Nelson Agholor denies having burner account that rips Carson Wentz

Getty Images

On the same day that former Eagles receiver James Thrash tried to characterize his Twitter feed as a parody account before abruptly deleting it (in fairness, there’s a chance that it truly was a James Thrash parody account that was declared to be a James Thrash parody account on the same day it was deleted), current Eagles receiver Nelson Agholor denied that he has his own burner account.

The Eagles Nation Twitter feed spotted the potential burner, which had tweets supporting Agholor and bashing quarterback Carson Wentz.

In one tweet, the @efam33 account says that Wentz possibly doesn’t throw a better ball than former Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, “making it harder for us to catch.”

Agholor denied that he has a burner account during a session with reporters, but the account also has been deleted. Which tends to undercut the denial.

A fifth-year pro who continued to have issues with drops, Agholor seems to be destined to be done in Philly after the 2019 season.