Report: Patriots have “kicked the tires” on Antonio Brown

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Antonio Brown played only one game for the Patriots, catching four passes for 56 yards and a touchdown.

Owner Robert Kraft reportedly made the decision to cut Brown on Sept. 20, and Tom Brady disagreed.

Brown had his interview with the NFL last Thursday in South Florida and PFT reported earlier this week that there is optimism in Brown’s camp that the league will clear him to return before the end of the season.

“Staying ready, excited to get back to the field and inspire others!” Brown wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

So who would have interest in Brown if the threat of placement on the Commissioner’s Exempt list disappears?

How about a reunion with the Patriots?

Former Patriots tight end Christian Fauria, who now works for WEEI, says the Patriots have “kicked the tires” on Brown with internal discussions about the Pro Bowler.

The Patriots currently are banged up at receiver. Phillip Dorsett has a concussion and Mohamed Sanu an ankle injury.

This week, Brown posted an apology on social media to the Patriots and Kraft.

“I didn’t put too much thought into it, but yeah, it’s his choice and good for him,” Brady said Wednesday when asked about Brown’s apology.

85 responses to “Report: Patriots have “kicked the tires” on Antonio Brown

  1. This…..would take the cake. Pats bring him back Monday, league imposes 4 game suspension, Brown gets to play in the playoffs.

    Gronk will probably be showing up Monday as well.

  2. Uh-OH!!! Brady throws a tantrum and gets his toy back. Except it is a dinged up toy with a lot of baggage…

  3. I listened to Christian say this on the radio. he was laughing as he said it and was clearly just speculating. but that qualifies as news in ‘click’ 2019 ‘click click’

  4. Pats fans loved him when he became a Patriot, then razzed him after the team cut him.
    Watch love bloom again if he comes back.

  5. Well Duhhh. This is the worst kept secret that the Patriots want Brown back. My guess is whenever Brown gets re-instated the Pats will scoop him up probably for the playoff run then let him walk in the offseason so they don’t have to deal with his garbage.

  6. Reeks of desperation by NE. Would be unprecedented to cut a guy in season for being a complete POS, and to bring him back end of year. Brady throwing heart emojis on AB’s feed. Effing weird. I get it – at the end of the day your job is to win. But you NE fans need to stop acting as if your team is virtuous and above reproach. No different, and not any more principled than anyone else

  7. Good , bring him back

    And watch all the FRAUDS on PFT lose there minds.

    Yes you’re a FRAUD

    If the team you root for picked him up you would be cheering every time he caught a pass and scored a TD for your team.

    If you say otherwise you’re not being honest

  8. BIG Pats fan here and I HOPE we don’t take that clown back. No matter how great he is as a player he’s a horrible human being and does not belong on anyone’s football field…. Another Super Bowl win is not worth the baggage this guy would bring to get it. Don’t do it!!!

  9. Yeah if those allegations are true, how do you explain Brady couldn’t stop Robert Kraft from releasing Brown, in the first place, if Brady runs the franchise or he threw a tantrum? Your allegations gentlemen does not hold water. It’s just the same old sour grapes, throwing flattened footballs against the goal post and hoping they stick. Come on, please?

  10. johnnycantread says:
    November 21, 2019 at 3:51 pm
    Pats fans loved him when he became a Patriot, then razzed him after the team cut him.
    Watch love bloom again if he comes back

    Great so you’re saying they are pretty much like EVERY other fan base.

    Good job

  11. Of course they are. Belichick, Brady, and Brown all wanted this before and presumably still want it now. From a purely football standpoint, it’s their best chance to win it all.

    Of course we all know it’s a disaster waiting to explode at any moment, but since the Pats seem intent on scrapping every other promising receiver they land, there’s a huge Brown-sized gap just sitting there, too big to ignore.

    For that reason alone, I bet John Harbaugh is seriously considering it…

  12. What Brady wants, Brady gets. He lies when he says “I don’t make those decisions”…Well, you may not MAKE them Tom, but you certainly share your opinion, knowing BB has no choice but to value it. It’s only been going on since he dealt for Moss and Welker in early 2007.

    This means, when you’re gameplanning with Joshy McD right now for the game, you both ARE responsbile for what goes down, too. It’s your show, Tommy. Has been since Weis left.

    Let’s see what ya got Sunday night, Tom. Let’s see you target Meyers or Harry on a 1st read in single man. Let’s see it. It’ll be ok.


  13. Wow, those college classes must really be paying off. If you read his tweets before he started classes and his tweets now, it’s almost like two completely different people.

  14. Football wise, they’d be smart to bring him back. That offense is offensive to my eyes.

  15. Cut Newhouse. Ain’t nobody picking that guy up.

    But seriously Pats – I thought Brown being on the team was a bad dream… No? Well I’d rather have Newhouse regardless

  16. And…the Super Bowl is back on.

    (Quite a few of the balls you’ve been throwing Brady, are un-catchable for even the most experienced, talented receivers)

  17. I believe it, they are paying him anyway. Might as well use him. He apologized. The guy is a jack wagon in a league filled with them. No criminal allegations pending. Sign him up.

  18. He’s the best available option if he can stop the social media bs and stay off the radar for the rest of the season let’s do it !

  19. Despite all of their talk about their “historic defense” and having the GOAT QB and the GOAT HC, Pats fans know they cannot repeat without a go to WR. Assuming he isn’t put on the exempt list AB will be a Patriot faster than you can say “As long as we win we don’t care who’s on our team”

  20. Considering the Eagles’ desperate situation at the wide receiver position, I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t be interested in Brown. Yet I haven’t heard a peep about it from them.

