Sunday Night wrap-up: 49ers first line of defense leads way

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Stack enough first-round picks up at a particular position, and you’ll inevitably hit one of them.

The 49ers appear to have hit them all at once.

Behind the strength of their defensive line, the 49ers throttled the Packers 37-8 to move to 10-1.

They held Green Bay to 198 yards and collected five sacks, getting most of the pressure organically with their front.

Playing without offseason trade acquisition Dee Ford and the out-for-the-year Ronald Blair (and their 9.5 combined sacks), they kept Aaron Rodgers in a hurry throughout the night with their homegrown and highly drafted talent.

Rookie Nick Bosa (now with eight sacks) set the scene with his fumble recovery which set up a touchdown in the first quarter, and they kept making plays all night. He’s the latest first-rounder up front, and perhaps the best of the lot.

Along with DeForest Buckner (5.5 sacks), Arik Armstead, and bit player Solomon Thomas, it’s a pedigreed group. Former sixth-rounder D.J. Jones is making his share of plays, but you find impact players at the tops of drafts, and they have a lot of them.

They won’t be able to keep them all together forever — Armstead’s enjoying a great a contract year, with 10 sacks this season after nine in his first four years. But as long as they’re all here now, the 49ers have a chance to beat anybody in the league.

Here are five more things we learned during Sunday Night Football:

1. How does Rodgers measure himself against other golfers? By height. Or yards per attempt.

The Packers quarterback was 10-of-20 for 41 yards in the first half, a whopping 2.1 yards per pass attempt. Or, roughly the length of the 6-foot-2 Aaron Rodgers.

That was mostly because the 49ers pressure didn’t give them time for plays to develop downfield. There were a few deep attempts that came to nothing, and his long pass in the first half was 10 yards.

He finished the game 20-of-33 for 104 yards and a touchdown (upping the average to 3.2 per attempt in a meaningless second half), and they pulled him in the fourth quarter in favor of Tim Boyle because things were so out of hand.

2. Packers rookie head coach Matt LaFleur has done a creditable job this year. He’s the only one in this class of rookie head coaches who is.

But it was stark seeing the Packers (8-3) so thoroughly out-planned and out-played Sunday night. It was just one stat, but they were 0-of-13 on third down conversions when Rodgers was pulled.

Coming off a bye week, coaches are supposed to have plenty of time to work out all the kinks, and have time to prepare Plans B, C, and D.

None of that was in evidence against the 49ers, and he told NBC’s Michele Tafoya at halftime (when he was down 23-0) that his plan was to “Sitck to the plan.”

That suggests there was one.

3. We could debate the finer points of Jimmy Garoppolo‘s game (and we will), but the best sign for the 49ers is that they’re able to keep him from having to carry the team on a regular basis.

No matter how good a quarterback is, reducing the number of factors is a good way to reduce mistakes. And by playing defense and field position and running, it makes it easier for him to succeed.

Garoppolo has improved in recent weeks, and hit some big plays Sunday to Deebo Samuel and George Kittle. He finished 14-of-20 passing for 253 yards and two touchdowns.

He also improved to 18-3 as a starter, and while that might not be a quarterback stat, it helps buy him time to get better at his craft.

4. While things have generally been going well for the Packers, it was alarming to realize Davante Adams scored his first touchdown of the season in Week 12.

And it was practically a rushing touchdown.

He leads the team in receptions and receiving yards, but hadn’t found the end zone at all until taking what amounted to a hand-off from Rodgers in the third quarter.

He missed four games with a toe injury, but it’s still odd to see their most established receiving target struggling to score.

5. The 49ers are not without their share of problems.

They particularly miss left tackle Joe Staley, out with a finger injury.

He was replaced in the starting lineup by sixth-round rookie Justin Skule, but he struggled enough that he was replaced in the first half by undrafted rookie Daniel Bruskill.

They anticipate Staley will be back soon, and they can use him.

