Cam Jordan on foul against Kyle Allen: “I’m trying to punch the ball out”

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Today’s Panthers-Saints game included a jarring hit by New Orleans defensive end Cameron Jordan on Carolina quarterback Kyle Allen, with Jordan delivering a WWE-style forearm to the head and body the passer. Jordan was flagged, and he likely will be fined.

Jordan explained to PFT by phone after the 34-31 win that he didn’t hear the whistle.

“I’m trying to punch the ball out,” Jordan said.

“I’m going full go until I hear the whistle,” he added, emphasizing that there was nothing “malevolent” in his hit on Allen.

And so I asked him whether he said anything to Allen after the play.

“I called him an actor,” Jordan said, claiming that Allen flopped.

Given the power of the blow that Jordan applied, any acting that Allen may have applied to that situation wasn’t much of a stretch.

The league office likely won’t regard it as much of a stretch, either. A fine likely is coming.