Daniel Jones has a ball security problem

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Giants quarterback Daniel Jones knows the answer to his problem is simple, if not easy.

He also knows he has to fix it.

For all the issue surrounding him and his team during a rough rookie season, his own problems keeping the ball in his hands is near the top. Jones leads the league with 13 fumbles, and has lost nine of them, the kind of turnovers they can’t afford.

Via Bob Glauber of Newsday, Jones said he spent the bye week working on the problem, and came up with two basic explanations.

It’s about being mindful of it and being aware in the pocket,” Jones said. “I think it’s pretty fundamental in that holding the ball with two hands is going to be more secure than not. . . .

“It’s just getting the ball out on time and not holding onto it. I don’t think it’s necessarily a complex problem, but it’s getting it out on time. I think I definitely need to work on it.”

So it’s as simple as that, using two hands, and not trying to hold onto it all day. Jones said having the week off to watch tape and focus on specific issues should help, now he just has to put those lessons into play.

13 responses to “Daniel Jones has a ball security problem

  1. unleaded92 says:
    November 21, 2019 at 8:56 am
    Eli Manning, a career 0.500 quarterback, got beat out by this guy.

    *Not a Hall of Famer
    It’s a foregone conclusion he will be in the Hall of Fame, but you are correct, at this moment he is not a Hall of Famer.

  2. Kids gotta do a better job of protecting the ball. You see it when he runs with the ball, he gets hit and the ball pops out.

  3. I like Daniel Jones but it’s clear now Eli was not the reason the Giants were struggling. I still think Eli can play and the Giants should release him. There are teams that could use him.

  4. Mark Sanchez stepped into a team with a D that was comparable to the 85 Bears. Mark Sanchez found a way to make 2 to 3 INCREDIBLY poor decisions per game.

    Would Jones do this if he had a decent line? Jets Oline was pretty good too. Ferguson and Mangold are 3 steps up from anything the Giants have.

    I think Jones would be a different player. The Giants D is on the field the whole game, Barkley is hurt and their leading receiver is a rookie. Not to mention the Oline. Patrick Mahomes wouldn’t get a sniff as MVP if he were drafted over Barkley.

    Jones is good. He DOES need to learn how to hold onto the ball, regardless of the situation. But Sanchez stepped into a team akin to Bridgewater taking over for Brees. How would Teddy have done with the Giants? Or Brees for that matter?

  5. Remeber when he was the greatest thing ever after a couple preseason games and an okay first game. It’s funny how playing in New York always makes media act like a players better than he really is. Obj is just a small WR that can make one good catch for every 3 drops he has. But somehow got hall of fame status. New york over rates their players so much.

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