Jets thump Raiders 34-3 for third straight win

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The Jets and Raiders both took winning streaks into Sunday’s game at MetLife Stadium, but only the Jets will be taking one into Week 13.

Oakland took a 3-0 lead to open the game, but the Jets scored the next 34 points while shutting the Raiders out the rest of the way for their third straight win. In addition to three wins, it’s also three straight games with 34 points for a Jets team that looks nothing like the one that opened the season with a 1-7 record.

Sam Darnold was 20-of-29 for 315 yards, two passing touchdowns and a rushing touchdown before letting David Fales run out the clock in the fourth quarter. It’s now three strong games in a row for Darnold, who has apparently busted the ghosts that were playing with his head last month.

Le'Veon Bell had 118 yards of offense, Robby Anderson caught a touchdown and the fairly maligned Jets offensive line held the Raiders defense in check throughout the afternoon. All in all, it was the best day of the year for head coach Adam Gase’s offense and Gregg Williams’s defense was sharp as well.

Derek Carr was 15-of-27 for 127 yards and an interception before Jon Gruden pulled him in the third quarter. Josh Jacobs never got going against a good Jets run defense and Gruden’s first challenge win of the year in the first half marked the final happy moment of the afternoon for the Raiders.

They’ll face the Chiefs in Week 13, but it won’t be the battle for first place in the AFC West they were hoping to set up with a win this week. The Jets will try to make it four in a row against the Bengals in Cincinnati.

45 responses to “Jets thump Raiders 34-3 for third straight win

  1. Did the roughing the passer call screw us over big time?, Yes.
    Did we lose the game because of that call?, No.

    Our defense absolutely didnt show up today, imagine making Darnold look like a good QB.
    They played: soft, refused to tackle and looked unprepared.

    Weve been great when it came to drops this year and the 5 in the first half were insane. We shouldve gotten a PI call when those 2 defenders blasted Renfrow 2 seconds before the ball got there.

    Im glad we pulled Carr and Jacobs there at the end of the 3rd. There should be a mercy rule / white flag we can toss so they can just hop on the plane and pretend this game didnt happen, even though we needed this win bad and need a ton of help even if we magically win the Chiefs game..

  2. Hey Joe, Bills win a decisive game and Josh Allen gets AFC player of the week? You yap like your life depends on it. You get destroyed by a team that’s in the convo for first overall pick? Silence. #Fraud.

  3. Not a fan of either team, but I wanted to watch this young talented Raiders team. Unfortunately, they never showed up today. Jets dominated today, but this was more of a Raiders loss than a Jets win.

  4. There are a lot of great young QBs in the league, and Sam Darnold is one of them. He’s just beginning to showcase some of his talent. The AFC East should be exciting to watch going forward.

  5. Love all these fans trying to discredit the jets right now. Yes the raiders didn’t show up and the jets did. But the jets also should have won by 4 more points as well. And last I checked this was a completely healthy raider team that just got embarrassed and destroyed. The game was over in the second quarter. Darnold destroyed ur terrible defense and our defense destroyed your garbage offense.

  6. And what pi call they hit him right as he was about to get it. Keep making excuses ur team sucked today bro go back to wherever ur home is now.

  7. When you get smoked by 30+ points you can’t say, “they didn’t beat us, we beat ourselves”, sorry. If the score was close you could MAYBE say that if you got a lot of penalties. Especially when your roster is healthy. The Jets are hot and if you look at their last few games you could see this coming. Raiders got creamed plain and simple.

  8. What? No comment from “Raiderfan”? No comments about how they “fleeced” the Bears? This team is still such trash! This was the great no show game of the year from a supposed up and coming team going to the playoffs. Get out of here. This team is trash and will be for MANY years to come… hahahahaha

  9. The Raiders should have to reimburse me for the price of my tickets today. I paid to watch a football team, and I should be able to return this for a full refund.

