Browns anticipate efforts by Steelers to get under their skin

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Eleven days ago, Browns defensive end Myles Garrett blew a gasket against the Steelers, reacting in a way that has resulted in Garrett being suspended for the rest of the season, and possibly beyond. With a rematch only six days away, the Browns are guarding against further efforts by the Steelers to bait a physical reaction after the whistle.

“I feel it is going to be a heated game,” cornerback Denzel Ward told reporters on Monday. “Like I said, there is going to be a lot of trash talking. A lot of guys are going to try to get under your skin and do things that get you out of character, but we just have to stay poised and focused on what we are there to do, and that is win the game.”

Ward isn’t concerned about his own ability to handle trash talk, and to avoid doing something that would hurt the team.

Ward anticipates a high degree of intensity even if Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph, who was benched on Sunday for Devlin Hodges, doesn’t play.

“I do not think that single player is going to be the difference of how a lot of guys feel going into this game,” Ward said. “Outside of what happened, there was still a lot of trash talking going on between specific players and just the rivalry within itself is going to spark a lot of emotions going into this game. . . . The emotions are going to be high obviously because of the situation that happened and what happened to Myles and some of our other guys, but we just have to go in there and focus on trying to pull out a win.”

The game will have a significant impact on the race for a wild-card berth. Given the number of teams clustered around 6-5 and 5-6 in the AFC, the outcome of the looming battle between the 5-6 Browns and 6-5 Steelers could knock out the loser — and propel the winner into the postseason.

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  1. The games between these teams are always chippy affairs, no matter the W/L records. The game on Thursday night just happened to boil over. I expect both sides to tone it down, and play a hard hitting, but legal game. There is a lot at stake for both teams. Both have a shot at a wildcard spot, and no player can afford to let their individual emotions ruin a team game.

  2. I called it last week when I said that Mason Rudolph last start would be against the Bengals. I don’t think that the Steelers will be too upset that the Browns roughed up their third string quarterback.

  3. I’m thinking there will be no brawl between the 2 teams on the field.
    Now, a brawl in the stands between Cleveland fans and the hometown faithful is more likely.

  4. I have to say that with passage of time, and without endorsing helmet-weapon antics, Mason Rudolph kinda was asking to get smacked by something the way he went in for round 2 after being initially separated – by his own lineman no less. $50k was a cheap price compared to the multiple gamechecks Miles forfeited.

    And now with a dirty rep – and a commensurate free-agency price – Miles Garrett will make a fine Raider someday.

  5. In the first game it was the browns that were hitting late and knocked out several steelers players with helmet to helmet hits.

    We will never know if Myles Garret is telling the truth about Mason Rudolph, though its hard to understand why Garrett didn’t immediately tell the press Rudolph used a racial slur as this would explain Garretts actions. I have to believe if Mason had said anything racial Garrett would have lost it as soon as mason said it and not 45 seconds later when Decastro was walking Garrett back.

    If you watch the play Garrett has two reactions, the first one hes upset that Ruddolph pulls on his helmet, then Garrett appears calm, however when mason charges him, Garrett swings the helmet.

    The one moment Mason could have said something was when it was just the two of them alone and not when decastro, the ref and another steeler player all would have clearly heard the slur.

    One things for certain, Garretts claim has rattled Rudolph, as people now believe he is a racist. Its a horrible accusation to make without evidence.

  6. I’d be more concerned about the unruly, obnoxious Steelers’ fans. They’re always horrible to visitors.

  7. I’d be more concerned about the unruly, obnoxious Steelers’ fans. They’re always horrible to visitors.

    Just a second as a Raven fan you walk by a statue to a murderer outside of your stadium and you are calling Steeler fans obnoxious……really? I really don’t agree with you as my niece went to a Steeler Pats game wearing Pats gear and she said the fans were great surpassing her expectations. I guess your experience is a result of your immature behavior….ever consider that?

    This wouldn’t be much of a game if Ben was playing……the def is going to put a hurting on some Browns….legally…..cant wait.

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