Cowboys don’t think Leighton Vander Esch’s neck injury is career threatening

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The Cowboys will play without linebacker Leighton Vander Esch this week and they’re not sure when he’ll be back in action, but head coach Jason Garrett made it clear on Friday that they do expect him to return to action.

Vander Esch missed a game with neck issues earlier this season and there was word that some teams had concerns about his neck heading into the 2018 draft, but they didn’t stop the Cowboys from taking him in the first round and Garrett said this week’s problems aren’t thought to put Vander Esch at risk of an early retirement.

“We don’t think it’s career threatening,” Garrett said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “We think at some point he will be back. We think it needs to calm down. Want to give it time to do that. Hopefully, we can get him back real soon.”

The sooner the Cowboys have a healthy Vander Esch in the lineup the better, but the nature of his injury and the fact that he’s dealt with it multiple times this season suggest that it may not be a one-week absence.

11 responses to “Cowboys don’t think Leighton Vander Esch’s neck injury is career threatening

  1. Very good linebacker. He plays agressive and reckless. I was hoping my Ravens would draft him when he played in Boise State. I honestly did not think he would go in the 1st round.
    But he showed that he is a 1st rd pick talent. Kudos to the Cowboys scouts. One-Two punch with Jaylon Smith makes it one of the best if not THE Best linebacker duo in the NFL right now. Best wishes for a quick and complete recovery Leighton from a Ravens fan!!

  2. Hopefully he’ll heal up quick. I tweaked my neck playing football about 20 years ago and it still acts up from the smallest, simplest movements. Then again, I don’t have top notch drs monitoring me. Hope hes alright.

  3. As an Eagles fan, I certainly hope it is not a career ending injury. He had a phenomenal season last year. His absence certainly diminishes Cowboys defense.

  4. Neck injuries like this are usually nerve related, if that is the case then there are multiple opinions on how to treat it. More than likely he needed to be shut down for a longer period of time than one game when it flared up earlier this season. Even if this isn’t career threatening, which the fact that Garrett addressed it seems to indicate it could be, this will be a re-occurring issue for an extremely talented young man. It is a shame and I think most fans (even us who cheer for the Eagles) can sympathize and wish him the best.

  5. That explains the Bryan Cox neck protector. I always enjoy when those Idaho Wyoming North Dakota Nebraska Montana kids make it to the show.
    It’s got a real Roy Hobbs feel because, let me tell you, rural America is a far cry from the NFL.

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