Jon Gruden: Quinnen Williams the reason why Jets have No. 1 rush defense

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The Jets made defensive tackle Quinnen Williams the third overall pick of this year’s draft in hopes that he’d improve the defense by acting as a playmaker on their defensive front.

A look at Williams’s numbers might call into question his playmaking ability. He has 1.5 sacks and two tackles for loss so far this season, but this weekend’s opponent sees where Williams has improved the Jets defense.

Williams draws double-teams often and Raiders head coach Jon Gruden believes the attention paid to him has helped the Jets become the top-ranked run defense in the league.

“They’re the No. 1 rushing defense in football and he’s the reason why,” Gruden said, via Newsday. “He’s healthy and moving around much better than he did earlier in the season. There’s a lot of stuff you got to learn in your first year in the NFL, especially when you play for Gregg Williams. It looks like he’s playing with a lot more confidence, energy. He’s a force in there. It’ll be a challenge for us.”

The Jets have been far less successful stopping the pass, which may also explain why the team isn’t yielding much on the ground but Gruden’s comments suggest either answer will still result in a lot of attention being paid to Williams come Sunday.

12 responses to “Jon Gruden: Quinnen Williams the reason why Jets have No. 1 rush defense

  1. The Raiduhs barely got by the lowly Bengals…..The Jets are better than what their record may indicate and will beat down the Raiduhs on Sunday….30-17

  2. Jon Gruden should think of using 2 seperate game planes. I dont know if I would force my will on the Jets right away. But use alot of TE screens, sideline passes, and third window drags. The Jets like bunch in the middle,which allows Adams to blitiz and spy from outside.
    Trickery usually can work against hard charging defense such as the flee flicker may be a good choice. The Jets record does not show who they are now. It should be a good game.

  3. Jets got rid of the Williams that I know wants to play in a silver and black uniform. The question is do the Giants tag him to prevent him from doing just that.

    Go Raiders!!! Beat the Refs!!!

  4. Carr had decent numbers against the lowly Bengals.

    Joe Mixon ain’t Le’veon. Ryan Finley ain’t Sam Darnold. Look for the Raiders to lose this one.

  5. The Raiders keep getting better and better every day. This has been going on ever since Gruden came back. Mark Davis looking like a genius for paying Gruden $100 million for ten years. Looking like more of a bargain every day.

  6. He hasn’t been great, but he has not been bad either. He has only been healthy for a few games now and has flashed some play making ability and the burst that had NFL scouts salivating over him. I would have still preferred Josh Allen(or even more so trading back to fill more holes) but he looks legit.

  7. They have the best run defence on a per carry basis and despite the weaknesses against the pass have still faced a league average number of carries.

  8. It’s true that the Jets are an underperforming inept team coached by a guy that doesn’t have the greatest track record. It’s true the Raiders are a well coached team with an amazing rookie class with a great GM and a bright future. It’s true this is the NFL and both teams will show up to win the game… anything can happen….but go Raiders….I believe in Salt & Peppa and third & Renfrow and OROY Jash Jacobs.

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