Le’Veon Bell elaborates on his vow not to submit to further HGH testing

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Twitter often becomes the platform for venting frustrations. But when Jets running back Le'Veon Bell vowed to no longer submit to HGH testing after having blood drawn five times this season, he apparently wasn’t venting.

I’m just saying I’m not doing it no more,” Bell told reporters on Wednesday, via SNY.tv. “They’re not getting no more of my blood. They better use the blood they got right now.”

So will he actually refuse to submit to blood testing for HGH?

“If we gotta cross that bridge when we get there, I’ll cross it,” Bell said.

Bell declined to suggest he’s being specifically targeted, but he wonders about the legitimacy of the process.

“Is it random, though?” Bell said. “Why do I feel like every time they here doing the HGH testing I get picked?”

Bell’s resistance to be tested flows from the fact that he doesn’t like needles. And plenty of players don’t; it’s one of the reasons why it took so long to get the NFL Players Association to agree to HGH testing.

Maybe in the ongoing CBA discussions, limits should be placed on the number of times a player can be blood tested in a given year. Of course, the problem then would become that, once a player has hit the limit, the deterrent effect of random testing dissipates, and the player can use HGH without potential detection.