Jason Garrett appears unfazed by criticism from Jerry Jones

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones criticized the coaching staff immediately after the team’s 13-9 loss to the Patriots. Executive vice president Stephen Jones wasn’t quite as pointed Monday morning but indicated ownership wants to see postseason progress.

“Certainly Jerry said it, I’ve said it: We want to take the next step this year,” Stephen Jones said on 105.3 The Fan. “We certainly can still do that. We’re still first place in our division. We’ve got to go get on a run right now and make the plays that we need to make to win the games that we need to win our division and then we have to go have success in the playoffs.”

Jerry Jones called Sunday’s loss “a significant setback,” and he is scheduled to talk publicly again Tuesday on his radio show on 105.3 The Fan.

The day Jerry Jones came out publicly and said he was not renewing Jason Garrett’s contract was the day the head coach was put on notice. But Garrett, who is in the final year of his deal, now sits on the hottest of hot seats.

Oddsmakers on Monday gave odds for the Cowboys’ next head coach.

Garrett, though, was not biting on any questions about his job security.

“We’ve just got to focus on coaching as well as we can and playing as well as we can,” Garrett said Monday night. “There certainly were some things in the game we have to get better at and we’re going to work on that as a staff and as a football team. But again, our eyes our forward on Buffalo.”

Garrett said he has not spoken to Jerry Jones since the loss to the Patriots.

“Typically, we have a personnel meeting on the Monday after the game, but we haven’t traditionally done that when we have the short weeks,” Garrett said. “We just get our eyes forward.”

The Cowboys are 6-5, a game ahead of Philadelphia in the NFC East standings, but their six victories have come against teams that are a combined 16-46-1. They have yet to beat a team that currently has a winning record, with losses to the Patriots, Packers, Saints and Vikings. Dallas’ other loss was to the Jets.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t win the ball game,” Garrett said of the Patriots. “Obviously, they’re a good team. They’ve been a good team for a long time, and we didn’t do enough to get the job done.”

The only question is whether Garrett will do enough to keep his job. It might take getting to the NFC Championship Game, something the Cowboys haven’t done since 1995 and something they appear incapable of doing this season.

43 responses to “Jason Garrett appears unfazed by criticism from Jerry Jones

  1. I know people like to mock him but he’s been a stabling force. Sucks that we just haven’t taken a leap forward. Everyone is right when they say we will be one and done in the playoffs. Who knows if Philly gets there act together and wins the division over us. I’m a lifelong cowboys fan and we are stuck in neutral man.

  2. Garrett needs to stop being so vanilla and try to jazz it up.
    With the weapons the Cowboys have, there is no excuse for them only being 6-5.

  3. What exactly does Jason Garrett do? Guy is a joke. Just stands on the sidelines making bone head decisions. It’s entertaining to watch. The Cowboys are the Browns of the NFC at this point.

  4. Saw a very moving interview by Garrett on the anniversary of 911. He was there a few blocks away when it happened. There were tears in his eyes as he told his story of what he saw.
    I’ve always liked him since. He is a class guy who others will jump on immediately.

  5. Hes mediocre and so is the team. In fact, they are so mediocre, it’s no surprise they reside in the state of texas and not a real state like california where teams actually make the superbowl.

  6. Has anyone noticed that he doesn���t talk to players or coaches during the game? It’s almost like he really doesn’t want to be bothered. After all, he literally has front row seats to the Cowboys game!

  7. It’s probably not easy to coach when the owner is involved as much as Jerry Jones. Garrett might feel a sense of relief if he is let go. The dude has been on the hot seat since day one.

  8. If Dak was good the supposed bad coaching wouldn’t be enough to hold them back especially with the talent around him

  9. Jason Garrett is “unfazed” Sounds right lmao. He’s always unfazed…even during the game because he doesn’t do anything but clap his hands on the sideline.

  10. This has been a rough couple of weeks for the Garrett family. Hope Myles and Jason can get together over the holidays.

  11. i couldnt care less if jerry jones is unhappy losing. hes the owner. he blames everybody else. he had a 3 time sb champ coach he ran out of town bc of his ego and his teams been junk ever since. he has to live with the results at the end. you keep talking jerry but nobody is fooled. we all know its your fault. you need to adapt.

  12. Garrett had BETTER be” fazed”!!!! It looks like Dallas won’t even make
    the playoffs. Ron Marinnellii would be better …


    if you honestly think a coach that went 0-16 in a season is better than where you are now, then yea, replace garrett with marinelli. talk about comedy gold. just imagine what jerry would start saying if he was about to go 0-16.

  13. Dallas has had Dak on a rookie contract for 4 yrs. Loaded up on skill players and other positions and only have 1 playoff win during that period. Next year they have to pay the piper…Dak, Cooper, Jones, etc. I see trouble brewing. How does a team with so much talent suck?

  14. This is just JJ’s perverse way of trying to motivate his coach using the media (just like he did with Elliott during negotiations). Sh*tting in his own hat though. It is doubtful that Urban Meyer is warming up to these kinds of tactics with his existing coach.

  15. JJ built a great roster but has a mediocre head coach. I’m actually surprised he’s stuck with him for so many years. Seems to me Jason Garrett is the kind of guy the perennial loser NY Giants would hire. He’s from NJ and a Yes Man. What’s he doing in Texas?

  16. Jerry Jones made it, by being a risk taker. Once he got his new stadium, & took the Cowboys to incredible financial success, he’s taken a more conservative approach to the team. Jason Garrett is a great example of this steady, reserved, conservative approach. Garrett appears to be a great human being. Humble, reserved, steady, etc.

    If Jerry wants to get the Cowboys back to glory, he needs to put his wildcatter boots back on, grab the dice, & start throwing em. He has to take the risk of being humiliated (worse than he is now). Hire an Urban Meyer, or Lincoln Riley type. Be uncomfortable. Let them run the team, & take a shot at making this team compete for a Championship.

    The clock is ticking Jerry….. The reserved approach with Garrett hasn’t worked. Drill one more time. Throw them dice at the risk of crapping out. You just might come up 7 or 11 on the first toss….. If you don’t try, it’ll never happen….

  17. If the Boys have another bad start on Thursday and lose the the Bills i could see Jerry pulling the trigger. This is definitely a coaching issue the Boys have, they start every game off slow and then get into penalty and mental mistakes every single game, to me that’s coaching because he can’t get his players to start on time.

  18. Lee VanCleef says:
    November 25, 2019 at 10:08 pm

    He’s probably made $50 million coaching the Cowboys.so…I think hell be fine.

    You’ve got to love Jerry Jones. Just what has he seen from Garrett in all these years to have kept him around long enough to make that $50 million? If there’s any fault to what’s happened to this team it falls on the lap of Jones. He runs the show. Look in the mirror, Jerry.

  19. Say what you will, Jerrah has built one of the greatest shows on earth! Garrett wouldn’t be out of a job for an hour is he is let go, as bad a coach as he is. That says volumes about the coaches in the NFL.

  20. Fire Garrett now and see if Richard can take this thing home! Then if/when he doesn’t, just clean house and bring in Lincoln Riley already.

  21. Garrett is risk-averse.
    It’s the way he is wired.
    He will not change, his DNA is what it is.

  22. Is Coach Clap ever fazed?

    To Garrett’s credit, Jerruh has paid him a ton of money for doing nothing but clap his hands on the sidelines.

  23. Give Jerry credit – they’ve built an excellent roster.
    wrong! they have collected talent which is easy for a loser – you get to pick before the good teams every year. in contrast,great gms build teams.

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