Sparse crowd in D.C.

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The suspension (deletion) of the blackout policy guarantees that fans will be able to see the local team’s home games without leaving their homes. In some cities, most fans aren’t leaving their homes.

In D.C., images appearing on social media show a mostly empty FedEx Field for a rematch of the 1991 NFC Championship with the Lions, the last time either team played for a Super Bowl berth.

John Keim of posted one just after 1:00 p.m. ET, with wide swaths of empty seats. Before the game, the parking lot had plenty of spots.

And the people there aren’t exclusively Washington fans. As JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington pointed out, “There are more Lions fans at FedEx Field than I knew existed.”

There are fewer and fewer Washington fans, because there are fewer and fewer Washington wins. And more and more are clamoring for major changes with the team, starting at the very top.

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  1. In the NFL, every team has enough talent to be a playoff team. The difference is the coaching and front office leadership. This is why the Redskins stink. They definitely have talent, but they have zero leadership from Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder, and the coaching staff is horrible, especially on defense.

  2. The days of just showing up at a sporting event are over. Fans need something to believe their team wants to win and be competitive in the process. That goes for any team in any sports. I won’t mention that tickets, parking, and concession prices have gone out of sight for middle income families

    As for the Redskins, the entire organization appears clueless from the owner on down. A team is only as good as the employees it hires.

  3. Just the latest team that’ll be asking the NFL to move because the fans aren’t supporting them!

    Its no wonder the NFL is looking at going international, they’re running out of fans willing to pay to watch these horrible teams and they’re running out of cities to move those teams to here in the US! I think what we’re witnessing is a serious downturn of attendance at NFL games, why would anyone want to go to a game to watch a horrible team when they can sit in the comfort of their home, watch several games and save hundreds & hundreds of dollars? Makes no sense to me, that’s why I haven’t been to a game in over 15yrs and I’ll never attend one again, even if someone gives me tickets!

  4. We have 8 season tickets Loge Level. Costs about $50k annually. This is the last of ten consecutive seasons for us. The lackeys in ticket sales have been calling. Curious to see how low they will go…

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