114 responses to “Sunday Night wrap-up: 49ers first line of defense leads way

  1. Wow, we’re we exposed tonight. Our coach looks like a deer in the headlights, we have no playmakers on offense and our defense is as bad as usual. It’s safe to say the NFC will be represented by the 49ers, Saints, Seahawks or Vikings in the Super Bowl.

  2. So whats going to be the excuse this week? You cant be a serious football fan and not see this team is a dam beast!!! Best Defense in the NFL. Completely dismantled the Packers. 10-1. BEST TEAM IN THE NFL!!!


  3. conormacleod says:
    November 21, 2019 at 12:32 pm
    Even I cannot take the 49ers to win big, but maybe a little. Packers will 100% score more than 10 points. That was kind of a silly prediction for MDS.

    You owe MDS an apology.

  4. The packers look like frauds. Without help from the refs, the packers would be 6-5.
    And that is what they looked like tonight a 6-5 team.

  5. Tim Boyle had a higher passer rating than Aaron Rodgers.

    Old, slow, injury prone with declining skills…

    Time to bench Rodgers and start grooming Boyle….

  6. I wasn’t sure the 49ers were that good — now I am. I also wasn’t sure if the Pack was that good — still not sure.

  7. The Niners don’t need the praise, accolades or attention in general. Just continue to play your brand of football and dominate your opponents.

    It would be nice if they could continue to fly under the radar but they now put the League on notice … We’re coming for ya. New Orleans and Baltimore are elite teams but so are we. Congrats football fans there is some great football coming out of the NFC West again.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  8. Ladies and Gentlemen I present the Green Bay Fraudsters!

    Congrats 49ers fans. Your team showed up and will make a deep playoff run with that defense.

    Congrats to the 2019 NFC North Champions the Minnesota Vikings!

    This team shows no heart or guts. They should be 3-8. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen them fall flat in a prime time game against a good opponent. Rodgers is overrated. He’s past his prime. He will retire with one ring.

  9. They cynics will still say that the 49ers have not beaten a good team in 2019 and that Jimmy G. is a bad quarterback. ROTFL.

  10. Aaron’s thinking, if ya can’t beat em, join em. He loves the 49ers. But who in their right mind would want to leave GB for San Francisco?

  11. NFC Playoff Seedings

    1.) 49ers – First Round Bye
    2.) Saints – First Round Bye
    3.) Packers – possibly one and done
    4.) Cowboys – one and done
    5.) Seahawks – Wild Card
    6.) Vikings – Wild Card

  12. We had our lunch handed to us from the first snap. They just had so much more desire on both offense and defense. Our D did give us a chance to get back into it with a couple of stops but the O just kept giving the ball back. The Oline couldnt stop them, AR was off a little with his throws ( no wonder getting people in his face all the time) and missed some throws. We got a good old time thrashing.

  13. Ugh Niner’s fans, don’t you realize that your insistence upon being recognized NOW as the #1 team belies your fear that they won’t be #1 later, when it actually matters? Your hollow boasts are pitiable, and sad.

    That said, I think the best team in the NFL is these 49ers. I don’t think they yet have the mettle to be the last team standing this year, but the experience will make them much tougher and better next year.

  14. tokyo says

    Still division leaders, though.

    The NFL says the Packers are tied for the lead in the NFCN.

    You or the NFL- who should I believe?

  15. The Niners struggle with mobile qb’s so next week will be another test for them. But [ocket passers have had no chance against them this season. Man, if the Niners are healthy going into the post-season, watch out.

  16. There’s three hours I should have spent cleaning the basement.
    Offense and Special teams never showed up, and defense quit halfway through the third.
    No excuses; an old fashioned butt kicking.
    Lots of things to get fixed in a hurry.

