Coach: Eddy Pineiro doesn’t have “snakes in his head”

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Bears kicker Eddy Pineiro is in the middle of a slump, but at least he doesn’t need an exterminator.

Via Jason Lieser of the Chicago Sun-Times, Bears special teams coach Chris Tabor said he’s been encouraged by what he’s seen from his kicker, who has missed five kicks in the last four games.

“He’s a confident kid,” Tabor said. “And I don’t see any bugs in there or snakes in his head that I’m worried about.”

Pineiro missed a pair of field goals in last week’s loss to the Rams, and watched his team go for a fourth-and-9 rather than letting him try another. He’s 12-of-17 for the season.

But Tabor said Pineiro was 21-of-23 on field goals this week in a workout at Soldier Field, as the coaching staff continues to try to buck him up. As it pertains to the Rams game, Tabor said Pineiro was trying to do too much on his first miss, and “overcompensated” on the second.

“First one, he’s just trying to swing too hard,” Tabor said. “Classic example of a cold-weather kicker going to a warm place and you kinda get mesmerized with, ‘I’m gonna have a big night. Conditions are perfect.’”

Pineiro played grew up in South Florida and played at the University of Florida, and unless things change soon, he might not hang around Chicago long enough to be accurately described as a “cold-weather kicker.”

17 responses to “Coach: Eddy Pineiro doesn’t have “snakes in his head”

  1. If he does have bugs and snakes in his head, he should only be partly worried.
    The snakes will eat the bugs, but he’ll have to get a mongoose in his head to get rid of the snakes.

  2. He doesn’t have or hear snakes but he hears the Ghost of Windy City “ boing doink “… 👻

  3. Nagy has spent so much time worrying about the Kicker that he forgot how to coach an offense that can score more than 1 touchdown per game. Oh, and the Kicker is still bad, too.

  4. Top 10 best PR plans ever:

    #1: Deny something is happening in a colorful and quotable way that will ensure the idea is repeated ad nauseum, reinforcing the negative.

  5. Eddy and Trubisky both have that strange look in their eyes like they dont know what a football is. Confusion reigns.
    Wonder if its the coach? I agree wtih some football analyst that Trub is done. He just doesnt cut it as a QB. This level of football is too much for him.

  6. Omg, they’re still going on with the kicker thing. Nagy has drawn way too much scrutiny to this situation. It’s hard to imagine any kicker performing well in these conditions.

    Fwiw, Parkey made 76% of his field goals last year and Piniero’s at 70 right now.

  7. This Chris Tabor guy sounds like a true genius. I’m thinking psychology must be his strong suit, huh?

  8. Eddie obviously needs to pray harder because, according to him, that’s what won the Denver game. Not his talent, not the lousy officiating (both ways), just his belief in an imaginary being, which gets all the credit………unless things don’t go well.

  9. Snakes,ghosts,black cats…something is wrong with the guy’s confidence. They should do what the Patriots did and call some kickers in for a work out. That could scare him out of his funk. I hear that Nugent’s available.

  10. I really don’t think the Bears are all that bad, but isn’t the kicker about the 4th thing down on the list of Bears’ worries?

  11. Because this season has been such a disappointment, the kicker problem has been moved to the back burner. It is aggravating that they still don’t have this resolved. But the real “double doink” that needs to be addressed is Pace and Nagy.

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