Maurkice Pouncey’s suspension reduced to two games

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Browns defensive end Myles Garrett‘s indefinite suspension for his actions last Thursday was upheld after an appeal this week, but Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey‘s hearing went a bit better for him.

Pouncey was suspended three games last week for punching and kicking Garrett after Garrett hit Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph in the head with Rudolph’s own helmet. He was also fined $35,096 for his actions.

The league announced on Thursday that appeals officer Derrick Brooks reduced the length of his suspension to two games. Brooks, who is jointly appointed by the NFL and NFLPA, upheld the fine.

Pouncey will miss this Sunday’s game against the Bengals as well as their Week 13 rematch with the Browns.

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  1. Suspension hearing went better for a Steeler? Shocking…… Oh wait, no it’s not. That’s how it always goes. Right up there with one team being penalized for excessive roughness and being dirty players while the other team is playing “Steeler football”?

  2. I wouldn’t have given him anything. He was defending a man getting bludgeoned with a weapon.

  3. Steelers get away with another one. No surprise there. When they can’t win, they pick fights and then play the victim.

  4. HagemeisterPark says:
    November 21, 2019 at 3:12 pm
    Good – he shouldnt get any suspension for sticking up for his QB getting assaulted with a helmet.

    Wrong. David DeCastro handled the situation correctly when he jumped into the scrum and simply tried to separate the idiot Garrett from the buffoon Rudolph. Pouncey, OTOH, decided to jump in when Garrett was already on the ground by punching and kicking the then defenseless Garrett in the head repeatedly. Pouncey is getting off way too easy here, but still not as easy as Rudolph who also deserved a suspension of a game or two.

  5. Reducing any of these suspensions seems a bit ridiculous. It was clear that everyone lost sight of the game just being over. Kicking someone in the head is barbaric regardless of circumstance.

  6. A kick in the head, regardless of what happened before, should have ended his season.

    And this is coming from a Lions fan. Basically, a fan that gets kicked in the head by his own team over and over.

  7. It must have been that truly believable “I blacked out” defense. And I also believe Derrick Brooks is not told what to do with the appeals. Purely his decision. Uh-huh.

  8. I don’t think you need to be a particular fan to think that kicking a man’s head in while he’s being held down is barbaric and deserves the most severe punishment possible. The only reason Pouncey isn’t in a lockup tonight is that Garrett survived the attack.

  9. Not a fan of either team, but DeCastro ought to be lauded for his restraint and class in his response to this incident. Granted, I’m not sure he actually saw the helmet hit Rudolph in the head, but it happened right in front of Pouncey and I can’t say I can actually blame him for his response under the circumstances. Sure, in a perfect world he should have just taken a cue from DeCastro and tried to calm things down, but adrenaline is a funny thing and in this case I think he should have just got one game.

  10. Replying to

    ravensaresuperior says:
    November 21, 2019 at 3:09 pm
    That P.O.S. kicks a man in the head on the ground and that’s all he gets.

    Pouncey did not kick Garrett. Watch the video. 4 punches and 1 kick were attempted, none connected. Boom, your argument disappears. Pouncey deserves a game or two for trying to strike, but not for protecting his QB.

    If the roles were reversed, that would be your argument, I am sure. Or if it were to happen to Lamar Jackson…..Don’t be a hypocrite!

  11. I think 2 games is reasonable.
    Thats a 2 game suspension, not just a fine, missing 2 paychecks and voiding guarantees.

    Suh got away with more.

  12. The nfl still hasn’t punish pittsburgh for the richard rydze conviction.

    10 years in federal prison for hgh, anabolic steroids, and painkillers.

  13. I’m fine with him knocking Garret over, natural reaction. Kicking the guy in the head while he’s on the ground is taking it too far. Thought 3 games was fair for that not sure why they reduced it.

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