Failure to disclose lawsuit is a factor in Patriots not wanting Antonio Brown back

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Receiver Antonio Brown soon may receive a green light to return to the league. In New England, the light will remain red.

Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston explained on Friday’s PFT Live that the Patriots don’t want to bring Brown back in part because of the failure of Brown and his agent to disclose a looming sexual assault lawsuit before the Patriots signed Brown in September.

“It has more to do with the fact that, when he signed initially with the Patriots, they went through the exercise of, ‘OK, is anything gonna bubble up here? We gonna have an issue with anything?'” Curran said. “And they were told ‘no,’ mainly because Drew Rosenhaus was under the feeling, I think, that they had it under control. The Britney Taylor situation was not going to explode on them, yet it did.”

The Taylor lawsuit was filed on September 10. Brown’s answer and counterclaim suggests that he was aware of potential legal entanglements with Taylor as early as March.

“The Patriots view that as not necessarily disqualifying for Drew Rosenhaus going foward,” Curran said. “He was trying to do what was best, and he thought he had it under control, but he didn’t. And that’s what’s going to possibly happen with Antonio Brown. The Patriots don’t want that grenade to go off in their hand twice.”

Others in the organization may feel differently. The football people have one approach; ownership may feel otherwise. And it’s ownership that ultimately decides this one, even if not re-embracing Brown means he will end up with a team the Patriots may face in the postseason.

31 responses to “Failure to disclose lawsuit is a factor in Patriots not wanting Antonio Brown back

  1. The only reason Rosenhaus is getting a free pass is that he is also Gronk’s agent. They negotiated guaranteed money for a reason. AB’s response proves intent. It would be a $9M fraud outside the NFL.

  2. Drew Rosenhaus has compromised his credibility with not only the Patriots but also with the NFL as a whole. He knew about the potential Brown lawsuit and said nothing; he intentionally misled the Patriots. Any NFL team that trusts Rosenhaus’ assurances or word does so at their own risk (which is obviously considerable). Brown may count Rosenhaus’ credibility as another victim of his antics. Rosenhaus will forever be viewed as a liar if it benefits his player (and Rosenhaus’ pocketbook) after the Brown episode. It seems incredible that an experienced agent like Rosenhaus engaged in a coverup that will inevitable taint his relationship with all NFL teams, yet that is apparently what happened! I though Rosenhaus had been ethical from TO doing pushups in his driveway to Brown’s helmet soap opera; no more. Rosenhaus’ ethics are the same as an ambulance chasing lawyer – right and wrong don’t matter – only winning matters.

  3. Terrible that Browns people didn’t tell the truth. Who will trust Rosenhaus after trying to pull a fast one. Then again Brown is different class and could make the right team a contender. But the Patriots are spot on. I was surprised they went after Brown in the first place as I thought they are the only team that passes on elite players if that player carries a hazard warning.

  4. It’s funny how they didn’t cut him when they did learn of the lawsuit then. He was only cut after he sent those texts. Had he not sent those texts he would have still been on the team….at least until he did something dumb enough to get himself cut which probably would have been just one more day.

  5. Why risk getting burned (or soiled) twice? The guy’s as toxic a turd as you could ossibly find.

  6. Brown needs mental health/counseling of some sort. He needs to learn not to tweet at all, but at least he needs to learn the proper coping tools. Hell I would be unemployable also if I said what I wanted to the instant it pops into my head. But I’m afraid with his ego he may be a lost cause. Shame, dude had it all right in his grasp.

  7. Please make him go away…an embarrassment with three teams in one calendar year..and himself…and blames everything on others…please please go away….

  8. don’t be idiots
    clear the slate and try again
    like super g once said after a superbowl loss.. tom cant throw the football and then catch it.

  9. my marriage almost failed in the first year. We hashed things out for the good of the team. 26 years latter she is still the best receiver I have, but I must say she has lost a step.

  10. Was the 2nd grenade the owners situation in Florida? Or is that a different grenade? I am losing track of the number of grenades going off in Boston for the last 18 years.

  11. If the Patriots where so concerned about potentialnon disclosed issues bubbling up they should have put that language in the contract. Blame Brown and his agent all you want but all I know is when the tables are turned and a player is complaining about a team not doing something he thought they had agreed to the first question that’s asked is was it in the contract?

  12. Watch as all the Pats fans who are currently taking shots at AB do an immediate about face if/when he re-signs with the team.

  13. I hold Rosenhaus responsible. The correct response was – we have this situation but it is under control. In my mind, he withheld information. The the situation was reversed, would he want to know?

  14. He is a talented player, but this isn’t Madden. If he could walk the line, I’d be ok with him back, but I just don’t think he can. I don’t have a lot of faith in him at this point. He has been so toxic.

  15. If a condition of his signing was that he had to delete all his social media and not send any texts he would still be on the Pats. Unfortunately, they gave this mentally unstable person the tools to demonstrate his mental instability.

  16. The poster up there is right, Ravens should sign him. It would piss off Belichick and give them a good shot at winning in Foxboro in the postseason. I hope they don’t.

  17. If the Patriots and Bill Belichick refuse to rehire Antonio Brown then another Super Bowl contender will sign AB. Antonio Brown can cause any defense issues and I would expect the Ravens or Chiefs to offer a major block for the NE Patriots winning the AFC again. Belichick has taken larger risks than Antonio Brown and I’m not sure the Patriots are done with Antonio unless Belichick himself states now way. Sources can be credible but if the best coach in the NFL states, ‘Bring Antonio back’ It could very well happen.

  18. I don’t get the point of this article – if AB fires Rosenhaus then the Patriots will re-sign him? Why are they blaming AB for Rosenhaus’ decision to not mention the lawsuit?

  19. When did the Patriots suddenly discover the moral high ground? Look at Belicheat, Brady, and even Kraft.

  20. AB is never responsible for anything. Even disclosure of the potential lawsuit he blames on the confidentiality agreement. Rosenhaus makes it worse by not letting him learn otherwise.

  21. deneb1973 says:
    November 22, 2019 at 9:46 pm
    Drew Rosenhaus has compromised his credibility with not only the Patriots but also with the NFL as a whole.
    I disagree. He never had any credibility.

  22. 6thsense10 says:
    November 23, 2019 at 9:19 am
    If the Patriots where so concerned about potentialnon disclosed issues bubbling up they should have put that language in the contract.
    Umm because it’s standard language in all contracts.

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