  17. And that “TD” was a running play and should not have been credited to Rodgers, but they’re so obsessed with his stats, they literally design forward handoff’s so Rodgers can get a TD credit for a running play. pathetic…

  18. Ugliest uniforms in the league just laid down for the ugliest game of the weekend. The refs made a valiant try in the 2nd half to prop them up, but ineptitude overcame their best efforts.

  19. I guess we can finally put all that nonsense talk about Aaron Rodgers or Aaron Jones as possible MVP candidates to rest. Rodgers was destroyed by the 49ers defense…it’s a good thing he has good insurance coverage from State Farm.

  20. The Packers looked like they were hung over tonight… AGAIN! That’s two blowout losses in the past three games. Did the NFL finally stop the refs from helping them win?

  21. Aaron Rodgers = 104 yards, 5 yard average, 0-13 on third down, sacked 5 times, 75.8 passer rating. I think Fred Rogers of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood could have put up better numbers than that.

  22. I think we can all see what happened. Very hard to overcome refs and 49ers. We are still in first place and will win this division easily. We never give up and we have 4 Super Bowl wins and 13 NFL championships. #WARRIORS

  23. I’ve said for some time that the Packers greatly benefited by having so many home games in the first half of the season (two wins gifted to them by ridiculous calls) and that they’ll fade at the end when they have more away games. Here is the start.

  24. It was good to see King and Alexander not running their mouths all game for a change – the Niners shut them right up. Adams tried out some smack talk on the first play of the game and…I still smile when I think about it!

  25. You’d think it was the 49ers that were coming off a bye week.

    Just what was Rodgers doing during the bye week?

    He sure didn’t look like he was well rested…

    Maybe his State Farm commercial appearances were him out.

    He needs that State Farm money in order to feed his family, you know…

  26. Carl says

    We never give up…

    So putting Boyle in was done to improve the Packers offense?

    LaFleur thought Boyle gave the Packers a better chance of winning?

    No, Rodgers and LaFleur gave up.

  27. This game was exactly how I though it would be. The Packers are an average team. Rogers is a below avg QB when his receivers are single covered. He is all world when they run into a zone coverage but single coverage and pressure in his face and he folds faster then an accordion at a German Beer Fest.

    PS Collingsworth is a total ditz. Gee he was so impressed at how the genius of the niners built this team via the draft to create a super d. Dah. The Bears did the same. Three years of picking high and getting top pass rushers and defenders. Most team build the D first then work on the O as they go. This is not news Collingsworth. Call the game and shut up

  28. Where’s jacked up boo boo with his constant troll of anything red & gold?
    Great game by the Niners, not so much for ACME. If the next 2 games result in 1\1 or better, the bye will be a welcome relief.

  29. Packer shareholders should be totally disappointed in tonight’s Packers performance!
    Watch out for the uptick in calling in sick tomorrow because of this emotional loss.

  30. I used the ESPN Playoff Machine to arrive at the following playoff seeds. I was surprised how it turned out.


    (1) New England
    (2) Houston

    (6) Cleveland at (3) Baltimore
    (5) Indianapolis at (4) Kansas City

    From this point I think, as odd as it is, Cleveland and Indianapolis advance in upsets.

    (6) Cleveland at (1) New England
    (5) Indianapolis at (2) Houston

    The Indy-Houston game is a real pick em. Could be Indianapolis at New England but I will go with Houston at New England in the AFCCG. I had Houston winning the regular season game in Houston, but I have New England winning in New England.

    (1) New Orleans
    (2) Seattle

    (6) Minnesota at (3) Green Bay
    (5) San Francisco at (4) Dallas

    (3) Green Bay at (2) Seattle
    (5) San Francisco at (1) New Orleans

    That SF-NO game is a real pick em and I had NO winning the regular season match, but I like SF to win the rematch.

