Myles Garrett on Mason Rudolph: “I know what I heard”

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Browns defensive end Myles Garrett seems upset that his allegation that Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph used a racial slur became public, but Garrett is standing by it.

Garrett released a statement saying he believed everything he said in appealing his suspension would remain private, but he also said “I know what I heard” regarding his claim that Rudolph used a slur.

“I was assured that the hearing was space that afforded the opportunity to speak openly and honestly about the incident that led to my suspension,” Garrett said. “This was not meant for public dissemination, or was it a convenient attempt to justify my actions or restore my image in the eyes of those I disappointed. I know what I heard. Whether my opponent’s comment was born out of frustration or ignorance, I cannot say. But his actions do not excuse my lack of restraint in the moment, and I truly regret the impact this has had on the league, the Browns and our devoted fans.”

The Browns are throwing their support behind Garrett, who lost his appeal today and claims that he swung Rudolph’s helmet at him only after Rudolph used a racial slur.

“As we’ve consistently stated, our organizational support for Myles will continue,” Browns G.M. John Dorsey said. “He is a man of high character and unquestionable integrity. He was open and honest with us about the incident from the start. He has taken accountability for his actions on Thursday night and this situation will not define him. As an organization, our focus going forward remains on the task at hand, which is preparing for the Miami Dolphins.”

102 responses to “Myles Garrett on Mason Rudolph: “I know what I heard”

  1. There is a reason Rudolph’s teammates essentially stood by in the beginning while Garrett ripped his helmet off. Rudolph is obviously a hot head. Do you really think that he would try to rip off his helmet and not call him names simultaneously? Give me a break. Riley Cooper 2.0.

  2. Myles Garrett just doesn’t get it. Instead of showing remorse, he is trying to justify his egregious action.

    If he tries the same strategy with Goodell, Garrett won’t play week 1 of next year either.

  3. I’m gonna go ahead and say I’m pretty sure Rudolph didn’t call you a racial slur on the field surrounded by all black NFL players. Now Pouncey may have but that’s ok in the world we live in.

  4. I have no idea if Myles Garrett is telling the truth. He does deserve a suspension for the helmet swinging.

    However all hell will break out if audio is found of this supporting him.

  5. “As we’ve consistently stated, our organizational support for Myles will continue,” Browns G.M. John Dorsey said. “He is a man of high character and unquestionable integrity. He was open and honest with us about the incident from the start.” Plus he is a really good pass rusher…

    There were quite a few players in close proximity to the scrum. Mostly African American. If he had used a racial slur you would think they would confirm Garrett’s claim. Especially his teammates. But all I hear is crickets. No way to prove Rudolph didn’t say something so Garrett is gonna stick to his late arriving story. Wonder what slur Delaney Walker used when Garrett slapped him in the facemask…

  6. With a compelling position like ‘ I know what I heard’, I suspect that Garrett will be invited to Washington any day now to testify.

  7. I believe Garrett 100%. He’s tried to keep his focus on his own actions and taking responsibility. The NFL leaked his revelation and then made a statement saying they found no evidence to back up his accusation. Why would they do that if not to further besmirch his character? A despicable reaction by the NFL is not justified by Garrett’s despicable action.

  8. Rudolph spent a lot of time kicking Garrett in the groin when no one was around. If anyone was close enough to hear Rudolph’s racial slur, they would have also broken Up the fight before it escalated. Face it, if this is racial, the NFL is going to quash it faster than Belichick’s spytape.

  9. MG is upset that it leaked because he thought he could use the slur excuse as a defense without anyone knowing. Easier to do if no one finds out you did it. Now that it got out he looks like a bigger punk because not only did he crack a guy in the head with his helmet, he then denegrated that man’s character in an effort to avoid punishment. Classy fella.

  10. I’m glad it was upheld with a fine added let him sit for a long time he needs alot of mental help !

  11. I know Garrett is severely lacking in the intelligence department, but QBs have mics in them, and they are always recording. Nice try…banned for life.

  12. Browns G.M. John Dorsey said. “He is a man of high character and unquestionable integrity.”

    Is it really any wonder why the Browns are the Browns with kind of leadership

  13. When doubling down on stupidity makes a fashion comeback Myles will be all smiles instead of that stupid look he has on his face now.

