Hue Jackson felt “obligation” to NFL to not participate in Colin Kaepernick workout

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The NFL arranged for former Raiders and Browns coach Hue Jackson to coordinate the Colin Kaepernick workout at the Falcons facility. When Kaepernick decided not to proceed with the workout and to stage his own session elsewhere, Jackson opted not to participate.

Jackson explained his decision to Kristine Leahy of FS1.

“I felt a responsibility and obligation to the National Football League because they’re the ones who asked me to do it,” Jackson said.

Jackson said that Kaepernick’s agent invited him to participate.

“I made a decision [that] the best thing for me to do was get on a plane and go home,” Jackson said.

Jackson explained that the league had asked him to handle the workout, not Kaepernick.

“To me I think if I went over to the high school and did that, I think I would have been doing that for him moreso than for the league,” Jackson said.

Jackson seemed to agree with the idea that Kaepernick knew enough to make his decision not to proceed before the day of the workout, but Jackson stopped short of concluding that Kaepernick doesn’t really want to play.

“There’s something that is stopping him from feeling comfortable around National Football League employees to demonstrate his abilities,” Jackson said.

When asked to identify the right team and the right environment, Jackson identified the Steelers. Given the way Mason Rudolph played last week, it’s not a bad thought.

Whether Pittsburgh or elsewhere, will Kaepernick play again in the NFL?

“That’s a good question,” Jackson said. “I hope he does. I don’t see that right now, because I think there’s got to be some give and take on both sides in order for that to happen.”

18 responses to “Hue Jackson felt “obligation” to NFL to not participate in Colin Kaepernick workout

  1. Does Hue realize that he’ll never coach in the NFL again. When Mike Brown passed, when he could have gotten you on the LoLo that should have been a sign!!!!!!! LOL…LOL…

  2. There are two things Kaepernick needs to be hired:

    1. An offense already running an Option style offense because that’s the only thing he can do well. Particularly, he’ll need a very strong supporting cast because the reason he declined in the first place is that NFL defenses figured out how to defend against him.

    2. A team with a very liberal fanbase who mostly agree with his politics. Any other team is simply not going to take the risk to their bottom line in return for Kaepernick’s limited potential.

    Even then, it’s going to be a minefield. Kaepernick may simply lack the maturity and selflessness to NOT be a distraction. His defenders will start getting frustrated if he’s a backup and demand the coaches start him or they’re racist. If they start him and then pull him later, they’re racist. If they cut him, oh, then they’re way racist.

    And, of course, if the team fails to succeed with him, it’s everyone else’s fault just like people describe the situation in San Francisco. That’s how people who care more about his politics than football realities think.

    And that’s a big part of the reason why no one will hire him.

  3. Make it go away. Dude does not want to play football. He just wants to stay relevant in the world as a victim. Even Johnny Football showed more heart by going play north of the border to get back in the NFL, but not Kap. He’s just to good for that. And he def ain’t taking no one vet min deal or prove it deal to get back in.

  4. Give and take on both sides? I don’t think so. Players give. Teams take. Kap made his bed. Now let him lay in it. It appears there is something wrong in Kap’s head. Stay away.

  5. Kaep will still get BLACKBALLED just to prove a point to existing players !!! WE RUN THI$ !!!

  6. He doesn’t want to play he wants a forum for his own agenda. Whether he was blackballed or not it was his own fault for starters. NO ONE is entitled to anything… NO ONE.

  7. I think when Kaep changed the venue and narrative, you would have shown up there without a job or say in anything. You saved face by not going.

    You were in charge at Atlanta, not some HS. Like the manager of a club. Band moves from your club to an open field 30 miles away, you going to go? Seems kind of obvious, to me.

  8. Given the apparent shortage of healthy QBs, it makes no sense why Kaepernick hasn’t at least been given a chance. NFL owners have bowed to political pressure. They have admitted they are weaker than a chief executive who uses them to score cheap points with his base. Any team that signs Kaepernick and succeeds will quickly learn that fans don’t care a whit about politics.

  9. I hope he just goes away. He’s not playing because he’s more trouble than he’s worth. And let’s face it, he’s terrible. He was benched for Blaine Gabbert. I don’t see people talking about how Blaine Gabbert should be given a starting job. I’m so sick of this guy and his antics.

  10. The Steelers didn’t even send a rep to scout this circus sideshow. Pretty sure they’re not interested (nor should they be).

  11. “I made a decision [that] the best thing for me to do was get on a plane and go home,” Jackson said.

    Cleveland fans wished he had made this decision a long time ago.

  12. My guess is that Hugh wasn’t going to get paid if he participated. The NFL is who contacted him initially so they’d have been his employer and they certainly weren’t going to pay him to take part in Kaepernick’s workout. And there was no real need to have him “run” a simple workout so doubtful Kaepernick’s camp would have been offering him much, if anything. And if you know anything at all about Hugh Jackson, it’s that he’s not doing anything unless he’s getting paid.

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