    (5) San Francisco at (2) Seattle

    Here I can’t decide if it’s Seattle or San Francisco who will meet New England. But if I must choose,


  31. Ouch, as a long time Vikings fan of over 40 years I obviously have a dislike of the Packers but its 1 game and while I will admit i do see some problems which makes me believe the Vikes are better built for a playoff run, it was 1 game and still a lot of football left to be played. The Clowns on here declaring the 49ers the best team in the NFL cannot seriously believe that in their heart of hearts especially after the last couple of games they just played. Way way way to early to call them the NFL Champs and no morons I do t think the Vikes are better but i do think there is still some football left to play and Seattle visible in the rear view mirror. The 49ers better hope teams dont blitz the QB because the dude gets big time happy feet. Well only time will tell so nice win and congrats but dont beat your chest too much just yet.

  32. Easy money. They couldn’t block the Chargers who run the same D. The 9ers have a better front 7 so yeah if you didn’t see this coming and get your money in good. Than I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems but a solid bet aint one

  33. I was torn on what outcome I would prefer. Then I realized that Russell Wilson wants the Seahawks and Niners to both win out and have everything come down to that week 17 game, for top seed and the division. If Russ aint sweating it, why should I?

  34. gtodriver says:
    November 24, 2019 at 11:35 pm
    tokyo says

    Still division leaders, though.

    The NFL says the Packers are tied for the lead in the NFCN.

    You or the NFL- who should I believe?
    The NFL does not say that at all. GB has the better divisional record as well as a head to head victory over Minn so…yeah, GB is still leading the division.

  35. Was planning on going to Lambeau for a playoff game this year. Looks like the Packers are saving me a ton of money. They will be a wildcard team this year if they manage to get a couple more wins. The Packers play like garbage in California. The 9ers knew what every play was going to be. Predictably doesn’t win championships.

  36. Can’t wait to see the excuses you delusional haters come up with this time. Niners are the top team and it isn’t even close. The sooner you accept it the easier things will be. That Lombardi is ours this year.

    You sound a lot like Chiefs fan last year. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

  37. Funny how a TE with a broken bone in his ankle (Kittle) blew right past the Swiss Cheese defense for a long TD. At that point, Kittle had more yards of offense than the entire GB offense. Can’t make that stuff up. Good times.

  38. So this makes the Seattle win even more impressive. Good luck beating the Ravens. Nice to have the rivalry back. The division will likely come down to week 17 in Seattle. We will see what kind of QB Garroppolo really is. Hopefully he is the same QB he was on MNF.

  39. It’s funny how when the refs actually call a fair game it’s perceived as them helping the other team. Shows you how common propping up Rogers & Co has become. Comgrats Niners, that was a fun game to watch.

  40. tokyosandblaster says:
    November 24, 2019 at 11:27 pm
    That was disgusting. Good win, Niners. My team has work.

    Still division leaders, though. So that’s nice.

    if you like the whole participation trophy thing.

  41. Yup, good old fashioned ass-kicking bestowed on my Packers. Major props to the 49’ers all the way around – didn’t just win … they won with an exclamation point.

    Major congrats to the fans of the 9’ers here at PFT. You can once again start going to games and talking crap on the internet. Your team earned that right for you last night.

    As for the Packers, where to begin… offensively, defensively and special teams – all obviously 2nd tier if they come out in a game carrying yesterday’s importance and ALLOWED themselves to be embarrassed without so much as a counterpunch. It’s one thing to be humiliated on a national stage, it’s another thing altogether to be humiliated AND have your pants pulled down in front of a worldwide audience.

    Go Packers.

  42. Wow, all the credit in the world to the 49ers, they are legit.

    With that said, there is definitely something mentally wrong with Rodgers… What a lackluster, uninspired, weak effort.

    The guy is so full of himself. I can only imagine how unbearable it must be to be in his presence. I would not be surprised one bit if they shopped him this offseason.

  43. The Packers are frauds and have been all season. They played 5 of their first 7 games at home (!!) and 3 of their home wins turned on outrageously dubious calls by the officials (Vikings, Lions, Panthers).

