Tennessee changes pyrotechnic regulations after Titans mishap

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In September the NFL banned the use of pyrotechnics on the field in pregame ceremonies after a fire broke out before a Titans home game. Now the state of Tennessee is taking steps to prevent such a mishap as well.

The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance will require operators of pyrotechnic displays to verify that their devices have been examined by an independent engineer or third-party laboratory for safety.

“It could have been potentially tragic, and we’re really glad that didn’t happen,” said Kevin Walters, spokesman for the Department, in an interview with Tennessee Public Radio. “There was no proper heat barrier, there was no hose protection, there was no shutoff — the list is fairly substantial.”

The risks associated with an explosion in a stadium with tens of thousands of people are obvious, and so it makes sense that the NFL has called a halt to such displays, and that local authorities are stepping in to prevent a similar accident with much worse results.

6 responses to “Tennessee changes pyrotechnic regulations after Titans mishap

  1. I saw a fireworks show indoors once; double cannons, next to a singer in zebra pants. It almost ignited the ceiling of the club. That club was The Station Nightclub in W. Warwick, RI. Almost a year to the day after I saw that show, it burned down because they let another idiot band do the same thing. Don’t set off fireworks inside.

  2. Good.

    Now if the NFL would just do something about that Heidi horn in Minnesota….

  3. Fireworks
    Scares the crap out of animals
    Polluted air & water
    Leaves trash
    Evidently adults can’t have fit without annoying everyone and leaving a mess.

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