Matthew Stafford wants to return this year, no matter the standings

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Matthew Stafford missed practice again Wednesday, putting him in line to miss a third consecutive game.

The Lions quarterback fractured bones in his back late in the team’s Week Nine loss to the Raiders.

With the Lions 3-6-1 and behind six teams in the NFC wild-card race, it begs wondering whether the team should shut down Stafford for the season?

Stafford, though, won’t hear of it.

“Because this is what I do,” Stafford said Wednesday, via Tim Twentyman of the team website. “I understand your question, but this is what I love to do. I love playing football. I appreciate all the hard work that all the guys in this locker room and in this organization put into going out there and trying to win games on Sunday and I love being a part of that.”

Stafford had started 136 games in a row before sitting out the past two. He practiced the week after his injury but a scan on his back the Friday before the Bears game showed the extent of the injury.

Stafford said he doesn’t care whether it’s Week 12 or Week 17, he wants to return this season. He added that no one in the organization has talked about shutting him down for the year.

“It’s tough for me to sit there without the pads on and not be able to impact the game on the field the way I’m used to doing,” Stafford said. “That’s driving me to get back out there, and whenever we all deem it’s the right time for me to get back out there, I’ll be out there.”

6 responses to “Matthew Stafford wants to return this year, no matter the standings

  1. I thought Stafford was supposedly smart. He just doesn’t get it does he? How much better off is he with a top 5 pick in 2020? Shut him down.

  2. Hi Matt- I completely understand that you want to get back on the field this year, but I expect your teammates, your coaches, your family, and your fans want to see you back on the field next year and the next year etc. No one questions your toughness and your dedication to the sport, the team, and to Detroit. You are the leader of this team and the face of the franchise. Help Jeff Driskel become a better QB; lead with your mind, not your arm for the time being. Take the time you need to heal fully – whether that is a month or six months – and come back stronger than ever.

  3. I hope he does the right thing for his long term health.

    spcoltrane, sir I couldn’t have put it better, Driskel is a pretty decent backup so far, if Matthew can pass on a few pearls of wisdom, he can only get better.

    I want him to take the time, heal up, and see him next season, he has nothing to prove in terms of how tough he is, its already clear how tough he is

  4. Corky needs to stop trying to be Mr. tough guy. I know he wants to come back and pad his stats in meaningless games but his season should be over with. The Lions are playing for nothing. Hopefully Martha Ford will wake up and fire Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia at the end of the season.

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