Jameis Winston does Jameis Winston things

Getty Images

The Falcons are getting a look at the Full Jameis Winston Experience (TM) today.

The Buccaneers quarterback started the game as he has so often this year, by throwing an interception on his first pass of the game.

That one was his league-high 19th pick of the year.

The Falcons weren’t able to take advantage though, and Winston responded with the kind of thing he can also do, hitting Chris Godwin for a 71-yard touchdown and a 7-3 lead.

Then he threw his league-high 20th interception on his first play. The good news is, he’s only thrown one pass which wasn’t caught by somebody. The Falcons capitalized on that one, reclaiming a 10-7 lead.

Those kind of wild swings make it difficult for teams to make responsible decisions about the future, which the Bucs will have to do this offseason.