Ryan Tannehill confident Titans “will find a way to win” when in close games

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The Titans have won three of the four games that Ryan Tannehill has started at quarterback this season and none of the three wins have been by more than four points.

Two of those wins have seen the Titans go ahead for good on fourth quarter touchdowns and those experiences have left Tannehill feeling like the team can’t ever be counted out as long as they’re close as time is running out.

“I’d hope that there is a confidence level with me in there,” Tannehill said, via the team’s website. “I know my confidence level in the guys around me is huge. Like I said, there’s a level of confidence there that no matter where we’re at, as long as we’re in striking distance at the end of the game, that we’re going to find a way to win.”

The striking distance part of the equation is a significant one and it was something the Titans failed to do in their first meeting with the Jaguars. They were down 14 points in the first quarter and they piled up nine sacks as the Titans tried to throw their way back into the game.

Tannehill has done better than Marcus Mariota, but that kind of predicament would not do him any favors so a fast start will be essential for the Titans this time.

8 responses to “Ryan Tannehill confident Titans “will find a way to win” when in close games

  1. I am pleasantly surprised with Tannehill’s progress this year. He has stepped up his game and appears to be more comfortable in the pocket. It will be interesting to see if he can continue to improve and keep winning.

  2. Hopefully the Titans give Tannehill a big contract and he can revert to a pumpkin and saddle them for a few years as he did to the Dolphins.

    Tannehill can then have made more money than Sam Bradford and be equally as “productive”.

  3. Coaching makes a huge difference in this league. Vrabel has resurrected Tannehill career.

  4. Either he has gotten better since his Miami days, or the coaching staff have more confidence in him that he has had before.

    Either way, glad to see him do well, seems like a nice guy, you gotta wonder though, what now for Mariota?

  5. In 7 Seasons with the Dolphins he could never win close games, now he’s got the confidence he can do it after being successful against 2 terrible defenses?

    It’s interesting that Tannehill has more fourth quarter comebacks (17) in his career than Troy Aikman, Terry Bradshaw, and a host of others, particularly given how bad the Miami teams were. He is actually relatively high on the list. Of course, in today’s NFL bad teams are often in close games, but it still says something as to his overall makeup.

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