  14. No matter what was said or “heard” it does not justify or change the fact that Garrett assaulted Rudolph with a weapon. Today everyone simply deflects and tries to justify their actions by deflecting blame. If he was on the street and “heard” something, and reacted the same way, he would have been arrested.

  15. Garrett screwed-up, then played the race card in a lame attempt to give himself an out, nobody bought it. Now he feels like he’s in too deep, so he’s doubling-down on his lie.

  16. So Garrett thought he could lie and no one would hear about it? It doesn’t matter anyway. Whatever he may or may not have said doesn’t allow you to try to bash his head in with a weapon. That’s the issue and it should bring a ful 16 game suspension.

  17. Garret is starting to look like the new AB…give it some time and he will be playing for the pats…

  18. Just file the assault charges Mason and bury this guy. He had no problem trying to ruin your life just to shave a few games off his suspension.

  19. No player has stated they heard anything, the ref heard nothing, the many microphones surrounding the field picked up nothing. I guess I’m to believe Rudolph, in the heat of the moment, whispered it in Garrett’s earhole.

  20. why didn’t he mention it to his teammates ?
    why didn’t he mention it during the several media interviews ?
    why did he apologize to Mason Rudolph the next day ?

    maybe because it didn’t happen but he knew he was going to lose his appeal and this was his desperate attempt to change the outcome….

  21. A high character doesn’t make up a story that could destroy the career of another person. Ya it’s all about saving your arse and your wallet. Have a nice end of season. Glad your gone.

  22. A man of no character or integrity. Garrett is a joke. Go join Burfict in the criminals league you going.

  23. Could things get any worse for the Browns? They can claim support for Myles Garret but in the end, they need to clean house because the fish rots from the head down. The leadership has permitted rank amateurs to run this team and now its time to pay the piper.

  24. If it (have we determined the exact word or phrase yet?) wasn’t said, Garrett will go with ‘I thought I heard it’ or ‘maybe it was Pouncey’.

    If Rudolph said it, he’s toast. If he didn’t and he sues, the defence will trot out something he said in ninth grade as proof of his character and he loses anyway.

    Sounds like Garrett tried a Hail Mary, not expecting a leak. Now, he’s all in.

  25. ““He is a man of high character and unquestionable integrity.”

    I question his integrity.

  26. It doesn’t matter. This was effectively assault with a deadly weapon. There is no excuse, period.

    He could have legitimately killed the guy. He swung for the fence with that helmet.

  27. watchfullhose says:
    November 21, 2019 at 7:43 pm

    I believe Garrett 100%. He’s tried to keep his focus on his own actions and taking responsibility. The NFL leaked his revelation and then made a statement saying they found no evidence to back up his accusation. Why would they do that if not to further besmirch his character? A despicable reaction by the NFL is not justified by Garrett’s despicable action.

    If your going to bring out the ugly, you best be prepared to back it up. I believe the the reason this is made public is because there was nothing to support it. He should be embarrassed and ashamed. Its a generational thing, they will stand by the lie no matter how untrue it its. Because in their own heads it is a justification..

  28. Next week, Garrett’s going to come forward saying that Rudolph also said a Yo Mama joke, too…

    If I were a Browns fan, I’d have REALLY hard time supporting this team with him on the field.

  29. If I’m Rudolph and I truly did not say it, then I’m filing suit today for slander and defamation of character. If I didn’t say it, I’m suing. You’re not going to talk about it? Doesn’t look good…

  30. otoh, if you’re Garrett, why the bleep did he not say anything in the heat of the moment… that doesn’t look good either. You’re not going to say that in the locker room, to justify your actions? You don’t say anything for a week, when you’re being crucified? Doesn’t look good at all.

  31. Just trying to get off a suspension by saying he heard a racial slur.
    Too bad the NFL didn’t hear it. Now ‘go away’ and enjoy your vacation for awhile.
    People are a little tired of you and AB.

  32. “He is a man of high character and unquestionable integrity.”

    That’s a fairly over the top statement for a GM to make after the whole country watched the guy hit a man in the head with his own helmet. Maybe dial the “unquestionable integrity” line back given that there’s been nothing BUT questioning of Garrett’s integrity every time this story is discussed.

