T.Y. Hilton blames himself for Colts loss

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The fact he was playing at all was a bit of a surprise.

The fact he struggled was shocking.

While Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton returned after a three-game absence from a calf injury, he clearly wasn’t the version of himself the Colts or the Texans were used to seeing.

He had three catches for 18 yards, with no catches in the second half, and blamed himself.

I let the team down,” Hilton said, via Mike Wells of ESPN.com. “Totally on me.”

It was so out of character because he’s generally so good there, averaging 133.5 receiving yards per game in Houston previously.

Hilton played 25 snaps, and had a pair of drops on third downs. Coach Frank Reich said the plan was to play him no more than 30 snaps as he came off the injury.

“I give him credit for wanting to be on the field,” Reich said. “We knew even if we could get him on the field for 20, 30 plays, some of it was just as a decoy so hopefully [the Texans] would roll the coverage to him or do something like that and give us a chance to run it a little bit better. So that was part of the plan.”

Thursday night, the plan didn’t work, and neither did Hilton, at least not the way he’s accustomed to.

5 responses to “T.Y. Hilton blames himself for Colts loss

  1. Indy is now a running team.
    Passing game has not been the same since injuries to QB and top 2 WRs.
    Hilton in too big of a hurry to return, ends up hurting the team and risks reinjuring himself.

    Whatever happened to Dez Bryant?
    He announced a few weeks ago that he was coming back, but nothing’s happened.
    A lot of teams could use him if he’s healthy and he checks his ego at the door.

  2. offensive production was way down for a Colts team. I always thought that good running would open up a passing game but that did not happen.

  3. I’ve always thought of T.Y. Hilton as one of the good guys throughout his career. I don’t have a negative impression at all on this guy. Just a talented receiver.

    First thing I thought of as I read his comments was a memory of a game I played in back when God was a boy. I had spit out my mouth-guard while still on the field, AFTER returning an INT for a TD. Points were already on the board … and I spit it out. Ref tossed a flag negating the play, taking points off of the board. Me and my guys lost an important game 12-7.

    As captain, I apologized to the entire team and coaches took the blame as I thought a man should. “It was me. I knew the rule.” I was feeling like first class dog doo.

    Coach butted in telling me I was being egotistical because if I was taking all of the blame for a loss like that, that I would also be taking all of the credit for the wins too. Made sense … but … I still felt first class dog doo.

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