Scott Turner on Kyle Allen: He has to learn from his mistakes

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Kyle Allen will be back in the stadium where he made his first NFL start when the Panthers face the Saints in New Orleans on Sunday and the Panthers would welcome the kind of performance he turned in during that first visit.

Allen was 16-of-27 for 228 yards and two touchdowns as the Panthers beat the Saints and kicked off a run of five wins in his first five starts as an NFL quarterback. Things have gone the other way for Allen recently.

The Panthers have lost three of their last four games and Allen has thrown nine interceptions over that stretch. Four of those interceptions came in last Sunday’s loss, but the Panthers aren’t thinking about going to rookie Will Grier.

Quarterbacks coach Scott Turner explained part of the reason for that decision this week by saying that the only way Allen will improve is by going through a rough patch like this one.

“With any young player, he came in, he had some success early,” Turner said, via the team’s website. “But you have to think about him really like a rookie. If you compare him to some of the other guys that are put in the same situation, that’s the only way you’re going to get better, to learn from your mistakes.”

The faster Allen starts learning to avoid those mistakes, the better for the Panthers because a loss this weekend will make it hard to see a path to the postseason for Carolina.

15 responses to “Scott Turner on Kyle Allen: He has to learn from his mistakes

  1. There was a day when NFL teams and fans allowed rookies to make mistakes and grow. Now, if you’re not playing at a Pro Bowl level immediately you get tossed aside.

    If I remember correctly, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady’s first seasons were pretty miserable.

  2. Wow Norv, did you playback some clips from the self proclaimed maven of football ( Bruce Arians) press conferences to come up with that quote? Earth shattering “He has to learn from his mistakes”.

  3. Check your memory. Tom Brady won a super bowl the first year he played. It was his second year in the league, he did not play his first year.

  4. I’m really pulling for this young man. I think he has the maturity and team attitude that can allow him to be a successful NFL quarterback for a long time… IF he can get through this current learning period without losing confidence. In any event, at least we don’t have to suffer through Cam’s “look at ME” fashion (I use the word loosely) exhibitions after games any longer. And I’d take a few loses over having to endure more of that nonsense any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

  5. Let’s hear from the laughably impressionable fools who insisted that Allen’s brief play had clearly proven that he was the long-term answer there even if Newton did make a full recovery.

  6. Saints were resting starters last year as Allen still somewhat impressed but it was against 2nd and 3rd stringers.

  7. This is where Marty takes blame.. Nothing was done off season to bring in a veteran QB as backup or at least one that has shown ability around the league. So they brought Kyle back which raised eyebrows and declared he’s the back up. Cam goes down and here we are.
    And not much success at the OL! Why has the OL continued to plague this team year after year after year? Got yourself a banged up former MVP QB as a result and still this season we’re complaining about the woes at the OL position yet again. Another area Marty is gonna be “flagged” on and Rivera/Turner as well!

  8. he won’t have to learn from his mistake if his buddy and fellow team mate Eric Reid has his way because he won’t be playing when Kapernick is starting. Sure might not help the team win but Eric will be happy, and that is what the NFL is for Eric Reid him being happy.

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