    The 49ers D line made the Packers look like papier mache. The Cowboys, Vikings, Saints and 49ers (again) could all do the same. The Green Bay Rodgers will not have a home playoff game and may be lucky to get to a divisional match up.

  44. Well, it’s tied atop the NFC North. I figured the 49ers would win, but I really thought it would be a close game. The 49ers offense didn’t play particularly well and the Packers got absolutely throttled. I said if the Packers went 3-2 in their five game stretch (with 4 on the road) it would be impressive. They are 2-2, with two wins against backup QB’s, and 2 extremely ugly losses. They should win on the road in New York, but those two losses are so ugly that it kind of minimizes those wins. And, I had forgotten they were coming off a bye week and looked this bad last night. Yikes. If Stafford comes back, look for the Packers to finish the last five games at either 3-2 or 2-3, but no better for sure.

  45. I’d say the thing that surprised me the most was just the completely lack of “care”. Did you see the Packers in the 2nd half? They did not want to be there. It’s almost as if they slowed the game down hoping the clock would just run so they could go home. Getting your butt kicked, you’d think you’d come out with some of urgency. Nope. Huddle up and call draw plays. Keep that clock rolling!

  46. Not playing at home? No controversial calls to help Aaron down the field to score? That means the Packers lose. All their quality wins against quality opponents have been because of playing at home, or a controversial call helping them (Or both). And I’m not talking about controversial calls that only Bears, vikings, Lions fans complain about, but controversial calls soo bad that national media outlets are complaining about it. The only quality win they have is against the Cowboys, I’ll give them that one. It was on the road and no bad calls. They will probably still win the NFC North. The Vikings have to beat Seattle on Monday night which probably won’t happen, and will have to beat the Packers at home (which probably will happen). Green Bay is exactly who we thought they were, frauds. Chances are the 49ers, Saints, or Sea hawks will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

  47. TribeOfOne says:
    November 24, 2019 at 11:24 pm
    conormacleod says:
    November 21, 2019 at 12:32 pm
    Even I cannot take the 49ers to win big, but maybe a little. Packers will 100% score more than 10 points. That was kind of a silly prediction for MDS.

    You owe MDS an apology.
    MDS, I apologize. I was waaaaayyyyyyy wrong on this one. The Packers looked like a scared little team out there, and even when they were down big they didn’t have any fight in them to even go get some garbage time yards and points.

    However, I did very much enjoy that game, so I don’t mind saying I was wrong on this one.

  48. qcsfinest704 says:
    November 24, 2019 at 11:23 pm
    So whats going to be the excuse this week? You cant be a serious football fan and not see this team is a dam beast!!! Best Defense in the NFL. Completely dismantled the Packers. 10-1. BEST TEAM IN THE NFL!!!
    Welllllllll……I’d say your QB and offense are very much mediocre. 4 punts. 0-9 on third downs before converting a few after the Packers quit for the night. Kittle is great, no doubt. But I’m not sure your team has the offense to win it all, or call you the best team in the NFL.

  49. Bad day at the office last night. It happens, but you just get back to work the next day. Reminded me of the Vikings Eagles NFC championship game.

  50. 49rs still don’t have the best defense in the league. In an era of offense two teams are fielding some of the best defenses the NFL has ever seem.

  51. I’d say the thing that surprised me the most was just the completely lack of “care”. Did you see the Packers in the 2nd half? They did not want to be there. It’s almost as if they slowed the game down hoping the clock would just run so they could go home. Getting your butt kicked, you’d think you’d come out with some of urgency. Nope. Huddle up and call draw plays. Keep that clock rolling!


    Know what? This is exactly correct. …and this is the aspect of last night’s game that irritated me like a bad laxative …. and it’s not the first time I’ve seen it this season. The travesty against the Chargers was the exact same image.

    Now the way I see it there is a problem with either the talent on this roster or, with the coaching staff and I tend to think it is the former. This Packers team has no “attitude” and I fear it is a reflection of the coaching staff myself.

