Mason Rudolph was set for media session Thursday, but it’s been called off

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According to an ESPN report, Browns defensive end Myles Garrett alleged during a Wednesday suspension appeal hearing that Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph used a racial slur during last Thursday’s game.

Garrett was suspended indefinitely for hitting Rudolph in the head with the quarterback’s helmet after ripping it off his head, which he apologized for after the game without making any allegation about Rudolph saying something to him. Rudolph, who is expected to be fined for his own attempt to take Garrett’s helmet off, said on Wednesday that he “definitely didn’t say anything” to set Garrett off.

Rudolph was scheduled to meet the media again on Thursday, but reporters in Pittsburgh pass along word that he won’t be holding that session. The team issued a statement in response to the report that said, in part, that Rudolph “will not discuss this accusation any further” and it’s hard to imagine he would have been asked about anything else had things progressed as scheduled.

The team’s statement says Rudolph “vehemently denies” the accusation. Rudolph’s attorney also issued a statement that called Garrett’s allegation “wild and unfounded” and a “desperate attempt” to shorten his suspension.

18 responses to “Mason Rudolph was set for media session Thursday, but it’s been called off

  1. We’ll never the truth of the matter. That said if it isn’t true, tell reporters at the session “it’s not true” and move on. Cancelling the media session makes it look like he has something to hide.

  2. 100% think if it were true that we would have heard it before now. Bringing this up at his suspension hearing is just too much of a coincidence. I’ve lost all respect for Garrett at this point.

  3. There were a bunch of black guys in the pile. Wouldn’t all or at least some of them have also gotten upset if they heard that?

  4. trophylessvikings says:
    November 21, 2019 at 2:34 pm
    If this was true he would have said so IMMEDIATELY.

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    Not if he is a high character person which he is. What he did immediately is go straight to the media to publicly apologize for his actions then handled his grievance with the appropriate people like an adult is supposed to do instead of handling it with the court of public opinion. Running to the media to further escalate would be a low class thing. You know like lying about your instigation of the fight until the local media literally call you out on your lie by confronting you with video evidence resulting in you then getting stuck reading a forced statement given to you by the organization like Rudolph had to.

    More than likely this revelation was a result of him being asked to explain his actions. As was already reported his argument isn’t about whether he should be punished but whether the punishment handed down was excessive. He’s taken responsibility for losing his cool.

  5. Was anyone wearing a mic that caught more than “seeing ghosts”? This is either going to be confirmed or nothing on tape so he said/he said.
    If this was true and I suspect it isn’t, I don’t see how this isn’t part of the first statement made in his own defense.
    If it isn’t true I think false accusations of racism may be worse than the helmet swing.
    If it is true we’re going to need corroboration or hear it on tape.

  6. Brobokil says:
    November 21, 2019 at 2:33 pm
    There were a bunch of black guys in the pile. Wouldn’t all or at least some of them have also gotten upset if they heard that?
    I think DeCastro would disagree with that description. He was first on the action but it took a little bit of time. He didn’t get there until Rudolph was twisting Garrett’s helmet. Pouncey was second. Obviously Rudolph got angry pretty quickly as he started to twist Garrett’s helmet almost immediately after hitting the ground. Think he might have said it then when he was angry?

  7. Easy fix here. Have the league administer lie detector tests. The accusations are serious and if false border on slander which can have serious monetary repercussions. False denials are equally as bad and should be dealt with as severely as the punishment for acting on the slur. Refusal to take the test is legal but will certainly reveal who has something to hide.

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