Vic Fangio: Not vitally important for Drew Lock to play this year

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Drew Lock has resumed practicing with the Broncos and the popular school of thought is that the team would like to add him to the active roster at some point so that they could see him in game action before his rookie year is out.

That game action would presumably color their feelings about Lock and whether they think he can be their 2020 starter heading into the offseason, but head coach Vic Fangio downplayed how much that will matter during his Wednesday press conference.

Fangio said it was not “vitally important” for Lock to get into a game before the year is out. His reasoning was that you aren’t going to see enough in a small sample size to make a full read on what a quarterback would do with a full-time job.

“You can get a false positive,” Fangio said. “You can get a false negative. You need a whole body of work, including offseason and training camp, to build up. I’m not putting any limits on him if he does get in there, but I would be reluctant to make final conclusions.”

Fangio said he and the front office are on the “same page” when it comes to Lock playing before the year is out. Brandon Allen is set to make his third start since Joe Flacco went on injured reserve when the Broncos play the Bills this weekend.

8 responses to “Vic Fangio: Not vitally important for Drew Lock to play this year

  1. From an outsider point of view, Denver seems like they are not too far away from turning the page to a decent team. Maybe a fresh shot at QB position could be just what the Dr ordered.

  2. Denver’s ownership needs to gets itself out soon because Elway is killing us. He needs to be fired or be forced to hire a “real” GM. Lock is clearly trending to being another failure. Vic asked some players what they thought of him, they thought that he needed to practice alot more. You know they were being nice.

  3. Wow. I couldn’t disagree more.

    It’s critical to get this kid into some real games so they can evaluate him at the pro level.

    Ridiculous to say it’s not vitally important. It would be a HUGE problem for DEN to go into the next offseason without knowing if Lock was their future after burning their 2nd round pick, 42nd overall on him.

    And if he IS the future, it sets them back big-time if they can’t get him NFL game experience this season.

  4. Good Lord, how is it not important to get a look at him with real bullets flying and without a red jersey on in practice? You can get a false positive or false negative, sure. But he can also show you what you need to know about whether he has the moxie to command a huddle and earn his teammates respect or if he just looks way in over his head and like he doesn’t belong. To insinuate that there’s no value in seeing him on the field makes me nervous about Vic.

  5. “JustBallZ says:
    November 20, 2019 at 2:36 pm
    Denver’s ownership needs to gets itself out soon because Elway is killing us.”

    Elway has been one of the best GMs in the last 10 years so comments like this are superficial and only take recent history in to account. As great of a GM Ozzy Newsome was he still started QBs like Chris Redman and Kyle Boller. Ravens had their bad years and fans didn’t oust Newsome.

    The Broncos have a lot of great young talent on this team drafted by Elway and they’re only 1 QB and 2 offensive lineman away from being contenders.

  6. Sad state of the franchise when they are so short sided they cannot see the benefit of playing your second round draft pick at the single most important position. If anyone has questions about why this franchise is now garbage, then here you go.

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