Ron Rivera doesn’t accept mediocrity either

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When Panthers owner David Tepper talked to reporters earlier this week, he wouldn’t discuss the future of coach Ron Rivera and General Manager Marty Hurney, but he did say he wouldn’t accept long-term mediocrity from the $2.275 billion toy he bought last year.

That message wasn’t lost on Rivera.

The Panthers coach said he too, did not accept mediocrity from his 5-5 team.

That’s to be expected,” Rivera said, via Alaina Getzenberg of the Charlotte Observer. “That’s what it’s about. This game is about winning, this game isn’t about anything else other than winning. This is my 33rd year, I get it. When I hear (Tepper) talk about it and say the things that he should say so that our fans understand that, hey, I don’t accept it either. And that’s something that everybody has to understand. We don’t accept it.”

The Panthers have plateaued after an early bounce this year, but Rivera has generally had more success with his teams late in seasons.

He’s the winningest coach in franchise history, with a 76-61-1 record. Of course, if you set aside his 2015 Super Bowl season, he’s 61-60-1. But you can no easier set aside that 15-1 season than you can his two coach of the year honors, or the fact that he’s playing without his MVP quarterback this year, and backup Kyle Allen‘s experiencing the struggles you’d expect from a former undrafted rookie.

Whether that one big mitigating factor is enough to buy Rivera more time remains to be seen.

8 responses to “Ron Rivera doesn’t accept mediocrity either

  1. The curse of Dave Gettleman. He left this team in horrible shape, leaving Hurney & Rivera to rebuild on the fly. This team shows how important Cam Newton is and highlights that how Cam goes, so goes the Panthers.

    Tepper is no dummy. Rivera is one of the best coaches in the NFL and it would be a mistake to fire him under these circumstances.

  2. The fact that Rivera is the winningest coach in franchise history speaks to the ineptitude of earlier ownership and the terrible record of hiring coaches by this franchise.

  3. This is where Marty takes blame.. Nothing was done off season to bring in a veteran QB as backup or at least one that has shown ability around the league. So they brought Kyle back which raised eyebrows and declared he’s the back up. Cam goes down and here we are.
    And not much success at the OL! Why has the OL continued to plague this team year after year after year? Got yourself a banged up former MVP QB as a result and still this season we’re complaining about the woes at the OL position yet again. Another area Marty is gonna be “flagged” on and Rivera/Turner as well!

  4. Rivera may not be the flavor-of-the-week offensive wunderkind, but he is a solid, if not spectacular, head coach in this league. He’s routinely put a stellar defense on the field, he’s never come close to losing the locker room, and he’s tactfully managed some big personalities (Steve Smith, Josh Norman, Cam Newton). I’m not sure the Panthers would have had the same success over the past near-decade with any other head coach (not named Belichick). I say all of this to give Rivera his due. Big changes may be on the horizon, from the top down, for the Panthers, and only time will tell if they’ll prove for the better, but please show some respect for what Rivera has accomplished and contributed to this great franchise.

  5. Mediocre is what Carolina is with Rivera, and Scam as QB. Without they miracle funk season of 15-1. Carolina has a W-L record with Scam of W–L 56-55. That is what is consider mediocre. Rivera did the best thing possible. When he made the decision to start the young Allen.At least Allen is a NFL caliper QB. And not a Running Back like Scam trying to play QB. Scam, has never been able to read NFL style defense.Never been able to move though progression on his pass.Never been an accurate rate passer.Always had Happy feet. Carolina, should be on the phone EVERY day trying to RID of Scam.Trade him, cut him . what ever it take to drop his Extremely over PAID SALARY.

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