunsil, an offensive lineman and you all seem to be fine with that. To my knowledge, they haven’t even signed him for an extension.

  10. “I have zero ego and I have zero care of giving play-call duties to somebody else,” Nagy said.


    Well, ok then.
    Glad we cleared that up.

  11. First of all, Raiders fans, it’s not going to be a top 5 pick. They’ll have 5 or 6 wins, which will push it into the 9-12 range.

    Second, of course, he’s not going to give up play calling. What if he does and Mark Helfrich takes over that and suddenly the Bears score 20+ points in back to back games? Oh, oh. Then there’s proof it IS ON YOU! He can’t risk that.

  12. Nagy … you won’t know until you try it.

    It seems Nagy and Gase are afraid that they’ll be naked without that play sheet.

  13. He doesn’t have the talent on offense. Not surprised they have regressed because you can’t trade your future away and expect to get better the next year. Mack made them good last year but they didn’t have enough on offense to win it. Now everyone is a year older on their O line and Defense that is still dominate but they didn’t have any cap room or draft picks to even give their below average QB some weapons. When you don’t get better in the off season like the Bears didn’t this past one you will regress because everyone else probably added something in the 1st round or FA where you get your difference makers 80% of the time and you just got older in a league that players get old very fast.

  14. All I know is The Buffolo Bills have a playoff record with a QB who has very similar skill set & limitations, Josh Allen. The Bills have a comparable Oline and RBs and worse WRs than Chicago. The Bills defense is good but not as good as Chicago. The difference? The Bills let their athletic QB run allot–and move the pocket MOST plays. They CALL plays that don’t try to make Josh Allen be Joe Montana.

    Josh Allen will never be a simple pocket passer running thru his reads making pin point timed passes. But he has MUCH easier throws to make because the defenses have to keep a spy in which doesn’t allow for complex double coverages. And he drives defenses nuts running the ball everytime a lane is open. (This is the SAME reason Cam Newton can throw without pocket skills and for that matter it’s what allowed Tim Tebow to throw for 300yds vs a #1 Pittsburg defense to BEAT them in a playoff game.)

    There is no doubt Trubiski can run ad well if not better than any QB in the NFL not named Lamar. Yet Trubiski has gone from a QB that actually frightened NFL defenses with his ability to break long runs, and he CAN do that. Yet now he’s a timid & frightened jittery pocket passer.

    But Nagy doesnt think its the play calling.

    He said it best…if he “thought” it was the play calling. His “thinking” is the problem!

  15. Zero ego? I’m sorry but you don’t get to the NFL with zero ego. Any sport that’s 80% mental and 20% physical is going to require some ego, on the field or not.

  16. That’s an interesting statement. He’s basically putting the failure of the offense back on his players.

  17. From 2018 Coach of the Year to 4th best coach in the North. When you hire a coordinator that did no playcalling during games at their previous employer (KC for Nagy) you can’t be surprised by this. 2018 Bears were the 2017 Jaguars. The Bears of 2019 are the Jaguars of 2018. 2020 Bears may just end up like the 2019 Jaguars as well…..

  18. His comments lead to another step out the door. When are coaches on losing teams going to learn to just keep their mouths shut?

  19. Three things need to happen. First and foremost get Nagy out of Chicago. Second admit you were wrong about Trubisky and show him the door. Third get a new offensive line completely. Singed a concerned Die Hard Bears Fan.

  20. Nagy learning about how fickle the fans and media are. One year he’s a genius the next year he’s terrible.

  21. Third get a new offensive line completely.
    Could not agree more. Harry Hiestand is supposed to be this OL guru but that unit is bottom 5 in the league. They get owned every week in both pass pro and run blocking which severely limits the productivity of the skill players. Just rebuilding that unit alone is a 2-year project which tells you how far off the pace (pun) they have fallen.

  22. ““I have zero ego and I have zero care of giving play-call duties to somebody else,””

    Let’s step outside the box for a minute and assume this isn’t all about you, hard to believe, I know.

    I have never had a huge issue with the coaching of the Bears. Every coach minus the all-time greats make bonehead decisions from time-to-time. It happens. Whether it’s gambling on 4th down, kicking a field goal first when you need 10 points to win or throwing a pass on the goal line to get intercepted and lose the Super Bowl.

    It’s football. You can’t have 50 plays every game and expect them all to go 100%.

    Now, that we have that out of the way. You’re dealing with one of the worst QB’s in the game. I think Haskins sucks something fierce, but if you subbed that dude in for Biscuit you’d probably get some wins.

    Trubisky is flat out a terrible quarterback. Show that clown the door frame and kick his butt on the way out for wasting your time and making you look like a bad coach.

    Then fix that O-Line.

  23. I wondered about Hiestand too because he seems to be highly regarded. I just don’t think they have the talent though.Whitehair and Daniels are good players but Massie has never impressed and I’ve never understood how they can’t find anybody to replace Leno. Long just needs to retire, he can’t stay healthy anymore. Of course the play calling of Nagy stinks most of all and I think Howard made this same group look better than they really were because he was so hard to bring down. I think he got most of that yardage on his own without much help from the O-line.

  24. Maybe he needs to stop clinging to his stupid laminated play card and start watching the pathetic offense he is putting on the field….

  25. If the league was full of Minnesota Vikings, the Bears would win the Super Bowl every year. The Bears have the Vikings number and its frustrating to this fan.

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