Nike omits team name from Washington “Salute to Service” gear


The 2019 “Salute to Service” hoodies have appeared this month, with 32 versions bearing NFL team names and logos.

Well, 31.

According to the Washingtonian, via Sports Business Daily, the Washington version of the item omits the name of the team. “Washington Football” appears in its place.

“This would be a question for Nike,” Washington spokesperson Sean DeBarbieri told the Washingtonian. “They issue all of the NFL team gear.”

Nike had not responded to a request from the Washingtonian regarding the issue.

The team’s name is a dictionary-defined slur. Many defend the label, arguing that it is not intended to offend Native Americans. Some suggest the term actually honors Native Americans.

Some Native Americans find the term offensive. Native American advocacy groups have been fighting against the term for years, but the efforts to force a name change have not gained traction.

47 responses to “Nike omits team name from Washington “Salute to Service” gear

  1. If you want to learn about what has been driving Nike’s behavior of late (Kaepernik, the colony flag last Fourth of July, etc.), read about the Trans-Pacific Partnership and how we are no longer part of it.

  2. I find it rather disgusting that Nike insults the Washington Redskins in this manner when they have been found to in violation of a number of international laws regarding child labor. But then again, just look at some of their “spokesmen” and you can see this is an expected pattern.

  3. I find the salute to service offensive when it’s nothing of the sort. Salute the military industrial complex and

  4. Nike only does this to increase sales. Sometimes they can fool us into thinking that they are true social justice warriors interested in fostering change. But then I’m reminded that they are a publicly traded corporation with shareholders to satisfy. EVERYTHING is done to accrue profit. Including this disingenuous stunt.

    Question Nike, If you were truly against this, why partner with the NFL in the first place?

  5. So what fans are going to buy gear that doesn’t have their team name on it? Seems like a poor marketing strategy on the part of Nike.

  6. Imagine being insulted when your defined-as-offensive mascot name is omitted while at the same time not understanding why people are insulted when that same name is used to describe them.

    billjoseph2014 says:
    November 22, 2019 at 1:47 pm

    I find it rather disgusting that Nike insults the Washington Redskins in this manner when they have been found to in violation of a number of international laws regarding child labor.

  7. There is going to be a huge protest by saints at the last Saints home game. They object to being associated with a brutal sport because it goes against everything that they believe.

  8. Eff it, start fresh. New name, new logo, new stadium, NEW OWNER, new GM, new coaches, new players, new everything. I can’t think of any one part of this team that I’d be heartbroken to see go.

    If a new name meant a new owner, I think 99% of the team’s fans would take that deal.

  9. So they won’t print “Redskins” but they support and pay Colin K.? I can’t stand Nike anymore, 1 of the many reasons I have switched to Under Armour.

  10. I find it rather disgusting that Nike insults the Washington Redskins in this manner


    Washington does not need Nike to insult itself or it’s fan base. They can do that on their own, thank you.

    Why can’t the NFL fire Snow der?

  11. Nike did the same to the Raiders. Their’s say ‘Raider Football’. Nike did not want to offend the Las Vegas fans by putting Oakland on it and Nike would not make as much money if they could not sell it to Las Vegas fans. Nike sucks!

  12. If the Cleveland Indians can drop Chief Wahoo as their mascot, Washington should change their team nickname. It’s offensive.

  13. You know no matter which way they went on this, it would kick the faux outrage machine into high gear. It would be so great if we didn’t all fall right into the trap.

  14. Nike is the king of hypocrites. Let’s punish a team because of a nickname that Native Americans support while paying slave wages for our shoes to be made.

  15. Nike has become a slur against America and white people. I guess that makes them holier than thou.

  16. Washington should change its name to “First Squatters”. Native is false – they did not suddenly grow out of the ground – these people came from somewhere else and claimed land that was not theirs and have the audacity to whine when Europeans did the same. These people aren’t American since they have no allegiance to it.

    First Squatters is the most accurate term available for who these people are.

  17. Thank God H Clinton didn’t get elected… imagine how much more PC and Liberal everything would of been.

  18. As a man of buccaneer heritage. They should only use Tampa Bay as well. We should also stop Packers as some don’t agree with union dues and we have to use Kansas City, Houston, and Dallas as well. Chiefs is offensive, not all people are Texans, and I know a lot of people who find riding horses offensive. By the way New Orleans is a must as I’m not catholic!

  19. Redskins is offensive to Nike, but not pig socks, or their representative supporting the Fidel Castro regime?

  20. I think that Nike hasn’t honored their contract with the NFL by omitting “Redskins” and therefore the contract is null and void.

  21. Has Nike omitted the name from their gear prior to this season? The name will eventually change as part of a new marketing era brought by Dan Snyder or his successor. The name does not add much value once the super bowl era fans are out (literally and key demographically). PC culture is now the common society. A name such as Patriot is liable to be a pejorative, the name Redskin is not going to survive the wave.

    Quick! Drive to your local T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and Ross, and buy up all the discount Skins gear, because with the team in the bottom rung of the league for years no one regardless of faux outrage, is willing to walk around towns, schools or the workplace wearing the burgundy and gold.

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