Bengals going back to Andy Dalton

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The Bengals gave rookie quarterback Ryan Finley a chance to play, so they’d know how he’d impact future decision-making.

Apparently, they’ve seen enough.

Bengals coach Zac Taylor told reporters moments ago he was turning back to veteran quarterback Andy Dalton to start this week’s game against the Jets.

Taylor gave Finley a tepid endorsement last week, and the fourth-round pick followed with a 12-of-26 passing day against the Steelers.

In three games, he’s 41-of-87 for 474 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. It’s far from his fault, but the Bengals are 0-11, and it didn’t appear that Finley was going to be the spark to propel them to greater heights. And with a two-game lead in the race for the top pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, Dalton can’t hurt their future prospects that much.

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  1. Cincy should have put Dalton in yesterday.
    The game was still winnable, and the veteran is usually a better option than a rookie in that situation.

  2. Translation: We know Finley’s not the answer right now, and we’re taking a QB at the top of the draft, so let Dalton take the hits for the rest of the season.

  3. I really get the feeling that Zac Taylor is in over his head. If your a so called quarterback expert you should have seen that Finley wasn’t ready. You should also know it’s not a good idea to bench your franchise quarterback if you don’t have a decent replacement. I hope Dalton gets a chance with a solid team next season.

  4. And with a two-game lead in the race for the top pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, Dalton can’t hurt their future prospects that much.


    Thinly veiled dig aside,Dalton is a good QB. He very well could go on a streak and just as eaaily win out and cost them that #1 overall pick. Seeing the coaching and talent surrounding him it is unlikely, but it is more than possible with a QB of Daltons stature.

  5. Wow the players must have been threatening a mutiny and went to his office demanding Dalton play. This is wonderful news that means they have a shot at winning now and Miami can still get the number one pick and Joe burrow. Excellent news for the day!

  6. Dalton is gonna have some tough matchups the next weeks before he gets his chance against Miami. Jets and Browns aren’t amazing but defenses are pretty stout. Pats enough said. The Bengals are back to the Bungels.

  7. thudsp says:
    November 25, 2019 at 3:42 pm
    Dalton should have told the Bungles to stick it.
    That’s a great way to blow a lot of pay, and to be a lousy teammate. After his initial shock at being benched, Dalton did the right thing by keeping his mouth shut.

  8. TribeOfOne says:
    November 25, 2019 at 3:24 pm
    Bengals would have beat the Steelers if Dalton started. Nice tank job Cincy.

    Dalton played 8 games and lost them all including a 27-3 loss to the Steelers in week 5 so there’s no reason in the world to believe if he’d have started the Bengals would have won!

    Now to address those who say the Bengals should have kept Lewis, I believe that just because they hired the wrong HC that doesn’t mean keeping Lewis would have been the right thing to do, it was past due for Marvin “one and done” Lewis to be sent down the road!

  9. I wonder if A. J. Green’s injury improves now that his ability is back under center? I’d rather they stick with Finley and not do the Bengal bounce and ruin there chance at first overall pick.

  10. Just when you think that you have seen the sheer amount of incompetence from this organization they find a new way to demonstrate just how completely incapable they are of running a professional organization. ANY free agent willing to sign here has had one too many blows to the head. Any current Bengal willing to stay here at their own choosing likely needs their head checked. Mike Brown, Katie Blackburn, and the rest of the Brown family are an absolute embarrassment to Paul Brown, and the entire city of Cincinnati. The NFL should dissolve this team immediately. Furthermore, any attempt by the Brown family to negotiate a new stadium deal should be met with a swift denial by the Hamilton County commissioners and tax payers. AJ Green should immediately cease all contract negotiations and hold out or retire if he is Franchise tagged.

  11. This O line is too terrible to create a win unless Cordy Glenn solidifies the LT spot and Dalton has time somehow. Maybe Green plays now since his boy is back with him. I still say they finish last in the standings but give us fans 1 or 2 sundays of time not wasted cheering on. Nothings changing unless green plays though. Please re-sign him Mike Brown!

  12. Taylor simply doesn’t have a clue. Lewis couldn’t win a playoff game but at least I felt like a grown up was in charge. Those days are long gone.

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