Brandon Brooks’s exit from Sunday’s game “connected” to anxiety issues

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Eagles right guard Brandon Brooks has been open about the anxiety issues that caused him to miss games in the past and he’s continuing to battle the problem this year.

Brooks left Sunday’s loss to the Seahawks in the first half with what the team called an illness. Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that a recurrence of his anxiety was the reason for his departure and head coach Doug Pederson confirmed it during a Monday appearance on WIP.

“Yeah, it’s connected,” Pederson said on WIP, via Dave Zangaro of “I’ll just say this, I’m not going to get into a lot of detail with that. Because, listen, this is a real life issue. This is not a football issue with Brandon. This is a real life issue that he has come out and publicly acknowledged and kind of shared his story a few years back. It’s something that he’s dealing with each and every day of his life. You never really know what triggers it. We’re here to support him, we love him. It is unfortunate that it happened, but it’s something that he deals with every single day. We’re just going to continue to support him.”

Brooks missed two games in 2016 because of his condition and it remains to be seen if he’ll be back for this week’s game against the Dolphins.

8 responses to “Brandon Brooks’s exit from Sunday’s game “connected” to anxiety issues

  1. One of the beat guards in football. Eagles missed him yesterday but even if he would have played the whole game, it probably wouldn’t have changed the outcome. Eagles got manhandled.

  2. Big thumbs up to Brandon for having the guts to talk about his illness. Mental illness is real and we need more people willing to discuss it openly without fear. Millions in our society deal with it every day of their lives.

  3. Philadelphia is a tough place to play for anyone with any mental health issues. He’s a great player and I wish him good luck and hopefully the city supports him.

  4. Props from A Cowboys fan for recognizing your mental health. This is just a game. You need to take care of yourself first and foremost. May you continue to have the ability to manage this moving forward and be successful

  5. after suffering two panic attacks that landed me in the hospital this past year, i can attest to you this is no joke…it sounds silly but these things are incredibly dangerous & feels like you are dying. i wish brooks well in his recovery.

  6. Suffered from anxiety for almost 30 years. It’s very real. I wish him well to live a happy life, whether that’s in the NFL or not.

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