  10. We got are ass kicked in all 3 phases and coaching yes Gase and Williams out coached Gruden gotta learn from this were a young team I wanna see how we bounce back against KC next week…..RN4L

  11. Love the Jets beating the loser Raiders. Carr is a bust. Guess wish you had Josh Allen as the QB!! How are you today Joe? Lose all your passwords? Lose mine you stole? Two games up on this loser team. Just move and lose baby!!!

  12. jets2469 says:
    November 24, 2019 at 4:07 pm
    J e t s jets jets jets darnold is not a bust haters and he is only 22 what’s up
    He may not be a bust but he and the Jets will be watching others play in January, like the Bills….

  13. Gruden didn’t coach up ANYTHING! When Oakland was 4th and 2 missed the FG that was game over. The defense was already gassed and needed an offensive extension not 3 points that was choked anyway. You can’t get 2 yards with your expensive massive offensive line? You did the no favor and paid BIG got the Jets. KC is gonna destroy us next week! Gruden was out coached in NY. Carr played scared. The receivers didn’t help and the defense was easily destroyed!!

  14. And yes we will be watching the playoffs from home but the fact that half this teams starters are on injured reserve and the fact we lost him for 4 games in the beginning is why we will be watching from home. The jets are playing extremely great football right now and he is making the whole team better. That’s our franchise quarterback and it’s been a long time since jets fans had any luck but the fact this kid keeps going out their and playing like this at 22 is something every jet fan can feel very hopeful and feel like finally we are due for some good fortune. Haters can suck it

  15. Our defense absolutely didnt show up today, imagine making Darnold look like a good QB.
    You mean the kid who’s more than six years younger than Derek Carr, and much more talented?

  16. Raiders fans have been talking and talking when it was obvious that coming into the game they had scored 25 fewer points than they allowed that winning wasn’t going to be sustainable. This isn’t a good team and definitely not a playoff team.

  17. Smells like 1968. The Fade made Darnold resemble Namath. Jets owned Oakland today and that west coast team disintegrated by the 3rd quarter.

    Big game Chokeland.

  18. I didn’t watch the whole game, but I saw a cringeworthy number of passes being dropped by our receivers. People were saying this was a trap game for the Raiders, and it was, indeed. Fortunately, despite the ugly loss, we still have a chance to bounce back against KC and take the top spot in the division next week. Oh, and for the Jets fans gloating, enjoy it all you can, it’s not like you’re going to the playoffs or anything.

  19. joetoronto says:
    November 24, 2019 at 4:03 pm
    The Jets were more than ready to play and the Raiders clearly weren’t.

    No excuses.
    Hey Joe ….The Raiders are a Dumpster Fire…Too bad Peterman is on IR..Wonder if the Bills have any more throw away players you can scarf up ….Just Lose Baby !!!!

  20. Love the goobs in these comments claiming the Raiders have 0 injuries. Makes my day seeing keyboard warriors pretend they know what theyre talking about.

  21. Trap game and the Raids couldn’t get out of their own way.

    This team is close, but not ready to take the next step.

  22. Raiders best receiver is Zay Jones and he sucks. Bills housed the Oakheads for a 4 th for a gut they would have cut, and would have gone unclaimed. Lol

  23. Hey Chaunce keep making excuses fool. Ur team isn’t ready. Like that phantom pi call would have made a difference. What about that bogus td reversal for the jets. Game would have been over right their 7 to 3 clown

  24. the raiders are not a bad team by any stretch…im not a big fan of carr but they are 6-5 & right in the mix of their division/wild card race. this was a tough draw…across the country, 1pm start against a hot team. this is the nfl. it happens.

  25. julian79rn4l says:
    November 24, 2019 at 4:34 pm
    We got are ass kicked in all 3 phases and coaching yes Gase and Williams out coached Gruden gotta learn from this were a young team I wanna see how we bounce back against KC next week…..RN4L
    You said it yourself. You got outcoached by Gase. Your SB winning, $100mil super coach, got outcoached by Adam freakin’ Gase.

    Now your team has to face Andy Reid after a bye week with a team that has already beat you in your house. Good luck with that.

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