Hue Jackson thinks NFL personnel people had real interest in Kaepernick

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The coach who was slated to run Colin Kaepernick’s workout at the Falcons’ facility believes personnel people in attendance were genuinely interested in seeing what Kaepernick could do.

“There’s no question in my mind that that was the case, that the people who were there were there for that reason, that they were going to do everything they could to create the right environment for him to show his best,” former Browns and Raiders coach Hue Jackson said today on ESPN.

After Kaepernick decided to conduct his own workout at an Atlanta-area high school, Jackson did not attend. He said he didn’t even find out it was moving until 10 minutes before the workout had originally been scheduled to start, at 3 p.m.

“About 2:50 for me I knew for sure it wasn’t happening,” Jackson said.

Jackson said that he had been in contact with Kaepernick’s agent — though not Kaepernick himself — and had no indication that the workout might get called off. Jackson, who told Kaepernick before the 2011 NFL draft that there was a good chance Jackson’s Raiders would draft him, said he still thinks highly of Kaepernick and would like to see him get a workout with an NFL team.

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  1. Hue Jackson seems slightly delusional and at a minimum out of touch with reality judging from his comments when he was a head coach. It seems strangely fitting that Jackson was the one to oversee this workout. I tend to think even he couldn’t mess up something like a workout but I guess he didn’t get the chance.

  2. Of course they do! These people are always looking for talent. They want to win.

    Antonio Brown gets hired. All the other guys who kneeled got hired. If you can just play well and not be a liability to a team, and will work for what they offer you, you’ll get hired.

    I think if Kaepernick was willing to just put his nose to the grindstone, take the backup role that’s offered to him, and not try to be the focus of attention, he’d be working too.

    The problem as I see it is he can’t seem to separate his icon-self from his employee-self. He’s got the cache to be able to just play football and then do all the social/celebrity/media work outside of it, but he chooses not to. He can’t resist making every moment about the issues, and constantly attacking the league.

    His actions seem to indicate he can’t accept being less than a star, and high-paid starter, in order to re-enter the league. That simply isn’t engaging with reality.

  3. Could have had a decent career as a back up QB but instead he decided to turn himself into a marketing nightmare. Everything that happened to CK’s football was entirely of his own doing. AB is a butt head but is also a HOF caliber WR. He will get a job soon. But if you are an average player (at best) you can’t create grief for your employer by alienating a large segment of the fan base because you can easily be replaced. Time to dust off that college degree.

  4. Pretty amazing that Kaepernick is not & has not been good enough to play over the past 3 years. Viewing what passes as QBs now, I think we all know that’s not true. This entire thing was blown up by President Trump. He frightened the NFL, they submitted and now realize what a mess he created. Trump will be long gone and the NFL hopes to be around forever.

    Now, like in every aspect of life, we have & the Nfl have to figure out we to do when he’s gone. It’s time to heal, when he still wants us to be more like him. Sane people know there’s no future in that.

    Time for team owners to decide what they wanna do. Ride with Trump or enjoy their long & prosperous future. The NFL should come clean, admit their mistakes from start to now and make amends for what they participated in. Maybe start with an apology. Never a wrong time to do the right thing.

  5. I can’t see hiring an employee who is as litigious as CK. A potential employee would have to be extremely talented for me to take such as risk. What happens when CK gets cut? As his employer, I would think you would be the first entity targeted by him with litigation if he felt it was unfair (and clearly that is his mentality).

  6. I think Hue Jackson might be slightly more coherent than he was as Browns coach–he was aware 10 min before that the workout changed.

    AS a browns coach, he would have been worried about something from the 1st half, after the game was over 2 weeks later.

  7. Was Kap good enough to be at the very least a backup for part of the time he’s been out of the league? Yes.

    Would it have been worth it, considering the distraction? No

  8. What team would be stupid enough to pay him a couple million to play and lose 25 million if he does. Playing in the NFL is a privilege, no one has a right to play in the league.

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