    The 9ers were VERY active after the whistle – you could see the attitude intimidating that Packers offense period … plain and simple. To say that the only example of attitude was a petty, girlish, chest bump (that gets flagged, wiping out one of the few conversions) is really a sad, sad statement.

  52. What’s worse than throwing up a goose egg & being down by over 20 points at half?

    Not having any mental fortitude as a team or positive body-language leadership from the QB position & the inability to come back to win!!!

  53. Obviously a very disappointing night for the Packers and their fans.
    Hats off to the Niners, very well balanced, well coached team.
    Their suffocating defense and very sound tackling stalled drives all night long.
    GB’s defense was continually gouged for big plays throughout the game.
    Completely out coached and thoroughly outplayed, and had great difficulty matching SF’s intensity at any time.
    Couldn’t get out of Cali fast enough.

    As I said last week, sweeping declarations and opinions would be rampant among the trolls come Overreaction Monday, and I can see that they did not disappoint.
    But, the fact of the matter is simple, no game in November completely defines a team or a season.
    There’s just too much football left to be played.

    Right now this team is not good enough to compete with a team as good as the Niners, but with all of December ahead of them there’s still time to square things up.

    People have to keep in mind that we’re still dealing with a rookie head coach and there will be some growing pains with this new situation.
    The Packers are still in complete control of the NFC North and a date with the Giants next Sunday.
    Moving on!

  54. In the NFL world of hype and hate, I’m surprised there isn’t more coverage of how poor Aaron Rodgers has been the past few seasons. Everyone wants to focus on TB12, but ignore the fact that Rodgers has been in decline for some time now. The NFL loves its rivalries and continues to search for anything aside from Brady and the Patriots, who do nothing but keep on winning. Especially on the QB front, after the Manning vs Brady “rivalry” died years ago and was rendered totally foolish.
    Rodgers seemed to be the Next Great One. Why is he not getting lambasted for his multiple seasons now of poor play? Wentz… gone. Mahomes shined so brightly last year… but he’s clearly now TBD. Watson… too inconsistent. So we’re basically left with Lamar right now. Let’s see how he does the next two games.
    As much as I am thrilled with the Niners and Jimmy G, I’m not tooting any horns. It’s still November.

  55. NFC Playoff Seedings

    1.) 49ers – First Round Bye
    2.) Saints – First Round Bye
    3.) Packers – possibly one and done
    4.) Cowboys – one and done
    5.) Seahawks – Wild Card
    6.) Vikings – Wild Card

    No way the Packers get the the three seed now.

  56. GenXJ says:

    November 24, 2019 at 11:30 pm

    When down by 20, Kirk cameback to win.
    aaron not so much.
    That’s a lot of money for a whole lotta nothin.

    If Kirk got down 20 against the 49ers he would have lost by 50.

  57. just a reminder that the arron rodgers…. aka the qb the media will tell you is the best to ever walk the earth, is now 4 games under .500 on the road for his career…eli manning has a better record with 30 more road games played…

  58. I am a Vikings fan and so needed the Packers to lose. But this was hard to watch. This was the 49’ers night. Everything went their way and as their confidence grew they became unstoppable. We have all seen games like this where one team gets into the zone and totally dominates. I know the Pack is better than this, and I am glad we don’t have to play them next week where they will come out with a vengeance. Also really glad we don’t have to play SF. They do look scary.

  59. Pack can’t stop TEs, hope the Giants take note. If they target their TEs and the middle of the field they can steal one from the Pack and the Vikings will be in first place all alone without even playing a game yet. LOL #NOPACKNO. Green Bay bottom feeders now both in offensive and defensive rankings!

  60. Down by 23 at halftime and GB/AR just give up? Imagine if the Pats had given up in the SB when down 28-3 in the 3rd qtr – yeah, that’s the difference between the 2 teams and QBs, I’d be embarrassed and pissed if I was a GB fan today with the team quitting like that.

