Sean Payton makes another call for involving multiple people on PI reviews

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Saints head coach Sean Payton was a guest on PFT Live last week and discussed his view that the pass interference replay review process would be improved if there were multiple voices involved in making the decisions.

The topic remains on Payton’s mind after Sunday’s win over the Panthers. Payton lost when he challenged an offensive pass interference call on tight end Jared Cook, but Panthers head coach Ron Rivera got a rare win on a challenge for defensive pass interference late in the fourth quarter.

Payton, who is on the NFL’s Competition Committee, took issue with the ruling after the game and renewed his call to have more people join NFL officiating head Al Riveron in the process on Monday.

“I don’t know that it’s a Competition Committee [decision],” Payton said in a conference call. “It’s just something we’ve discussed. It’s not new relative to anyone making decisions, all the way to, we don’t have one Supreme Court justice. That’s obviously the most important, or the highest. [But] I think it merits three experts. I think it’ll help immensely. And Al’s outstanding. I think he’s got a tough job and I think when you have a group of three, I think you’re going to arrive at more consistent calls.”

The rule allowing for replay review of pass interference calls and non-calls was instituted on a one-year trial period and the way things have played out this season may not have many clamoring for its return in current form for the 2020 season.

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  1. It was pretty weird. The Aints almost lost the game because they got called for pass interference after video review. The look of disgust on Payton’s face was priceless. He must have thought Oh, no I lost a game last year because of no call and no video review, and I am going to lose another one now, even though there was no call but because there is now video review.

  2. I really don’t know how to justify what we’ve seen this year. If millions on TV can see that it’s obvious PI yet it doesn’t get called/overturned, then the whole thing is a farce.

    I’m left to assume that the referees are upset about having to review these so Al R decided to be a jerk and not overturn them in most cases. He did just a few so it wasn’t a 150 – 0 kind of stat at the end of the year.

    In the Saints’ game, I was astonished when they overturned the 4th Q call to make it PI. I’ve seen so many more obvious than that not get the right call.

  3. All we want is consistency!!! You can’t call the PI in the Saints / Panthers game if you’re not going to call the one on Deondre Hopkins!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — Al Riveron MUST GO!

  4. Do not let this rule be abandoned after one year. What happened to the Saints in the NFL Championship game was horrible and these kind of situations must be prevented in the future. The three guy approach seems like an improvement, why was this not considered for this season? I know when I have to make an adverse decision against someone, its nice (an easier) if there is support from others.

  5. Very clever way of saying Al Riveron shouldn’t be allowed to be the final say. He’s obviously trying to cover for the inept on field officials.

  6. National Football League officials have thrown more flags against the New Orleans Saints in favor of their opponents than any other team in the league through 11 games.

    According to, the Saints’ have been penalized 86 times compared to their opponents 60 penalties. That net count -26 differential tops the Oakland Raiders (-24), Washington Redskins (-21), Cleveland Browns (-20) and Jacksonville Jaguars (-20).

  7. I’m so sick of Payton and his whining. Just coach the saints and quit trying to rewrite the rule book. It’s been a brutal rule. I hope it gets shot down and for good

  8. Everyone whines for replay review but when it doesn’t go their way let’s change it lol why just review every play 5 hour games. Should of just left it alone every team has gotten screwed by a call or no call imagine the dynasties and legacies of some teams if replay had been used all this time would the Patriots be the patriots or the Steelers im old school replay and coaches whining are ruining the game….

  9. This nonsense all started with Payton’s whining. Then we end up with a new rule that no one in the league office wants to enforce, so we have this messed up frankenstein situation where there’s a rule to get things right but it never works, no matter how blatant and indisputable the overturn is.

    Right now, one player could knife the other player on the field during a catch and they would still not overturn the call.

  10. Sean needs to get over the Saints loss last year, because if he can’t get past that then neither can his team. He’s holding them back from greatness…Oh wait no he’s not they simply aren’t that good anyways…Right my bad

  11. Al Riveron is unbiased. Sometimes he agrees with the call on the field, and other times he strongly agrees.

  12. iberiasaint says:
    November 25, 2019 at 5:16 pm

    Do not let this rule be abandoned after one year. What happened to the Saints in the NFL Championship game was horrible


    You’re right, it was horrible. The way they failed to score a TD, then let the Rams immediately score to force overtime, then threw an interception in OT, then failed to keep the Rams from scoring in OT… it was horrible.

    Tip for Payton: Win the game outright with your play! The game shouldn’t have been close enough for one call to matter.

  13. Zip it, Payton. Your complaining and this stupid PI review is making the games unwatchable.

    Bad calls happen. You had chances to win that game after the call and choked. Look in the mirror if you want someone to blame.

  14. This is Sean Paytons fault.He had the ball 1st and goal on the 7 yard line and the rams only had 2 timeouts, he elected to throw the ball 3 times and it cost him. Get rid of that rule,it’s good for nothing

  15. Payton needs some other people backing his play.
    Otherwise, it comes across as just a bunch of sour grapes.

  16. Again, every person on this thread would hire Payton in a minute. Love to see how calm they’d be if it were their team in the Rams game.

  17. Sometimes I think the refs go in the replay booth and watch the offensive line instead of the cb/wr match ups. How more of these calls do not get overturned is beyond me.

  18. If Payton cared about the integrity of the game, he’d also care about bad calls or non calls that went his way. He doesn’t, as shown by the obsession over one bad call in the NFC Championship and ignoring the rest.

    He only cares about the ones that don’t go his way.

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