Kyle Shanahan: Meant a lot to have George Kittle back

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They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and that appears to have been the case for the 49ers when it comes to tight end George Kittle.

Kittle missed two games with knee and ankle injuries before returning for Sunday night’s game against the Packers. He said it took him a little bit of time to get his feet under him, but all was well before too much time passed.

Kittle caught all six passes thrown his way, scored a 61-yard touchdown and gained 129 yards overall. Head coach Kyle Shanahan made it clear how happy he was to have Kittle back after the 37-8 win.

“I was going to mess with you, but he means a ton,” Shanahan said at his postgame press conference. “You guys all know that. It was hard without him and to have him back tonight, obviously what he did in the pass game. But, what he does in the run game is equally as important. It was great to have him out there.”

Shanahan also provided a bit more detail about the nature of Kittle’s ankle injury. Shanahan said Kittle chipped a bone “like a piece of tree bark came off” a few weeks ago and that he’s able to play as long as he’s able to tolerate the pain. Kittle did a fine job of that on Sunday and the 49ers will hope that remains the case in Baltimore next weekend.

21 responses to “Kyle Shanahan: Meant a lot to have George Kittle back

  1. Told you all the pack didn’t stand a chance with kittle back and neither does the rest of the league. Expect the Niners to win every game by blowout the rest of the way. We are simply just much better than everyone else. Onward to 6!

    Go Niners!

  2. Pats fan here, George is an outstanding player. Not sure about the “blow-out” but can understand the enthusiasm. 49ers are looking good, especially the D.

  3. I had a feeling we we’re going to smash the Packers, but I refrain from saying things before games. Not having Kittle would not have mattered much in this case as the defense held Aaron Rodgers to 104 yards. What’s exciting to me is Deebo Samuel it’s just a rookie, and Jalen Hurd will return at some point.
    what worries me is scrambling quarterbacks against our defense. Hopefully they can figure something out and play a little bit better against them.

  4. Meant a lot to play a soft Packer defense that is ranked 28th and could lose any given week even against other bottom feeders like Giants and Redskins…

  5. Tight end is such an important position in today’s game. Kittle may be the best one in the league. The ones in Baltimore are really good too.

  6. I think I know how he can get open so often. He is just so unimpressive with his speed and his moves (or lack thereof), that defenders simply get distracted by what is happening elsewhere on the field at that moment. LOL They cynics are already downplaying another 49er win and another superb performance by Jimmy G., even though the 9ers won by a much bigger margin than New England did against Dallas and even though Jimmy G. had a better game than the GOAT. Dallas has a worse record than Green Bay, they conveniently forget. Move over cynical rovers, and let Jimmy G. take over.

  7. I ALWAYS read every comment re: my Niners (follower since 1957). It puzzles me why this version of the team is getting such constant “across the board” negativity. It seems most fans of other teams cannot find a way to at least be gracious, or to give credit where its due, or to acknowledge above average achievement.

  8. Kittle is a fantastic TE, but it didn’t hurt that he played a team that hasn’t been able to cover a tight end for the last 20 years. Seriously, it doesn’t matter who the Def Coordinator is, GB routinely gets killed by TEs.

  9. Jackedupboonie says:
    November 25, 2019 at 12:06 pm
    Every game is close in Clara….but every game is a blowout in Seattle.


    What does this even mean? Seattle only beat the Bangles and Rams by 1 at home. Not to mention the 2 losses

  10. Niners D line is getting better and better. Tough test next week, but Niners will crush Breeze and the Saints. If Seattle thinks there going to beat us again, with the way they played against Philly then they’re dreaming. Offensively were hitting our stride and nobody is stopping Kittle. Bring it Seattle can’t wait to beat you on your own field.

  11. Baltimore is good, but the Rams defense is slow and pathetic. Get ready Ravens your good, but you haven’t played against a defense all year like your going to face next week. Its gonna be a hellava game.

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