Damarious Randall says he has received death threats after ejection

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Browns safety Damarious Randall said he has received death threats since a helmet-to-helmet on Steelers receiver Diontae Johnson got Randall ejected from last week’s game.

Randall said the hit to Johnson’s head, which left the rookie with a concussion and bleeding from an ear, wasn’t intentional.

“How is it, from the standpoint, after the hit . . . I get so many death threats, so many people calling me names, people saying, ‘Oh, I hope you get hurt; I’m going to kill you, this and that,'” Randall told Mary Kay Cabot of cleveland.com, “and it’s OK for fans to do it to us, but then when we say something back, it’s a problem, [and] we get in trouble? I just never understood that.”

It was Randall’s first personal foul and his first disqualification. He apologized to Johnson on social media.

Steelers fans understandably are upset with Myles Garrett, but Randall said that “shouldn’t matter” as reason for lashing out at him.

“It’s just funny to me how they blurt out and just say crazy, off the wall stuff, but just like the situation with one of my former teammates [safety Jermaine Whitehead],” Randall said. “He lost his job behind something like that, but it’s OK for them to openly say stuff like that. I find that so crazy to me.”

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  1. He’s not wrong. The difference is most of those fans aren’t making the same kind of money. Not sure that should make a difference but it does…

  2. I think we really don’t give people any rope. Yes they make millions and don’t struggle but I tend to believe they are people but gifted with supernatural abilities I hope. Just tone down the hate they play the game we love.

  3. Don’t worry Damarious. Steelers fans are just that way and you’ll get to pay them back on the field in 2 weeks. They just can’t handle being punked.

  4. If fans acting out on social media is a problem he could always quit the NFL and get a different job.

  5. I can answer that question for you,Damarious. 99% of the fans are good people, and those in the 99% aren’t the ones threatening you, or wishing you to be injured. It’s that crazy uncivilized 1% that do that. So, you would get in trouble by the NFL if you were to prove you are also in that 1%.

  6. As a Browns fan, I wish he wouldn’t say something about Whitehead. That was a little ridiculous.

    However, he’s right about people on social media. Keyboard warriorism is the most annoying thing imaginable. People just spewing stuff they would never DREAM of saying to someone’s face.

    That said… when you’re making millions of dollars, if one of the stipulations is that you have to keep quiet when people online are being tools, I’d say that’s a pretty small price to pay.

  7. The difference is you are being criticized over something you did at work in the entertainment field where you are hoping people will watch on TV and pay to see you play in person.

    He says he didn’t mean to almost kill Johnson but he did absolutely everything that he isn’t supposed to do when drilling that kid in the side of the head with the top of his helmet. Crown of the helmet. Blow to head. Left his feet to make the hit. And he knew Johnson hadn’t made the catch but did it all anyway.

    The “death threats” probably came from Johnson’s family.

  8. Watch the videos of the hit, there’s plenty of angles of the play.
    Johnson doesn’t have time to lower his head.
    Damarious Randall comes in hot and high, and earholes Johnson.
    Straight out.

    I don’t condone fans making threats. I also don’t condone
    so-called fans spreading mis-information to lessen the impact
    of the play, and about how things unfolded in that game.
    Save your alternate facts for your friends.

    It was a dirty hit plain and simple. The official threw the flag
    at once. A clear foul. He was ejected as he should have been.
    With claims of player safety, I’m surprised he hasn’t been suspended.

  9. Has he contacted authorities regarding death threats, and shared these with police and the NFL. By “threats,” does he mean 2 people? Perhaps he could post some of these threats, with the user names blacked out of course.

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