  21. I’d say that this will never happen… BUT… the Patriots still have one roster spot open,(ALBEIT on Practice Squad), and kept open longer than they normally do. Stranger things have happened.

  22. dickshotdogs says:
    November 21, 2019 at 4:06 pm
    “Typical, no morals. Selling “there” souls to the devil.” smh

    Again another comment about “morales “
    In professional sports.


  23. I thought the Pats already kicked the tires and purchased the car. It drove really well on that one Sunday but seemed to have been a dud the rest of the week so they and returned it while demanding all their money back.

  24. @tylawspick6 – you know, for a Patriots fan (which I assume you are, even though some of your posts make it hard to decide), you do seem to have an unhealthy disdain for Tom Brady.

    Who would you rather have as quarterback for the Patriots?

  25. Spygate- Coward Goodell should have suspended Billy B…tarnished legacy…

    Tuck Rule – Walt Coleman/Belichick: The fix was in…the fix was in….

  26. Please do. I wish the Pats would have just benched him while the legal stuff was going on rather than be quick to release him, but I know AB didn’t do himself any favors with those lasts txts, if only the dude could just shut up and play he’d probably have like 8 TDs and 1000 yds by now.

    Please do resign him, let him serve his few game suspension, have him for playoffs, he’s needed, we already know Brady and BB like him and want him. And funny how all that lawsuit stuff dies down after he got released, like it’s not that important now lol, was clearly a money grab. Let the man play!

  27. “Staying ready, excited to get back to the field and inspire others!”

    Inspire others?!?!

  28. Is tlpk6 really telling Brady how to play QB and McDanials how to form a gameplan? Or is somebody just joking around?

  29. I’d like to see this happen just so I can watch Pats fans contort themselves yet again to support the move…

    1 “AB is available, but we want nothing to do with that cancer”
    2 “AB signs with the Patriots! BB is a wizard”
    3 “Good riddance AB. Next man up!”
    4 “AB re-signs with the Patriots. BB is a wizard!”

  30. Would be hilarious if they signed him, the commissioner immediately puts him on the exempt list, then the Patriots cut him again.

  31. Honestly, we deserve to see Brady & AB happen, we just got a small tease, but imagine the season they could have been having. We can still have a great postseason to watch, it’s just better for the game.

    I mean they can see all that legal heat has died down on AB, it’s just the NFL keeping him out at this point, nothing materialized from those money-grab lawsuits. I say they do it, they need him. Brady & BB want him. I wanna see a better equipped Pats offense playing the Ravens, Chiefs, etc.

    Sign him, you’re probably gonna be paying him anyway, have him help you win at least. Just make sure he has written financial clauses related to him on social media, hopefully he isn’t dumb enough to mess this chance up.

  32. footballismybusiness says:
    November 21, 2019 at 4:42 pm
    I’d like to see this happen just so I can watch Pats fans contort themselves yet again to support the move…

    1 “AB is available, but we want nothing to do with that cancer”
    2 “AB signs with the Patriots! BB is a wizard”
    3 “Good riddance AB. Next man up!”
    4 “AB re-signs with the Patriots. BB is a wizard!”

    One more time for the slow ones…

    How is that any different than any other fan base?

    Oh , it’s not.

    Okay thanks

  33. Neither Brown or Gronk will be on the Pats squad this year.
    This is just some bs hearsay for the haters to post about on message boards like this. Same with blurbs that say a majority of Pats fans want him back. That’s total sheep dip. Most of Pats Nation does NOT want him back and realized Gronk was done a long time ago.

  34. Guys like T.O, Colin , and Antonio all belong on the same boat.
    Their careers ended prematurely because they are pure distractions.
    I don’t blame the NFL one bit.
    Guys like Jerry Rice, Michael Strahan deserved to be praised. They were the gold standard on what it means to be a teammate.

  35. People here are clueless. Brown is returning to the Patriots on December 13th. Mark it on your calendars right now.

  36. What the Patriots need is a wide receiver who gets separation. AB just happens to be the best one of those available and they are already on the hook for his bonus.

  37. I never thought they should cut him in the first place. Cost them 16-0. We don’t know he did anything wrong except get into a spat with a former lover and associate.

  38. Go with what you got. I’m getting a little tired of hearing how hard it is to be a New England receiver. Start using the guys you’ve been training with all damn year.

  39. More than likely it was the other way around. The Commissioner’s office told the Pats they won’t put him on the Exempt list if they want him as WR. I am only half joking too.

  40. I don’t think any team in past or future history is or will be more hated than the current Patriots.

    So, if I’m them, it’s sort of a “why not” thing…

  41. This guy has an apparent serious mental health problem. We should be reading stories about how his family and friends are trying to get him help.

  42. If he gets 4-6 game suspension, don’t be surprised if the Pats snap him BACK up. He’ll have a chat with Kraft, BB and they’ll say, “Get back to work.” All this whining about “baggage”, head case. LOL – the name of the game is to win!
    If your team was in 4 of the last 5 super bowls and won 3, you wouldn’t question anything they did either.

  43. I once put my hand in a pot of boiling water. It scalded me pretty badly and hurt like hell, but eventually I healed up ok. So i’m thinking of putting it back in there again.

  44. “But you NE fans need to stop acting as if your team is virtuous and above reproach. No different, and not any more principled than anyone else”

    I don’t pretend the Pats are virtuous. I wear the black hat proud. Been kicking butt for almost 20 years now. Run up scores, crush dreams, lift Lombardis. How’s your team doing?

  45. FoozieGrooler says:
    November 21, 2019 at 6:18 pm
    There’s no honor or integrity on this team.

    After all the victory there is not much room for anything else. Thats why they look to you for those things.

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