Full practice for Mitchell Trubisky on Wednesday

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Bears head coach Matt Nagy got what he wanted at Wednesday’s practice.

Nagy said he hoped that quarterback Mitchell Trubisky would be able to work during the session after injuring his hip during last Sunday night’s loss to the Rams. That loss ended with Chase Daniel playing quarterback, but Nagy said that Trubisky will remain the starter as long as he’s healthy.

It looks like Trubisky is going to be starting against the Giants because he was a full participant in practice on Wednesday. Trubisky said that his hip feels “day and night” better than it did on Sunday.

“They have a plan in place to where we’re not overdoing it, but we’re getting enough to where I’ll have a good idea if I’ll be able to play on Sunday. . . . That’s the important thing, that we’re getting better each day, and if it keeps improving by Sunday, I don’t see any problems. But the main thing is just not avoiding any setbacks or overdoing it and aggravating it,” Trubisky said, via the Chicago Tribune.

Assuming Trubisky continues to feel well, the main thing will shift to finding a way to get Trubisky and the entire offense to play at a higher level than they’ve managed up to this point in the season.

35 responses to “Full practice for Mitchell Trubisky on Wednesday

  1. I dunno. Peter King called it right. Mitch is not having fun right now. He has a hard time dealing with adversity, and seems to have lost all confidence. He needs help to power through this (as there isn’t much QB help), learn from it, and LEAD the offence. OK – he’s not getting any help from the O line. Montgomery is a more than capable runner, and should be used more than he has been. Use Cohen properly. Whitehair needs to move back to C, Sowell should go back to tackle, and the Bears need to seriously start looking for O line and TE help be it through the draft, FA whatever. But I don’t believe this can’t be fixed. It just won’t be this season.

  2. How about just get another quarterback. Trubisky isnt even a NFL caliber starting quarterback. Chicago Bear never should have drafted this sorry quarterback and they are realizing that now. He wasnt better than Watson or Mahomes in the 2017 draft and he isnt now. Trubisky hasnt lost confidence, he never was any good from the beginning. Why do you think the Bears fans booed him on draft day.

  3. Whew, what a relief. At the end of the game I was really worried seeing him standing there looking totally normal with no signs of injury. The total lack of training or medical staff made me think it was a REALLY serious injury.

  4. Why did the Bears draft Trubisky and why did they give up draft picks to move up 1 spot for the guy? He had 1 good season at UNC…. lol….

    Amazing the guys that become GM’s in the NFL. Pathetic. I thought DeShaun Watson was the guy because of his exploits vs Bama. Never thought Trubisky looked like anything but “potential” and you lose jobs trying for potential at the QB position wout great college production and in the top 5.

    Draft QB potential with a flyer in rounds 3-5 where you may hit a gem but not top 5 in the draft. Bears are reaping their poor judgment now.

  5. So … I am not so sure it really matters. I could practice all week and I still wouldn’t be an effective quarterback for the Chicago Bears on Sunday. Didn’t realize it until just now but Mitch and I have something important in common.

  6. So he was so badly hurt Sunday night he couldn’t continue with three minutes left and the game on the line, now a few days later he’s all good? Yeah, right….

  7. What if the Bears went after Philip Rivers and drafted a QB in the 2nd round this year. Rivers could play 2-3 years while the drafted QB actually developed and didn’t have the pressure to be “the guy” out of the gate. However, given the Bears history of QB investments, even something logical would blow up in their face.

    I have been lamenting Mahomes forever, but maybe Bears stink would have gotten on him too. Who knows. I am honestly getting apathetic about the whole mess.

  8. Chase is Chasing a dream with this kid ! He should have NEVER been forced into the starters role ! He should have slowly been groomed into it ! Bears looking QB in the draft !!!

  9. I have only one question: why bother? It’s not like Trubisky is going to magically turn thimgs around. Let Daniel finish out the year at QB and then find a real QB in the draft, or trade for one. Right now the Bears don’t have any.

  10. Doesn’t look like the Bears could catch the Bengals and the draft choice isn’t their’s anyway. The March in the desert goes on!

  11. Chase Daniel is a really really bad QB.
    Definitely not any worse than Mitch. At least Daniel trained under Brees ofr a number of years. Everything being the same that gives Daniel a leg up.

  12. I do feel bad for Mitch. Yes, he’s not developing or showing anywhere near the ability of the other 2 he’ll be forever compared to. But……let’s not engage in revisionist history. If you Google all the mock drafts for that year, Mitch goes ahead of those other two nearly every time. So, it is a big swing and a miss but MANY people were convinced he was the best one at the time.

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