Jarvis Landry on beating Dolphins: Didn’t mean extra, but definitely fun

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The Dolphins traded wide receiver Jarvis Landry to the Browns instead of giving him a contract extension in 2018 and Landry showed the Dolphins what they’re missing during Sunday’s game in Cleveland.

Landry had 10 catches for 148 yards and two touchdowns in Cleveland’s 41-24 win. Teammates Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham both said after the game that they knew it meant a lot to Landry to beat his former team, but Landry downplayed that a bit in his own comments.

“It didn’t mean extra, but it was fun,” Landry said, via 92.3 The Fan. “Definitely was fun.”

The Browns have now won three straight games to boost their record to 5-6 ahead of next Sunday’s trip to Pittsburgh. That promises to be an emotional matchup for entirely different reasons than this Sunday’s game.

12 responses to “Jarvis Landry on beating Dolphins: Didn’t mean extra, but definitely fun

  1. I think only a few players remain from his time in Davie. And he ran himself out of Miami with late game antics and a price tag unworkable for a sub .500 team. He should enjoy his time in CLE and not look back, because he sullied himself in his last season in Miami.

  2. Started a brawl and got kicked out of his last game in Miami. Real leadership.
    He’ll never win anything in Cleveland.
    But hey, he got paid.

  3. Beating the Dolphins is not exactly a major achievement – the big news would have been if the Dolphins beat the Browns.

  4. nyyankeehatespoliticos says:
    November 24, 2019 at 9:54 pm
    Beating the Dolphins is not exactly a major achievement – the big news would have been if the Dolphins beat the Browns.
    Landry used to play for the Dolphins and didn’t have the friendliest split with the team. He beat his former team today. That’s the point of this article. Not that it is a major achievement.

  5. Jarvis Landry is like most NFL players today. Loyalties and fan appreciation come in at a very distant last when it comes to comparing their priorities on money filled objectives. I liked the Jarvis selection in that years draft, however, like a lot of spoiled minded players in this catering sporting industry, Jarvis showed an evident ugly side of his personality during those “extension negotiations” as a person with no class and tried so feverishly to manipulate a loyal fan base to do his bidding war for him. A number one wide receiver has athletic attributes which Jarvis does not have any relationship to talent-wise. He is a loud mouth, unappreciative jerk who sought out high payouts over a franchise and the fan base that provided him a lavish lifestyle. Now it’s all about his vindication? Classless like a lot of immature brats that call themselves NFL professional players. Players like Jarvis Landry boast of success yet his team the Cleveland Browns has yet to make a serious statement in regards to SuberBowl contendorship or even post season accomplishments since his addition.What gives these players the right to express revenge or contempt towards a team that provided a player like him an opportunity for a professional career in the NFL? Just because he thinks his value outweighs his abilities does not negate the fact he doesn’t deserve such a tribute. When a franchise does not illegitimately reward a player, that player automatically treats that decision as a form of disrespect. Typical mentality. Typical GREED.

  6. Jarvis is the heart and soul of the browns. He should be paid more than Odell. And the Miami fans complaining. Blame gase all Jarvis did was set the all time catch record for the first 5 years of a career. Gase sent him over the middle and shallow only. Dude has shown he can play on the outside.

  7. Jarvis Landry overratted? HAHAHA

    He is better then Odell who only runs deep routes and is afraid to take those tough catches over the middle, Landry is a hell of a blocking WR and is frankly more dangerous in limited space then OBJ the guy is quicker and knows how to get extra yards over the middle.

  8. I am not here to slam Landry, but he had a record game against the Dolphins. Big Deal! EVERY team that plays the Fins this year gets their personal best. It is part of the result of their rebuild. Have you seen any player repeat the stats the following week? Landry has 4 TD’s and 69 yds per game entering the game. Not exactly worth his contract price tag. I am really surprised at Browns Fans… you of all people should understand the beat downs and not pound your chest. The Browns need to win out for a Wildcard and then they will be one and down. This is a tremendous accomplishment if this happens. However, they will have to make some roster moves over the next 2 years so time is of the essence to get a championship. The Ravens are too strong and also full of young talent. Not going to happen even with an easy schedule because the Bills have an easy schedule too. Sorry, you can’t play the Dolphins every week.

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