Michael Thomas ahead of NFL record pace for catches in a season

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In 2002, Colts receiver Marvin Harrison had 100 catches in the first 11 games of the year. No one has matched that since, until yesterday.

In the Saints’ 11th game of the season, Michael Thomas caught 10 more passes, putting him at 104 for the season. That’s the most ever in the first 11 games of any season.

And that’s also a record pace: Thomas is on pace to catch 151 passes this season, which would be an NFL record. Harrison caught 143 passes in 2002, which remains the NFL record.

Thomas’s 104 catches this season are 23 more than second-place DeAndre Hopkins, and his 1,242 yards this season are 171 more than second-place Chris Godwin. He’s been the NFL’s most productive receiver this season by a large margin, and he’s closing in on the most productive season for a receiver in NFL history.

10 responses to “Michael Thomas ahead of NFL record pace for catches in a season

  1. I dont understand why teams dont double cover him on every play. Did anyone see the bomb brees put on the Money to Tedd Ginn yesterday? You can’t throw a ball any better than that.

    Teams need to make the saints other receivers beat them.

  2. Panthers did try to double cover him, and as a result Cook and Kamara combined for 15 catches. The Saints other WRs aren’t great but they don’t have to be – but most of the time Ginn has better hands than he did yesterday, Taysom Hill has become a legit threat to run routes and Josh Hill is reliable. When Kirkwood comes back from IR he will give them another reliable target. Tre’Quan Smith was good as a rookie too so he could re-enter the picture at some point.

  3. I knew there would be an insecure Bucs fans screaming about Mike Evans. Give it up, dude, CantGuardMike is better by a mile.

  4. Mike evans could be a better wr than Mike. But will never be with the qb he has throwing him the ball will go down as just another wasted talent in the Buc’s long history of wasting great talent.

  5. Mike Evans? The same Mike Evans who was held to a blank stat line in the Superdome this season? I’ll take a guy who’s literally unguardable over a guy who disappears when the coverage is good.

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