NFL found no evidence to support Myles Garrett’s claim of racial slur

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Browns defensive end Myles Garrett claims Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph called him a racial slur before Garrett ripped off Rudolph’s helmet and hit him over the head with it. The NFL says its investigation did not support that claim.

“We looked into it and found no such evidence,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said.

It is unclear how thorough an investigation the NFL conducted, but there’s always ample audio available. In addition to the many microphones around the field that are used by the network for the broadcast, by rule every team must have either both of its starting guards or its starting and backup center wearing small microphones on their shoulder pads. So at least one player in the general vicinity would have been wearing a microphone, although we don’t know how well the audio of Garrett and Rudolph was picked up.

Perhaps the NFL should make all of the audio from the moments before Garrett attacked Rudolph publicly available, so that everyone can hear what was said.

73 responses to “NFL found no evidence to support Myles Garrett’s claim of racial slur

  1. Because he didn’t say anything like that

    If he did that scum bag Pouncey would have said something

    This was a sad attempt to play the race card to save your own back side.


  2. LOL sad attempt by Garrett to try to play the race card, trying to justify his actions and get his suspension, like we were gonna feel sorry for him. No one cared either way.

    But this just looks worse now. I knew it was BS as soon as I heard it. Why wait a week later to finally say that, this would’ve come out soon after the game itself.

  3. Disgraceful. This sort of claim de-legitimizes people who have been the victim of that type of discrimination. Man up and take your punishment for what you did instead of attempting to demonize others.

  4. You have to give him credit for at least trying to play the race card. No harm in throwing it out there to see if it sticks. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Right?

  5. No surprise he decided to pull that card, but unfortunate his character is so lacking he would go there with it. Good riddance, keep him suspended permanently.

  6. albloch says:
    November 21, 2019 at 4:36 pm
    Yeah, the NFL will release that as soon as they get around to sharing football air pressure data….
    Most people would forget that the Patsies cheated if the Patsie fans wouldn’t keep reminding everybody that the Patsies cheated.

  7. “Perhaps the NFL should make all of the audio from the moments before Garrett attacked Rudolph publicly available, so that everyone can hear what was said.”

    No. Just no. This is a horrible precedent that would be set. No matter what would, or wouldn’t, be heard in that tape, the loudest on both sides wouldn’t be silenced.

    Personally, I’d like to see Garrett punished for this as well, though maybe the upheld suspensions suffices. Surprisingly, Booger McFarland said it best. You should be above this and beyond it. Be a big man. Be the beacon of light here. If Mason Rudolph truly said that, then the absolute best thing you could have done was walk away. Tell your story then. I love people throwing out the race card, because I’m reality, it’s wielded by those who are deem “racist”, and not those of color. You continue to give meaning to any slur thrown your way by responding to it with violence.

    I’m sure nobody will see it this way, and I’m just a simple white man, but by Garrett responding the way he did, and for the alleged reason he did, you just gave those “racists” all the ammunition they need.

  8. First Micheal Bennett lying about the Vegas police now Garrett. If they verify he is lying he should get 6 extra games off for trying to start a racial stir.

  9. Garrett should get more games added. he just compounded a despicable act with another

    what a toilet bowl of a franchise Cleveland is

  10. Mason and his lawyer are probably working on the lawsuit now. First, assault. Next, a reputation damaging lie. Carefully read his agent’s statement today. Garrett screwed up big time.

  11. Nobody was near Garrett and Rudolph when they were on the ground and Rudolph was trying to rip off Garrets helmet with a foot in his groin. Then the two linemen holding Garrett back were not black. Pouncey showed up after Garrett was on his feet and was pushed into the end zone. Would the Steelers lineman admit it if they did hear anything? No! Lie detector test! We want the truth! I’ve read today mason Rudolph is a southern boy and had a bad rap for bullying. Wouldn’t be surprised if something was said, but need the proof!

  12. If hitting him over the head with his own helmet wasn’t enough. Now you want to paint him as a racist to defend your actions. If I’m Mason Rudolph, I change my mind on pressing charges. Go get him.

  13. Not proof that it did not happen…


    Guess he should have been wearing a wire. Maybe next time Myles.

  14. Had a racial slur been used, I believe it would be the VERY first “excuse” given after the helmet swing. Immediately after the game.

  15. And any moment now Kitchens will tell us how Garrett is extremely remorseful and really an awesome guy despite the fact he just lied about Rudolph being a racist.

  16. Jeffrey Smith says:
    November 21, 2019 at 4:38 pm
    Disgraceful. This sort of claim de-legitimizes people who have been the victim of that type of discrimination. Man up and take your punishment for what you did instead of attempting to demonize others.
    Well said. My high school graduating class was about 50% black, and almost to a person my long-time friends say that nothing hurts “the cause” like a casual, unsubstantiated accusation like this. They and I despise people using race as a weapon.

  17. When you find yourself in a hole, the best thing to do is to stop digging.
    Someone on the Browns needs to take his shovel away.

