Dee Haslam’s pre-game hatwear supports Myles Garrett

Getty Images

Browns defensive end Myles Garrett will serve an indefinite suspension for whacking Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph over the head with his own helmet. The Browns have supported him throughout the ordeal, and Browns co-owner Dee Haslam has opted to show specific support for him prior to Sunday’s game against the Dolphins.

Via Mary Kay Cabot of, Dee Haslam wore while on the field a hat with Garrett’s No. 95 displayed prominently on it, in large orange letters.

It’s a confusing message, given the joint statement issued the day after the incident, from both Dee and Jimmy Haslam: “There is no place for that in football and that is not reflective of the core values we strive for as an organization. . . . [H]is actions last night were completely unacceptable. We understand the consequences from the league for his actions.”

Complicating the situation is the claim from Garrett that Rudolph used a racial slur, Rudolph’s denial, and the league’s position that no evidence (other than Garrett’s version of the events) supports that conclusion. Coupled with the importance of sending a loud and clear message that no player ever should hit another player in the head with a helmet, the league may not be completely thrilled by the public show of support by an owner for a guy who crossed a line that never should be crossed.