Carson Wentz doesn’t think hand injury affected his play

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Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz had a bad game against the Seahawks on Sunday, but he didn’t blame a right hand injury for his poor play.

Wentz went to the locker room to get his hand x-rayed during the second half of the game, but returned without missing a play and stayed in the 17-9 loss through the final whistle. The x-rays were negative and head coach Doug Pederson said after the game that Wentz will have further tests.

Wentz was 33-of-45 for 256 yards, a touchdown, two interceptions and two lost fumbles. His touchdown came with 20 seconds left to cap a drive that saw him post 80 passing yards, so even those numbers are misleading about how his overall game went. Wentz didn’t use the hand as an excuse for his play, however.

“I don’t think it did,” Wentz said, via “It was something I was just making sure it was good, but that’s by no means an excuse for how we performed.”

Assuming Wentz is well, he’ll try to get back on track against the Dolphins next week but two bad games in a row make it hard to feel much confidence that will happen.

19 responses to “Carson Wentz doesn’t think hand injury affected his play

  1. His performance was bad before the injury and bad after.
    Obviously it was not a factor for his poor performance.

    Most Eagles stepped up today.

    Carson did not.

  2. Carson Wentz is scum he has no heart is never upset after losses 3 out of 4 losing seasons zero playoff wins cant win against teams over 500 never won a big game same team is 11-1 in last 12 games with Foles

  3. If GB loses tonight, the Seahawks are better off in the long run. All else being equal; They play SF again and regardless on tonight’s game, the winner of that one will be Div Winner. In order to secure home field advantage in playoffs, the Seahawks need GB & NO to lose in next few weeks.

    While it will feel great to take the lead in the Division tonight, I’ll feel better for the long term potential with a GB loss.

  4. He was playing just as bad before the injury as after. His footwork was terrible. Will we ever see the Wentz from 2017? He’s gonna need some more WR help but he should be playing a lot better than this regardless.

  5. It’s about that time of year for him to get hurt and have the backup come in for a run to the playoffs.

  6. The NFL’s dumbest player is still clueless. Love the tank job the Philty team is doing. Maybe they could sell their yutz headcoach’s visor to buy Carson Yutz an IQ point.

  7. At some point you have to blame the player. Every team has injuries )some more than others – like us), and while I wish Jackson was healthy, who’s to say Wentz could find him? Will always bleed green but dammit…

  8. Wentz misses way too many open receivers. He also seems to have no situational awareness. That one fumble should have never happened. You’re surrounded by defenders and you sloppily pitch it to your back who is also surrounded? Just tuck it and take the sack for heaven’s sake!

  9. He has become a mediocre quarterback. His bad performance cannot be blamed on his hand injury. He did not play well last year and he is playing bad this year before the hand injury.

  10. it didn’t, this wasn’t on Wentz, more like his lack help on offence, including his receivers having the drops, its been an issue for the majority of the season.

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