Report: If fired, Jason Garrett’s preferred destination is the Giants

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As Cowboys coach Jason Garrett embarks on what could be the final six games of his tenure in Texas, someone connected to Garrett is offering a not-so-subtle warning to Jones & Son, LLC: If you don’t keep Garrett, he may end up coaching one of your biggest rivals.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL has floated the idea of Garrett landing with the Giants, if the Cowboys opt not to give him a new contract and if the Giants tear up the remaining years on Pat Shurmur’s deal.

The biggest kernel of news is that the Giants would be Garrett’s top choice if the Cowboys don’t keep him. And that may indeed be true. But the fact that it’s coming out now is hardly a coincidence. It’s a be-careful-what-you-wish-for jab at Jerry Jones, reminding him that, if he doesn’t want Garrett, someone else may.

Jones has said the same thing, repeatedly, in defending Garrett. But when Garrett became a free agent in Jaunary 2015, no one else even tried to hire him.

That’s where Rapoport’s story gets a little wobbly. He claims that the Giants would have fired Tom Coughlin after the 2014 season, if they could have gotten Garrett. Apart from the nonchalant recitation of what would be an obvious violation of the spirit of the Rooney Rule, the reality is that the Giants could have fired Coughlin and could have waited for Garrett, because Garrett was about to become a free agent.

Again, this feels more like an effort to scare the Cowboys than an effort to find a landing spot for Garrett. When questions were swirling a year ago regarding John Harbaugh’s future in Baltimore, multiple teams were indeed ready to pounce. This year, with Garrett potentially only five calendar weeks from leaving the Cowboys, the strongest statement that can be made is that his first choice for 2020 would be the Giants.

56 responses to “Report: If fired, Jason Garrett’s preferred destination is the Giants

  1. Is it right to say that you prefer another guy’s job when said guy still has the job? What makes Garrett think that the Giants would want him anyway? No matter how bad anyone thinks that Shurmur is,that’s just not right.

  2. If fired, Jason Garrett will never be a head coach in the NFL again.

    QB coach or Offensive Corridinator is as good as it for this guy, once the Puppet Master in Dallas ends this 10+ circus.

    Sadly, the Cowboys won’t become Super Bowl contenders again until Jerry passes and Stephen Jones takes the helm.

  3. He is a BELOW-AVERAGE Coach that has had above-average talent on his team for years and yet failed to deliver.

    Threatening to go to the Giants should make his firing MORE likely.

  4. I don’t get it… Garrett’s lone leverage, but it’s a doozy, is he alone is very willing to bow down and cater to his boss.

    Jerry is an egotistical man. As such he likes Yes men. But unfortunately the best head coaches will not be yes men.

    What’s a Jerruh to do?

  5. I can think of no other business where bad performance for one company is constantly rewarded with equal rank and pay by a rival company….NFL…home of the re-tread coaches…

  6. If Garrett couldn’t do anything with a talented Cowboys team, what makes you think he’ll be successful in NY? Not saying the Giants don’t have any talent, probably just not as much.

  7. Jerry you better sign Garrett to a 10 year extension since he is such a hot commodity. That way we will be assured that Americas team sucks for another 10 years.

  8. Garrett is a smart, Ivy League educated man – no doubt. Does that Ivy League education transfer to being a top-notch head coach in the Non-Forgiving League (NFL)? No. He’s sort of like a quarterback (which he once was) who plays not to lose instead of playing to win. He’s a great Jerry Jones puppet, but not much else. He should think executive position, and put away the coaching mirage.

  9. When Garrett gets fired, the Jets will fire Gase and hire Garrett. Then Gase can go coach the Cowboys. Dysfunctional teams like dysfunctional coaches.

  10. I normally don’t like players to play for a division rival. For Garrett to coach the Giants……it would be a dream come true. G’Men will stink for a long time. They are terrible now and his coaching career would be over after this potential move. He is a lame coach.

  11. Unfortunately, Jerry emasculated him long ago. He will be forever known as his puppet. Can’t really feel sorry for the guy… He knew what he was getting himself into

  12. How can one be fired if their contract just expires? That would be adding malice when it’s not necessary. Jones won’t do that, not in public. So the other inference is that he may be gone before the season ends, and that’s just stupid talk.
    Besides, Richard should be the odds on favorite to coach the Cowboys next year, not Garrett. He’s young, he’s well respected, and likely could be convinced by Jerry to keep Moore another year to see what they really have there. Richard seems to be more action and less rhetoric, the opposite of Garrett.

  13. I fell sorry for the fans of the team that hires Jason Garrett after he has been let go by the Cows.

  14. One thing I know for sure is if the Cowboys decide to hire a new coach, that coaching job will be the hottest job out there. All the best coaches, college and pro, will be throwing their hat in the ring. Dak Prescott is right up there with Rodgers and Mahomes, and he’s still very young and still improving. I also think the Cowboys have as good a chance as any team to get to the super bowl this year. Jason Garrett could be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. Has a super bowl winning coach ever been fired?

  15. Wouldn’t that be more of an incentive for Dallas to fire him? They can get rid of a bad coach and cripple a division rival at the same time.

  16. Belichick now Garrett panging for the Giants. Guess it worked once for the media, so try it again.

  17. He’s delusional if he thinks another team is going to hire him to be their head coach. The only reason he has that position is Dallas is because he’s good at one thing–being Jerry Jones’ puppet. I have no doubt that at least half the coaches in the NFL would have at least one Super Bowl as the Cowboys coach during that time period. Jerruh cares more about his ego than he does about winning. If Garrett thinks he’s going to be in demand if he gets fired maybe he should be drug tested. It’s a moot point because Jerruh will never fire him because he does such a great job of being Jerruh’s stooge.

  18. I’d be shocked if anyone in the NFL would hire Garrett as a head coach. He’s had some of the best talent in the league for a while now and the results don’t reflect that. He is “owner friendly” though, so someone who wants a passive coach might go for him.

    Maybe this is the year the Cowboys reach their potential. Odds are they don’t and Garrett is part of the reason.

  19. Even if the Cowboys job were to open up,no competent,self-respecting head coach would ever agree to put up with being Jerry Jones’ puppet. It’s a shame that with all the talent that has passed through that organization since Jimmy Johnson left,they have zero to show for it.

  20. The Giants are a mess.
    It doesn’t matter who the HC is, they need a few drafts to rebuild.
    Now is not the time to go there, with no QB and a bad roster.
    Not unless you get a 6 yera contract like the 49ers had to do with Shanahan.

  21. They said the same thing last year about Mike McCarthy and not only was he not hired in the next 5 minutes, he didn’t even get an interview.

    My prediction, neither will get a single sniff in the off season. I know there are a lot of retreads in the NFL but these two have long track records of futility. Not even the Vikings want them, let that sink in.

  22. As a longtime Cowboys fan I must admit I have never seen Jason Garrett chew gum and clap at the same time.

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