  33. I can’t stand the steelers but this whole story smells of trying to justify stupid behavior. Garrett has a history of dirty play. IF this is what happened it should have come out in the post game presser. Garret is trying to cover is A**.

  34. It truly is sad he stooped to this level, with all the players, refs and tv mics that pick up everything nothing was heard and his own players have not said a word, pretty obvious that this is a self preservation lie at the expense of another mans reputation. In no way does this dismiss Rudolphs role but he didn’t deserve this slander. It is this type of lie that sets back any trust when something like this does happen.

  35. Garrett has to see the way he handled the situation is not very credible. If it were true it is highly likely he would have reported it to someone directly after the game. At the very least a teammate or coach. It would certainly have been a very good explanation for losing control.

  36. I know it sounds a little nuanced – but “I know what I heard” and “I know what he said” come from different places. I don’t know obviously but I would guess that this is a made up to illicit sympathy.

  37. How many posters were there on the field? Maybe the real punk here is Rudolph. Garrett lost his temper because of Rudolph’s actions.Was Garrett wrong? Yes and he will serve a suspension.

  38. I know what he heard too. He heard his lawyer telling him “You’ve committed to this defense and now you’re stuck with it.” Garrett should just go away and Josina Anderson should go with him. Both a couple of liars.

  39. There isn’t a Caucasian person alive that would be stupid enough to call Miles Garrett a racial slur, while he lying on top of them.

  40. He made his suspension a whole lot longer with this crazy race card play. If he just goes in there and says “I’m sorry, I just lost my mind, it won’t happen again” he’d have been back probably next season. Now, his prime could be over before he gets reinstated.

  41. Mason Rudolph has probably been playing football since he was around 6-years-old. Is there even ONE instance when he has used a racial slur? EVER? EVEN ONCE? Or did he wait until a Thursday night game in his 2nd NFL season to use it for the FIRST TIME EVER on Myles Garrett?

  42. If there are mics everywhere and Mason Rudolph didn’t say it and there is audio to prove it, then release the audio…

  43. steelcurtainn says:
    November 22, 2019 at 10:24 am
    It won’t be long and New England will be calling. Fits right in with Belichicks ways.


    It sounds like you have a serious case of “Coach Envy”. Honestly if my team had Mike Tomlin as their coach I would as well.

  44. If this was said than why didn’t any of the high tech mics tv uses pick it up? They are all over the place.

  45. Another reason to watch the CFL championship late Sunday afternoon. Genuine football without “high drama queens” littering the rosters…..

  46. “Just what if Myles Garrett is telling the truth?”

    He still deserves indefinite suspension for bashing a guy in the head with a helmet. That’s always what’s been so dumb about his accusation: It doesn’t get him off the hook even if true. He’d have been a million times better off being contrite and just saying he lost his head but it won’t ever happen again.

  47. I’m a Cleveland sports fan so please take this as you want. In 1996 Albert Bell had a fifty double fifty homer season. We Cleveland fans knew that Joey was a piece of $hit but that didn’t stop us from buying his gear and sticking up for the corked bats, beating locker room sinks to death with said corked bats, beaning a media member with a fastball etc. In the case of Myles Garrett, the reason that the Browns organization and the fans are sticking up for him isn’t only for his ability on the field. Unlike Albert, up until this incident Myles has been a man of great integrity. I haven’t spoken to a Browns fan who think that he doesn’t deserve a suspension. But please don’t say anything about his character. What took place was undefendable. Myles was the first to say so. He is being punished for his actions. Please don’t make the mistake of letting this define him. He isn’t Vontez Burfict. Hopefully he will be back for next year’s opener. It would be great if it was the Steelers. Maybe we can get the rivalry restarted. It’s been one sided for 20 some years.

  48. “Situation will not define him”

    Uh yes it will. No one has ever swung helmet at someones head before. So defined!

  49. Yeah, you know what you heard. When in doubt, you blame it on the ghosts of racism past to cover the mistakes of a dirtball present.

  50. There is a craft industry for people with pigment to excuse their conduct by fabricating a racist bend. It is sickening. At our births we are guilty of white privilege and our first cry sounds like we uttered a racist word.

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