  18. NFL should have audio from microphone on Steelers OL. They need to release the audio to the public. They don’t have the credibility to say we didn’t find anything and for the public to believe it.

  19. Thought it was bizzare that Rudolph came out with saying he didn’t SAY anything to cause all this. Now we know why. He totally said it…

  20. I almost feel like they should release whatever audio evidence because this is going to follow Rudolph the rest of his career. What a classless move for Garrett to go with the nuclear option on Rudolph, twice.

  21. I thought there was no way I could think less of Myles Garrett. Now Garrett wants to bring the entire African American population down with him. They are too smart for that sad old play.

  22. “You have to give him credit for at least trying to play the race card. No harm in throwing it out there to see if it sticks. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Right?”
    There is harm. When false accusations are thrown around carelessly, it makes it less likely for people to believe someone when it’s real.

  23. I wish the NFL would tell Garrett that his suspension would be lifted when he provided evidence of Rudolph using the racial slur. Tossing the race card around so casually should come with a huge penalty to discourage it and Myles should sit home and think about that.

  24. It’s sad when anyone, football player or not fabricates a racial slur. It is a serious charge. The next time a racial slur is ignorantly used, it may be not taken seriously because of situations like this.

  25. Rudolph’s teammates essentially stood by while he got his helmet ripped from his head. I think they knew it was well deserved, not only from his actions but probably from what he said. They will never let that go public though.

  26. After Mason bull-rushed over to where DeCastro was pushing Myles back, where did his left hand go? In the photo looks like Myles junk while his right sure looked like it was winding up.

  27. Garrett is just digging himself into a bigger hole now. Like dude, you domed a guy with his own helmet on national TV. You embarrassed yourself, your family, your teammates/coaches/franchise/fans, and the league. Goodell was always going to make an example out of you to prevent anyone else from doing anything that horrible ever again. Get some anger management and take your punishment like a man, don’t try and smear another man’s character in an attempt at gaining leniency. Simply pathetic.

  28. I don’t care if the facts are wrong, the narrative is right. We need to start talking about race and football instead of the tiresome talk about fantasy and gambling all the time. We all know minority players are treated different, like Kaepernick. Time for people to take responsibility.

  29. Mason Rudolph should now sue Myles Garrett for slander and change his mind about pressing assault charges.

  30. After Rudolph threw the last pass of the game, the play was over, the game was over.

    Then… Garrett tackled him in a full body bear hug and dragged him to the ground, and held him there. After a few moments of that, Rudolph went ballistic and started clawing at Garret’s helmet.

    I wonder if Myles Garrett said anything to Mason Rudolph?

  31. It wouldn’t surprise me if Rudolph did say something like that – it isn’t like it DOESNT happen in the NFL. And clearly something set Garrett off… Doesn’t excuse anything Garrett did though, so not sure why it was even brought up in the appeal.

  32. Would’ve been said that was the reason right after in post game interviews and I highly doubt pouncey defends Rudolph that intensely if that was said and he’s the center of it was said he would’ve heard it

  33. For quite a while, the consistent message from NFL fans has been that, if the league prevents the public from seeing evidence in a disciplinary case, they are doing it to cover up a greater scandal. If the NFL doesn’t release the Garrett-Rudolph audio, the only reason is because something was said that the league doesn’t want to get out.

  34. Of course he said it. He told his coach what was said immediately after game (see Kitchens post game press conference). Garrett deserves this punishment though, because it’s not about what people call you, it’s what you answer or respond to!

  35. Don`t really know if it happened, I just gotta say though,getting kicked in my s$%t woud`ve been enough to want to hurt him!

  36. So Rudolph uses a racial slur against Garrett while knowing his own coach and people who block for him and help his team are of that same race?!? So Rudolph has a death wish and no longer wants to play in the NFL because no offensive line will block for the guy who uses racial slurs against their people?!? But Garrett says he was told what he said in the hearing would remain private and he is upset people know he played the race card – unless you are making it up why would you care to keep it a secret? No – if Rudolph had said it then he would have been screaming it from the hilltops before he left the field that night and would have been screaming it in press conferences every day since!

  37. If the NFL does not hear it on the microphones they should kick him out all of 2020 season too for claiming racial slur was used.

  38. Appealing the suspension in the first place shows exactly what type of character Myles truly possesses. Most of us have done things in life that we regret. Those of us with integrity accept the consequences for our mistakes, and do our best to learn from them and move forward.

    Garrett would’ve been wise to issue a statement accepting the NFL’s punishment, and acknowledging it was deserved. Appealing the punishment, and then pulling the race card, made things a lot worse for him. How the heck to these millionaires not have some sort of P.R. people advising them? It’s ridiculous really.

  39. The NFL needs to start handing out punishments for false information. Michael Bennett and the Las Vegas police, Richard Sherman and his handshake with Baker Mayfield, and now Myles Garrett with the phony racial slur accusation. These all defame the character of others. Suspensions should be handed out to each of these guys…

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