NFL has important reason for indefinite suspension of Myles Garrett

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The NFL’s plan for Browns defensive end Myles Garrett, which was upheld by hearing officer James Thrash, consists of sidelining Garrett for the rest of the 2019 season and then figuring out what to do with him in 2020.

The original announcement of Garrett’s suspension requires that he meet with the Commissioner’s office before Garrett will be imposed. At that meeting, and in connection with any other related communications, the NFL’s goal will be to ensure that it has done everything to ensure that whatever fuse blew on Garrett last Thursday night won’t blow again. The NFL needs to be sure that this fuse won’t blow again because the next time Garrett hits a player over the head with his own helmet, the player could be seriously injured.

And if the next player struck over the head with his own helmet by Garrett is seriously injured, the player would be able to make potential legal claims against the NFL for essentially restoring Garrett’s license to be in position to hit someone over the head with his own helmet.

Beyond being the right thing to do, it’s the legally prudent thing to do. While there’s no way to completely ensure that Garrett will never do this again, the NFL must take all reasonable steps to come to the conclusion that it won’t happen again.

Of course, if it happens again that will undermine the efforts to ensure that it won’t happen again, but the NFL will at least be able to introduce testimony and documents proving that it did everything that it could and should have been expected to do to protect opponents from a repeat occurrence from Garrett.

That’s why it’s so important for the NFL to have the ability to assess Garrett in the offseason, and to decide whether he can be trusted not to cross the line with physical violence below and beyond the scope of the game. It’s an important decision for the league to make, and it was wise for Thrash to ensure that the league will have the ability to make that decision before Garrett has the automatic ability to return to the field of play.

12 responses to “NFL has important reason for indefinite suspension of Myles Garrett

  1. It is not an idefinite suspension, Garrett is permanently suspended, he can petition to return but there is no requirement for the NFL and Roger to lift it or tell him to try again the following year, repeat.

  2. They need to handle the same way they would if it had been Tom Brady getting hit with the helmet. I think we know what that result would be

  3. What is the punishment for slandering a person by saying they used a racial slur When they didn’t? I don’t really care to take sides, but if the slur was true, wouldn’t Garrett have claimed it immediately (and loudly!) rather than wait until the 11th hour at his punishment meeting. I think it’s pretty serious and reckless to play the race card and bait us into a racial argument.

  4. There is simply no place in any sport, or life for that matter, for a person to assault another human being, unless it’s in self defense. He should be banned permanently and forever. The only positive thing about this is that he didn’t severely injure Rudolph, but clearly, the intent was there. The NFL needs to get this right, and make the consequences so severe, that he or another player won’t even consider such reckless behavior. I’ve watched the NFL since the late 60s. It was a brutal and physical game back then, and there were players that took cheap shots at their opponents. But I’ve never seen anything even close to what happened the other night, and if I do, I’ll never watch an NFL game again. And that’s a promise.

  5. I understand why Garrett brought up the racial slur in the meeting, he wants to play and get paid. The real issue is that if no one else can corroborate this it makes him look like he lied while during the interview. If he is in there defending himself instead of taking responsibility for the whole mess then the NFL is probably looking at it in a way that not only does he feel that he did the right thing, he would probably do it again in the same situation. If there is even a little bit of worry I can see the suspension lasting into next season.

  6. I would also add shame on the Browns for how they are handling this. Myles Garrett has issues he needs to deal with and the Browns need to stop acting like he is this great humanitarian that just lost his temper.

    He has been fined over $100k this year for illegal hits. This entire mess was started because he decided to needlessly bear-hug tackle Rudolph to the ground and continue to hold him while they were down. The guy needs counseling or something. He can’t control himself on the football field, and all he does is make excuses and say stupid things like “that’s not who I am”. Sorry buddy. That is exactly who you are!!

    Just another episode of the Browns’ leadership acting like fools. Just stop it already!

  7. He deserves everything he has got. At least the Dolphins will be ‘safe’ tomorrow. Just leave his suspended, it might teach him a lesson.
    He’s had quit e a few this season, so obviously he has problems on the field.

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