  61. When LeFleur’s gameplan was deemed moot by the 49ers D, his inexperience in making any adjustments to get his team to convert on third down left them dead in the water.

    The Packers are a one-horse pony on the field, and when that pony’s gameplay is off, the team is done. Good night Green Bay, this isn’t your year.

  62. Last week Packer fans were talking about getting the number 1 seed. 🤣😆🤡

    Last week Aaron Rodgers said if they don’t beat the 49ers this week they would have to beat them later on, presuming a wild card round win. Oh the arrogance. Maybe he should have brought some of that arrogance to the field Sunday night instead of having the body language of a dejected sour puss. Aaron Rodgers is an anti-leader when the going gets tough and a big mouth when front running.

  63. Great win by the 49ers. But with Green Bay’s remaining cupcake schedule, with the exception of Minnesota in Week 16, Green Bay could very well end up as the #1 Seed in the NFC ……. Go 9ers!!!

  64. It’s funny to see all of the Minnesota fans here taking big, when the fact is their Vikings team couldn’t hold the 9ers jockstrap either!

    Like one of the first posters said, “Road in NFC will go thru SF!”

  65. waffles says

    But, the fact of the matter is simple, no game in November completely defines a team or a season.

    If it were just ONE game in November, I’d agree with you.

    But it was two of the three games in November when they failed to show up. They quit in both of the road games.

    The Pack nearly lost the third game, at home against a backup QB.

    Now that it’s obvious that the Packers won’t have a bye for the first round of the playoffs, it’s time for the Packers to be concerned – very concerned.

    It’s really not a good look when the leader of the team is sulking most of the time in November while throwing his teammates under the bus.

  66. I wanted green bay to loose but man that was brutal & hard to watch, & on Sunday night for the whole nation to see. That was such a beat-down I actually felt bad for them.

  67. “Rulers of the West! says:
    November 25, 2019 at 12:25 pm
    It’s funny to see all of the Minnesota fans here taking big, when the fact is their Vikings team couldn’t hold the 9ers jockstrap either!

    Like one of the first posters said, “Road in NFC will go thru SF!”

    I think a healthy Vikings team could absolutely take the Niners. They have the pass rush to get to Jimmy G and they run the screen game with Cook better than any team in the league. Run up tempo with screens and quick hitting routes to Diggs and Theilen. That’s how you slow down that Niners pass rush and it’s how they came back down 20 against a stout Broncos front 7 last week. Not saying it would be easy, but Minnesota would be a hard out in the playoffs.

  68. Remember in week 1 when Aaron was grinning ear to ear after the Bears game claiming that “we have a defense”.? Hilarious

    After all of the pictures of little Aaron Rodgers in a SF uniform last night, I’m thinking he was imagining himself in Jimmy G’s spot while hanging out on the GB sidelines.

  69. If you actually watched the game the Packers defense played alright in the first half other than the long touchdown-they sacked Jimmy G a few times and forced some punts. It was their offense that got annihilated in the first half. And Collinsworth heaped praise on LeFleur for deciding not to change anything coming out for the second half despite being down 23 to 0. Which was a stupid decision that gave the Packers no chance to actually come back in the game. LeFleur got exposed, more than anyone. But Rodgers body language is absolutely terrible. Was it always that bad or has it gotten worse over the last few years?

  70. ninefingers9 says:
    November 24, 2019 at 11:26 pm
    Completely exposed as the frauds we all knew they were.
    No need to take this clown seriously. He has copied and pasted this same garbage after every Packers L this year.

  71. 2 things,I could`nt believe Zadarious Smith mean mugging,and kind of celebrating a sack when is team was down by 23,the Adams dancing after scoring his touchdow(before the 2 point conversion)with Green Bay was still down by 17! Just get us on camera,forget we`re getting pounded,I mean after all,it`s all about us

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