Herman Moore: “What is there to gain” bringing Matthew Stafford back

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Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford said he didn’t have a firm timeline on when he’d return from his back injury.

But at least one of the team’s former stars thinks it doesn’t make sense to try to extend that timeline for the next six weeks.

“I would look at it and say, ‘What is there to gain?‘ ” former Lions wideout Herman Moore said, via Brandon Folsom of the Port Huron Times Herald. “If this team was postseason bound, which it looks very bleak right now, I would try to bring Stafford back. But I don’t know if it’s worth the risk.”

Stafford has fractured bones in his back, and hasn’t played the last two weeks, replaced by Jeff Driskel.

“I do believe at this point it may not be a bad idea to consider it,” Moore said. “That’s ultimately not my decision or the fans’ — that’s the team’s.”

And with the Lions are 3-6-1, a playoff run seems unlikely, making the decision on Stafford more of a long-term one.

17 responses to “Herman Moore: “What is there to gain” bringing Matthew Stafford back

  1. Back problems killed Romo’s career, let the man heal up while you continue to see what the kid can do.

  2. I agree. Give him time to heal up and get a good look at Driskel. Stafford Has been around a long time. Sooner or later they have to consider life after Stafford. If they rush him back, they will be considering it sooner than they want

  3. What’s there to be gained?

    I would think it’d be useful to continue the development of rookies like TE T.J. Hockenson or WR Ty Johnson to have in-game experience with Stafford. Even guys like Golladay and last year’s no.1 pick Ragnow can benefit from more reps with a veteran QB.

  4. collectordude says:
    November 20, 2019 at 7:29 am
    Aside from Barry Sanders, the Lions have had stars?


    Calvin Johnson, Robert Porcher, Hermann Moore, Lomas Brown

  5. There is the opportunity to avenge the referee induced loss to the Packers.

    Talk about stolen glory…

  6. The same could be said for next year too. Why bring Stafford back? He’s not taking this team or any team anywhere near a title.

    Move on and try to find a QB who doesn’t whither under pressure.

  7. ..small fractures in the back?…yeah , lets rush him back before he’s fully healed so a 300lb speeding DE can crush him again… Does anyone in the Lions organazatioin have a clue?

  8. And Herman Moore’s opinion is relevant because … ?


    Because he has 3 first team all pro selections, to your zero.

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