George Kittle, Matt Breida, Emmanuel Sanders among 49ers out of practice

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The 49ers were missing a lot of offensive players at practice on Wednesday.

Tight end George Kittle (knee, ankle), running back Matt Breida (ankle), wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders (ribs), wide receiver Deebo Samuel (shoulder) and left tackle Joe Staley (finger) were all out of the first practice session of the week. The 49ers play the Packers on Sunday night.

Kittle and Breida both missed last Sunday’s win over the Cardinals after being listed as doubtful. Staley was ruled out for that game and is expected to miss more time after having surgery.

They were also missing kicker Robbie Gould (quad) and defensive end Dee Ford (hamstring). Gould has missed the last two games and Ford is reportedly on track to miss the game against Green Bay.

9 responses to “George Kittle, Matt Breida, Emmanuel Sanders among 49ers out of practice

  1. Very unfortunate turn of events…This team is riddled with injuries and a loss will be labeled as some type of proof that the Niners aren’t as good as the Packers, Hawks, Saints, etc…Fact is…how much can these games be taken seriously if the Packers get to face the Niners without Kittle,Brieda, Sanders,Gould,Ford,etc? It’ll be like the Niners facing the Packers without Adams,Jones, and several other playmakers on both offense and defense…and having the media call the Packers pretenders because they couldn’t beat a Niners team at 100% healthy…Hopefully those guys heal up enough to play on Sunday night…

  2. The Niners D has stuggled most aginst mobile QBs, Wilson & Murray. When there is a semi-mobile or non-mobile QB the pass rush can charge with abandon. This will help, perhaps not enough, slow down A-a-Ron’s offense.

  3. king5540 says:
    November 20, 2019 at 4:59 pm
    Very unfortunate turn of events…

    What-if’s and injuries. It’s a part of the game and always has been. Also, like it or not, depth is part of the equation.

  4. It will be a very interesting game, GB coming off a bye week about to learn about how well he preps his team, playing a good 9ers team, on which the 9er staff has one of Matt LaFleuers best friends, and even his brother.

    I think it will be a good game, I think the 9ers are still young, and struggled in their last primetime outing, I think if GB can force the 9ers to pass the ball they will come out on top but if the 9ers are able to run the ball as they have against several other opponents it will be tough for GB to win.

  5. No excuses, the NIners are finally playing a good team again, having lost to the only other good team they’ve played.

  6. The last time gb came out west was fun to watch. The Chargers put a whoopin on them. The 4-7 Chargers…

  7. The 9ers are a good team. The Pack are a good team. Both teams have weaknesses and the game going to play out. Injuries aren’t even part of the conversation.

    As someone else said further up, just shut up and play. The biggest advantage either team has is home field advantage…well, that and the 9ers have the superior defense.

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