Bill Callahan says Dwayne Haskins will “learn from” selfie-gate


Dwayne Haskins came out of Sunday’s game with a bruised wrist. The Washington quarterback also might have a bruised backside for the chewing out he got after missing the final snap while taking a selfie.

Washington interim coach Bill Callahan said he and Haskins had a conversation about Haskins’ absence on the final kneel down.

“It was disappointing, and I think that it’s an experience he’ll learn from as he matures and understands it’s a 60-minute game,” Callahan said Monday. “It’s never over until it’s over. I think he was caught up in the emotion of the game itself — youthful exuberance, I would call it. I think it got away from him a little bit, but I think he’s fully aware that professionally his mind should be on the game throughout the duration of 60 minutes.”

Washington kicked a field goal with 16 seconds left to take a 19-16 lead, but Washington got the ball back with two seconds remaining on Fabian Moreau‘s interception. Haskins was nowhere to be found, forcing backup quarterback Case Keenum to take the kneel down.

The rookie quarterback said postgame that he was “so hype” he thought the game was over. So Haskins was taking a photo behind the bench, having grabbed the cell phone of a fan to document the moment.

Callahan did not sound as if the team would fine Haskins.

“I think it’s a great learning experience for him,” Callahan said. “I think he’ll learn more than any finable offense that you could ever give somebody. I think the message is pretty clear.”

While selfie-gate likely disappears from the headlines after today, Washington will learn more about Haskins’ wrist injury as the week progresses.

“Like I said last night, I went in to see the medical people and, yes, there was a slight wrist injury to his wrist,” Callahan said. “It was reported this morning, so I don’t know to what extent if it’s going to be a bad bruise or a slight bruise. To what extent, how that plays out we’ll have to see.”