Anthony Lynn not entertaining quarterback change for Chargers

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Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers has the most interceptions of anyone in the NFL not named Jameis Winston. He’s thrown seven interceptions in the Chargers last two games. Four of the team’s seven losses – all by just a single score – have come with a Rivers interception on the team’s final possession.

Rivers knows it’s a trend that cannot continue for the Chargers. But despite the bushel of interceptions Rivers has thrown this season, head coach Anthony Lynn said that the team isn’t considering the possibility of making a change at quarterback.

I’m not going to entertain that right now,” Lynn said Tuesday, via Gilbert Manzano of the Orange County Register. “I’m going to evaluate everything, and right now Philip Rivers is our starting quarterback. But I’m not going to single one position out. I’m looking at everybody. We’re 4-7. Everybody can be doing something better.”

Rivers is on pace to throw more than 20 interceptions for just the third time in his career. Through 11 games this season, he has just one more touchdown pass (15) than he does interceptions (14). Rivers has started all 219 games for the Chargers since the start of the 2006 season.

Tyrod Taylor and Easton Stick are both on the 53-man roster as depth options but Rivers streak doesn’t appear to be in jeopardy at this time.

5 responses to “Anthony Lynn not entertaining quarterback change for Chargers

  1. Easton Stick? That sounds like the name of a hockey themed wrestler from the early 90s. Or the real name of a comic book super hero with hockey powers. Haha.

  2. I think that Philip Rivers has a sore shoulder. He had several defensive ends grab his throwing arm while in motion during the Raiders game and the game after. If he is hurting, he will not say a word (as witnessed after getting both knees worked on before the AFC Championship game years ago). He is not washed up.

    Shame on the Chargers for not bolstering their offensive line with healthy quality lineman to protect Rivers. Cheap Chargers cheap out again.

  3. “…more than 20 interceptions for just the third time in his career.”

    This right here is why I’ve never thought of Rivers as top tier. “JUST” 3 times? Brady and Rodgers combined have zero seasons with 20+ and that’s with way more games played outdoors, Brady playing several seasons before the coverage rule changes etc. In a way INTs can be a misleading statistic because over the course of a season, a few can be the WR’s fault. Which means 3 INTs is like the floor for what is possible. 6 is like 3 QB mistakes and 15 is like 4 times as many mistakes as 6.

  4. Typhoid Taylor would make Rivers’ 4 interception games look like a great time. Taylor is inept and unskilled.

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